Photo Credit: Screenshot from Twitter
Ali Mohammad Younes's body, April 4, 2020

According to the Fars News agency, Ali Mohammad Younes, a Hezbollah commander, was assassinated in southern Lebanon on Saturday afternoon and “joined his fellow martyrs.”

Ali Mohammad Younes / Fars News

The Iranian news agency reported that there is no additional information on how he was killed, but that, according to unofficial sources, this leader of Hezbollah, who was from the town of Gebshit, was responsible for the pursuit of “agents and spies.”


On Saturday afternoon, Younis was found dead next to his car, with several gunshot wounds as well as stab wounds, on the road linking the towns of Qaqiyat al-Jisr and Zutar Al-Gharbiya.

Patrols from various security services came to investigate the incident, and it was reported that an individual whose initials are A.F.A. was arrested as a suspect in the killing.

Hezbollah mourned Younis as one of its martyrs, in a sign that the assassination was related to his security work for the terror group.