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Missing in action: US Amb. to UN Samantha Power and Sec. of State John Kerry.

President Barack Obama instructed U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and U.N. Ambassador Samantha Power to be absent from the U.N. General Assembly during Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s speech Thursday night.

Powers’ absence was reported by The Daily Caller, based on a source who informed former U.S. diplomat and Fox News contributor Richard Grenell of the snub.


MSNBC reported on Kerry’s absence.

The United States was represented at the speech by Daniel Shapiro, its Ambassador to Israel, and David Pressman and Richard Erdman, the U.S. Alternate Representatives to the United Nations.

The audience at the General Assembly interrupted Netanyahu’s speech several times with applause, but the U.S. delegates kept their hands in their laps. One of the ovations followed the Prime Minister’s charged that the nuclear deal with Iran already has resulted in more terror and that it will bring war, not peace.

A State Dept. official told Breitbart News:

Ambassador Power and Secretary Kerry were unable to attend Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s speech before the General Assembly because they were called into a meeting with President Obama, which they participated in via video teleconference.

Both officials were in New York for General Assembly meetings.


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Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu is a graduate in journalism and economics from The George Washington University. He has worked as a cub reporter in rural Virginia and as senior copy editor for major Canadian metropolitan dailies. Tzvi wrote for Arutz Sheva for several years before joining the Jewish Press.


  1. i do believe this .. because i did notice that the four sitting at the US designation did not applaud and i knew it was because of what he had said about the Iran deal…. (but i will also say i felt so Blessed when Mr. Netanyahu said what he did about the lasting relationship between the US and Israel.. especially that he knows that the American people are behind him and for him and know that he is right in what he said)

  2. The magnificence of the Jewish people has made it through the worst of what humanity had to offer. They have been victorius then and they will only grow and grow in stature. By comparison,man for man,leader for leader, Obama is a microbe compared to the wonderful Bibi. God bless Holy Israel forever.

  3. Well looks like it will be up to israel to take care of Iran. I love when muslims say Iran can defeat us too lol. 4 muslim countries have tried at once and failed miserably… Anyways we can just nuke em anyways. Cheers

  4. As much as I dislike Kerry I can understand his staff not applauding at a speech which was deriding his policy with Iran. They would have looked foolish applauding something contrary to their opinion. They are 100% wrong in their opinion but their actions are understandable.

  5. Our President and Sec Kerry should lower their heads in shame. Four children are orphans because the tried to nagotiate with evil terroists. When will America stop supporting the Arab countries to get their oil and be a true friend of Israel. If blood is on Abbas hands it is on the world leaders hands also for allowing terrorism to continue.

  6. Netanyahu was wrong to come to America and snub Obama earlier this year. The US and our President is not out to destroy Israel, and many Israeli military leaders agree that this treaty is a good thing.. This treaty was going to happen with or without the United States, and the only alternative was war.

  7. I wish I had the email address of all our Jewish (Bleeding heart Liberal) Brothers who still think that Obama is a friend of the Jews and Israel. I would definitely send them this article (one of many), but then again, if they haven't learned by now, they never will.

  8. Obama, Kerry and Power are a disgrace to the United States. They shame our country and our people and don;t seem to care. Just a few more months and they will be the forgotten ones. May the three of them leave my country when their term ends and hopefully they will never return.

  9. First and foremost, I think that Obama and Kerry should feel totaly ashamed for once again snubbing Prime Minister Netanyahu.

    Also,I totaly agree with Eliabeth Holder Miller's comment: "Obama will rue the day that he has denigrated Israel and Netanyahu. This alliance with Iran will bring war before all is said and done." And while America claims to be Israel's ally,
    Obama will go dow in history for being as guilty as any terrorist in what has already become the new norm, namely the insanity of the 21st century!

  10. Cody Flecker …the statistics don't say 100 % of eligible voters voted for Obama so that proves nothing as to jow this lady voted, it is merely the conclusion you have drawn….you still have given no proof for your stating that she voted for Obama……but even if you are right about her voting for him…..what is your explanation for what she has said in this post? She may be late in recognizing what Obama says and what he does more often than not don't line up…..he has a long list of out and out lies possibly she has just changed her understanding and view of Barack Obama.

  11. I guess Obama didn't care to know when the leader of Israel was scheduled to speak at the UN when he called the the video conference.

    It is very sad that our President resorts to such small minded actions. It is he who has, from the beginning of his presidency, been the one who has shown a pointed lack of respect for the leader of Israel.

