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Explosion near Hama, April 29, 2018.

A 2.6 magnitude earthquake was recorded close to Taqsees, Hama, Syria at 10:40 PM local time (3:40 NY time) Sunday, at the same time Syrian TV reported several explosions in the same area.


Moments later, videos of an intense set of explosions, reportedly at a Syrian military base at Jabal al-Bukhut 47, some 10 miles south-east of Hama, began to pop on the social networks.

One report cited a hostile strike (Israel) that targeted an ammunition depots in the Hama area which is one of the depots used mostly by Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.

There is speculation that a bunker-busting missile may have been used.

A SANA report headlined Explosions heard in Hama and Aleppo countryside, authorities working to identify their cause.

Location of 2.6 magnitude earthquake in Syria. April 29, 2018, 22:40 PM

Secondary explosions, including missiles flying into the air can be seen on other videos.

Early Sunday morning (before the explosions), Syrian sources reported that an Iranian military plane from Tehran landed in the Hama airport. It was unusual enough event that the Syrian sources felt it important to report at the time.

Path of flight from Tehran, Iran to Hama, Syria – the morning of the explosion. Courtesy: Abu Ali /

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