Photo Credit: Yossi Zamir /Flash90
Israeli soldier keeps watch from an army base at the junctions of the Israeli, Jordan and Syrian borders in 1996.

Four non-combat Israeli soldiers, including a female soldier, were forgotten outside the border fence with Jordan not far from Syrian territory, the military correspondent of Army Radio Tzachi Dabush reported Sunday morning.


The soldiers set out on a mission to repair an intelligence-gathering equipment device east of the Israeli border fence with Jordan and Syria. They were initially accompanied by combat forces and tanks, but for reasons that are being investigated, at a certain point a disconnect was created and the three men and one woman soldiers, who have no combat training, were left alone on the wrong side of the fence with the gate locked.

The IDF spokesman issued a statement saying: “This was routine maintenance of an Information and Communications Technology device (ICT) at an IDF post in Israeli territory, east of the perimeter fence with Jordan. The operation was accompanied by a perimeter security envelope that included infantry and armored forces. At the end of the operation, the ICT soldiers who performed the maintenance work remained in their vehicle and did not leave the outpost. After about 15 minutes, the patrol vehicle returned and accompanied them back from the post. The soldiers who remained at the post carried weapons with them. The incident will be investigated, lessons will be learned from it and procedures will be updated.”

We recommend: never leave non-combat soldiers on the wrong side of the border. Should be a useful update.


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