On its face, this is a run-of-the-mill anti-Israel demonstration by our brethren from Neturei Karta. However, there are two things about this clip which stand out:

1. They really sound like zombies when they chant, in a lackluster tone, “We are against the State of Israel because we are Jews.” They could easily have been chanting, “We want to eat your brains because we are zombies.”


2. Look who’s pushing this video clip: our friends at the official Turkish Anadolu news agency. Which means that the “guardians of the city” (the Hebrew meaning of this outrageous sect) have increased their collaboration with our enemies from just the Iranians and the Palestinians to the Iranians and the Palestinians and the Turks.

Anadolu describes the video as follows: “Members of Orthodox Jews hold banners during a protest against Israel’s restrictions on Al-Aqsa outside the United Nations headquarters, in New York, US on July 24, 2017.”

Couldn’t describe it more accurately if we tried.