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The Middle East from space, photo by the International Space Station

The Israeli Foreign Ministry social media team is reporting a wave of support for the Jewish State in the Middle East in recent months following the announcement of the normalization of relations with the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, and Sudan.

The Israeli Foreign Ministry has been flooded with a massive number of messages of love and peace from residents of Arab countries from Morocco to Iraq, Syria to Yemen.


Thousands of residents from Arab countries sent to the Foreign Ministry through its Arabic accounts pictures of their passports accompanied by messages of support for peace with the State of Israel.

In their messages, the users seek to express their support for the recent peace agreements and the establishment of diplomatic relations with the State of Israel.

Some of them even wrote messages in Hebrew and some of them made an effort and sent videos from their countries, including messages of peace.

Millions of people around the Arab world follow the Foreign Ministry’s accounts in Arabic on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram, the contents of which receive about 100 million views every month.


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