Photo Credit: Joint Committee for Temple Movements
A screaming Jordanian Waqf official harassing Jews on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. February 2018.

On Sunday, Jordanian Waqf employees once again harassed a group of Jews who ascended to the Temple Mount, Hakol Hayehudi reported. The Headquarters of the Temple Organizations have suggested that the Waqf administrators decided to heat up confrontations at the site in order to prevent Jewish visits.

Documentation of a staged Waqf provocation on Temple Mount:


The Jerusalem Islamic Waqf, instituted by the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan during its 1948-1967 occupation of Judea, Samaria and eastern Jerusalem, has been allowed by the Israeli government to retain authority over the Temple Mount compound. It has practiced a pro-terror and anti-Jewish policy, curbed only by the occasional intervention of Israeli security forces. Waqf agents daily follow Jewish groups visiting the holiest site to Jews, to make sure they do not violate the prohibition on Jewish prayer there.

Last Wednesday, dozens of Waqf agents clashed with a group of 42 Jews on the Temple Mount, resulting in a great uproar which included threats, curses and even blows, which is when police interfered and forced the Jewish visitors off the compound.

Sunday marked yet more clashes with Waqf agents, when a large group of agents surrounded a group of visiting Jews. The police quickly intervened and kept the two groups apart.

One Waqf agent made an indecent gesture with his fingers at the Jews and was promptly arrested.

The Headquarters of the Temple Organizations has called for the removal of the Waqf from the Temple Mount, and demanded that, in the meantime, the radios with which they gather other Waqf employees to start provocations be confiscated.

“It is unacceptable to allow this violence-inciting group to remain in the holy place even for another day,” HTO spokesman Asaf Fried said. “These are criminals whose main occupation is the denial of our prayers to God. They endanger all of us and may cause the entire Middle East to deteriorate into violence.”


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