Photo Credit: Yissachar Ruas/TPS

Official Syrian media are reporting on Friday morning that the Israeli Air Force attacked two positions in Syria overnight.

Speculation is that an Iranian missile facility near Masyaf, a city in the Hama region of north-western Syria was hit along with a strike on an Iranian storage facility near the airport. It appears that the attack may have been in connection to an Iranian shipment that was unloaded at that Syria airport overnight, according to Intellitimes.


It also appears that Syrian anti-aircraft fire missed their Israeli targets and instead hit a Syrian home in Qadmus kilometers away.

If the report of the Israeli attack is accurate, this will be Israel’s first attack on Iranian positions and facilities in Syria since US President Joe Biden’s inauguration, and would double as a message to the new administration that Israel still does not intend to let Iran further expand its forces, missile or military capabilities in Syria.

An Iranian cargo ship, the “Kashan” which underwent significant upgrading for the Iranian military was expected to dock in Latakia, Syria overnight, and may indicate that Iran is planning to resume their missile smuggling via the sea.


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