Photo Credit: © ImageSat International (iSi)
The most recent satellite image of the Imam Ali compound under construction on the Syria-Iraq border plus two border crossings, by ImageSat International.

Satellite images released Tuesday in an intelligence report by ImageSat International, a leading end-to-end geospatial intelligence solutions company, show that Iranians are continuing their work on a military complex near the Syrian-Iraqi border undeterred by ongoing air strikes in recent weeks.


The attacks have been attributed to the Israel Air Force, although the Israeli military has not confirmed the allegation.

The compound, located in eastern Syria in the Boukamal region, is known as the Imam Ali Base and is one of the key elements in the Iranian effort to create its land bridge between Tehran and the Mediterranean Sea.

The effort is being seen in some quarters as part of a larger attempt to rebuild the Persian Empire and is being watched closely by Israeli military officials since it is also creating a Middle Eastern super highway for Iran to transport advanced weapons to its proxy forces throughout the Levant.

Satellite imagery shows that despite multiple air strikes carried out against the site, new fortifications were built, access roads were created, buildings were completed and additional construction equipment brought in to the base.

“Despite the reported [September 9] attack, new military infrastructures, such as fortifications and revetments, access roads and trails within and around the base, are being built,” ImageSat said.

In addition, satellite images show that work has continued on two border crossings on both sides of the Syria-Iraq border. The official Iraqi-controlled border crossing is not yet active, according to ImageSat International, but could be made operational shortly.

“Intense construction” in continuing at the second crossing, believed to be under the control of Iranian-backed Shiite militias: “A large volume of construction equipment is operating at the new border crossing, attributed to direct Iranian or Shiite militias’ control. Hangars and a perimeter wall are being laid on their foundations,” ImageSat International reported.