  12. You Americans voted Obama to get Bush out. You did not look too far down the road. Do not blame him blame the person in the mirror for putting him in office. You cannot whine about what he does because you gave him your blessings to do so by voting for him. He is your self inflicted wound.,

    By being a friend to those diaper headed muslims ("we are not at war with Islam") then he is not a friend to Jews and Christians alike.

  13. Silky: you must be a Liberal Jewish Democrat not to see the anti semitism that your President has shown the Jewish People. Who do you think Kerry and Power reports to? The Pope, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, or the President of the United States?

  14. It was humiliating to Americans who value our friends in Israel.I watched from home and applauded PM Netanyahu.Was outraged by disgraceful snub.Kerry,Power & Obama are the losers here.God bless & protect Israel.You are, after all, God's Chosen People.As a Catholic I respect the Old Testament and remind others that Jesus was a Jew.I honor your courage!

  15. That man that piece of garbage you call American President has been tearing our country to pieces since he began his murdering, lying, acts of terror 7 yrs ago. And you are proud, you moron! He has driven the National debt up over 12,000,000,000 in that 7y period, more than any other president in American History. No wonder he is trying to pass legislature to discontinuing American History in schools. First on South.Dakota. WORST WORST, HORRIFFIC, PRESIDENT OBAMA WILL GO DOWN AS THE WORST LEADER OF THE FREE WORLD!!!!! EVER, HOW HAS HE LIVED TO TELL ABOUT IT?

  16. This is one American Christian Conservative that has not nor ever will vote an Islamic radical muslim into the highest office in USA. He and his wife have spent more of tax payers dollars on themselves than any other president as well. And those billions of dollars were just the beginning of his reign of terror on America. He needed ousted out of office and into prison a long time ago.

  17. I don't think you're a nut head but it is obvious that you are ignorant.
    Do you think that the USA is still defined by the Monroe Doctrine. Do you not realize that once America entered the first World War and attempted to take a leadership role within the geopolitical environment that responsibility comes with this power.
    The USA has no high road anymore. You have pursued goals whose only benefit was for yourselves, raped countries, killed multi-thousands, and now are abandoning your allies wh helped you with this hegemony.
    WAKE UP MY FRIEND – the world is no longer your oyster alone. You have the power and you cannot make these decisions in a vacuum. Especially when the vacuum is between your presidents ears

  18. Netanyahu didn't come to humiliate Obama (although that would have been a fitting response to someone who betrayed the U.S.'s main ally in the middle east). He came to convince Congress (that OTHER branch of the US government) to vote against the dangerous agreement.

    Obama will soon be gone, and the world will have to deal with the disasterous consequences of his foolish agreement with the world's #1 sponsor of terrorism. When Iran develops ballasitc missiles on which to carry their nukes to your cities, to whom are YOU going to whine?

  19. Cody Flecker has absoutely no right in stating anything about who I may or may not have voted for in any election. Flecker's conclusion is, in my opinion, self-serving and one that is into statistics and, above all,assumptions, As an American, I find that totally offensive!.

  20. Donna Shawlayman In case you aren't aware of the process , president Obama was voted into office twice–the first time by 12 million vote margin and second time by 2 million votes. Where you get the notion that he spends more tax dollars on himself and his wife is astonishing in its idiocy. Thjis is the kind of nonsense that comes around in chailletter emails where anything is made up and haters pass it around as if it were gospel.

  21. Donna Shawlayman so if I understand you the president backs al quaida and other terrorists–why then did he have bin laden killed–why does he authorize more dron strikes against terrorist leaders than any other president–why does he authorize bombing of ISIS targets–your hatred gets in the way of looking at real facts.

  22. Carl DiGiulio You are ignoring the facts that the US is giving Iran a huge sum of money which they can use any way they want, that Iran is not going to allow any inspections, that Obama has no credibility about coming to the aid of allies (That is why Saudi Arabia and Egypt are building up their arsenals). Much of the world and much of the US think that war is more likely because of the Iran deal. Since Iran has promised to wipe out Israel, logically we can conclude that Israel has a huge stake in this.

    Iran wants war. I know this because they say so. Cooperating with Iran means war will come sooner.

    If the Republican Party would accept a deal with the KKK, Blacks would rightly object. That is the situation Jews are in.

  23. "An exception is that under an additional law added to the Basic Law: the Knesset (Article 16A) according to which Knesset members cannot pledge allegiance unless their foreign citizenship has been revoked, if possible, under the laws of that country."

    just do the same in USA

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