Photo Credit: Michael Giladi/Flash90
Part of Israel's anti-missile system in the north. August 2021

Citizens of Lebanon are already very angry with Hezbollah for all the damage they’ve done to the country, now they fear that Hezbollah’s attacks on Israel will rain retaliation down on them.

In the village of Shwaya, armed local Druze residents dragged Hezbollah terrorists out of their pickup truck, which was being used to transport rockets to attack Israel. The Druze beat up the terrified Hezbollah terrorists and called them dogs, which is a major insult in their society.


The rockets were also confiscated by the residents so they wouldn’t be fired at Israel.

Lebanese citizens are reportedly split by the Druze actions. Some showing their support, while others are opposed.

In terms of timing, Hezbollah chieftain is expected to make a statement tomorrow on the 15th anniversary of their 2006 war with Israel, in which they declared “divine victory” over Israel, as reported by Abu Ali Express.


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