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IDF Spokesperson Rear Adm. Daniel Hagari

Israel’s soft-spoken military spokesperson warned Sunday that Lebanon’s Iranian proxy, Hezbollah, is jeopardizing the host country’s future with its continual attacks on northern Israel.

Speaking to reporters at a briefing in Tel Aviv, IDF Spokesperson Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari warned the IDF will not allow a repeat of the October 7th invasion, massacre and abduction by thousands of Hamas-led terrorists from Gaza.


Here’s the full transcript of what Hagari said.

“The Hezbollah terror organization in Lebanon has been escalating its attacks against Israel.

Since deciding to join the war that Hamas started on October 7th – Hezbollah has fired over 5,000 rockets; anti-tank missiles and explosive UAVs from Lebanon at Israeli families, homes, and communities.

Hezbollah’s increasing aggression is bringing us to the brink of what could be a wider escalation – one that could have devastating consequences for Lebanon and the entire region.

Hezbollah is jeopardizing the future of Lebanon so that it can be a shield for Hamas. A shield for the Hamas terrorists who murdered the elderly, raped women, burned children and kidnapped Jews, Muslims, and Christians during their massacre on October 7th.

When we say that we will not let October 7th happen again on any one of our borders we mean it.

Because of Hezbollah’s refusal to comply with UN Security Council Resolution 1701 — because of Hezbollah’s military infrastructure; weapons and fire at Israel from the area south of the Litani River in southern Lebanon — and because of Lebanon’s failure to enforce 1701 on Hezbollah, Israel will take the necessary measures to protect its civilians until security along our border with Lebanon is restored.

One way or another we will ensure the safe and secure return of Israelis to their homes in Northern Israel. That is not up for negotiation.

Iran’s terror proxies continue to drag the region to destruction. Israel will continue fighting against Iran’s axis of evil on all fronts: in Gaza, in Lebanon, as we work towards a more secure future for the Middle East.

October 7th cannot happen again — on any one of Israel’s borders. Israel has a duty to defend the people of Israel. We will fulfill that duty at all costs.”

US envoy Amos Hochstein, a senior adviser to President Joe Biden, was expected to arrive in Israel Monday for talks with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Yoav Gallant in an effort to head off an all-out war between the IDF and Hezbollah.

Hochstein may also travel to Beirut for talks with Lebanese officials as well — but since Hezbollah has become integrated into Lebanon’s parliament and government, analysts are not optimistic about the envoy’s chances for success.

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