Photo Credit: YoniW / Wikipedia
Passenger check-in at Beirut Airport, Lebanon. 2007.

A man, with dual European and Israeli citizenship, was recently arrested at Lebanon’s airport in Beirut, by the local military. He was imprisoned for 48 hours, and then expelled from the country, according to Israel Hayom.

The traveler was on his way to Iraq for a business trip, the Hezbollah associated newspaper, Al-Akhbar, first reported on Monday morning. He was interrogated for 48 hours and then expelled from Lebanon, after it became clear that the Israeli had not intended to enter Lebanon, except for the flight’s stopover at the airport, while on his way to Iraq.


After all, who hasn’t done that at some time or another.

The newspaper said the man once lived in Israel, had served in the IDF and had connections to senior officials.


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