Photo Credit: SANA
Syrian FM Walid al–Moallem with Venezuelan FM Jorge Arreaza in Damascus, April 4, 2019

In a press conference with Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza on Thursday, Deputy Prime Minister, Foreign and Expatriates Minister Walid al–Moallem wondered angrily: “Is it possible that the Arab Summit issues a statement on the occupied Syrian Golan which is weaker than Britain’s stance?”

He warned that “Israel mustn’t go far… We have will and determination and our war since 2011 till now is to protect Syria’s sovereignty and independence and to liberate every inch of its territories.”


Possibly, except that at this point Bashar al-Assad is more Mayor of Damascus than president of Syria, and in much of Syria, law enforcement officers speak Russian.

“US President Donald Trump’s decision on occupied Syrian Golan has a single effect as it only enhanced the US isolation,” al-Moallem said, adding “Our right in the occupied Syrian Golan is frim and it can’t be disclaimed by time-lapse and every inch of the occupied Syrian territories will be liberated.”

He also vowed that “Syria will liberate the occupied Golan, and all means and all choices are on the table.”

Which, obviously, includes fiction.

Minister Arreaza, who represents a pariah president hated by most of the people of Venezuela, said “I agree with Minister al-Moallem that the US conspiracy which is targeting our countries is one,” adding that “the Venezuelan and the Syrian people are resisting the imperialism and the US conspiracies and they will triumph.”

See? Fiction.