The quality of the targets Israel destroyed in its last attack in Syrian territory earlier this week, stunned the Iranian military leadership, which realized the depth of Israeli penetration into the heart of the Iranian military deployment in Syria, according to the news and analysis site

Experts say this was the most massive Israeli attack since the beginning of 2019.


The Iranians have begun searching for moles which they are convinced provided the high-quality intelligence that helped Israel focus its attack on the most important Iranian assets in Syria.

Next week, a delegation of senior Iranian security officials will arrive in Damascus to investigate the Israeli attack with all its implications. The delegation will meet with President Assad in his Damascus palace.

The Iranian embassy in Damascus claims to have sensitive intelligence indicating that senior Syrian officers leaked information about the Iranian targets attacked by Israel. As a result, instructions were issued to remove all the Syrian army’s security personnel from all the areas near Iran’s strategic defense posts that secure the facilities of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards. reported that 12 high-quality targets were destroyed by Israel in the latest attack, and revealed two of the targets to illustrate the sheer destruction heaped on the Iranian networks that lost 12 such targets:

One of the targets, in the Homs area, was a complex of Project 99, and within this complex Israel struck only the structure of a “super-secret” project called “Project S,” which only the Iranians have access to. Apparently this project is developing chemical warheads for long-range, heavy Scud missiles for Hezbollah and for the Syrian army.

According to assessments, this project ceased to exist following the Israeli attack.

Additional intelligence from Syria suggests that Israel destroyed a system of command and control for unmanned aerial vehicles, which Iran installed and operated at Elmas airport in Damascus, replacing the UAV system at the T-4 military airport in eastern Syria that was destroyed by previous Israeli attacks.

It is believed that the new UAV site is gone as well.