Photo Credit: Abu Dhabi Police
Explosion rocks building in Abu Dhabi, Aug. 31, 2020

Several Abu Dhabi-based users on Reddit reported Monday morning an explosion that took out a KFC and a Hardee’s on Abu Dhabi’s Airport road near Al Wahda Mall. One report called it “a small explosion,” but the images that have so far emerged on social networks suggest that while the skyscraper where the explosion took place may not collapse, the dining establishments have been totaled, so that the explosion had to be a tad bigger than “small.”

Three people were killed in the explosion apparently caused by a gas cylinder that wasn’t properly attached.

A different angle.

Abu Dhabi Police issued a statement saying: “The Rapid Intervention Teams of the Emergency and Public Safety Directorate of Abu Dhabi Police are currently dealing with an explosion that is expected to have been caused by gas installations today, Monday, in a restaurant in a building on Rashid bin Saeed Street in Abu Dhabi, which resulted in minor and medium injuries, and they (the injured – DI) were transferred to the hospital for treatment.”

The police statement added: “A report was received in the operation room this morning about an explosion in a restaurant, and immediately the rapid intervention teams moved to the Al Falah Center in the Emergency Directorate and Public Safety in Abu Dhabi Police, and the teams are currently carrying out their duties in safely evacuating the residents from the building and cordoning off the place to ensure the safety of the public.”

Al Wahda Mall, Abu Dhabi / Shahid Ahmed Siddiqi via Flickr

Al Wahda Mall is a shopping center owned by Lulu Group International, located on old Airport Road, Near Hazza Bin Zayed Street.

Abu Dhabi is member of the United Arab Emirates, which this month have removed the age-old boycott against Israel and are engaged in carving out a peace agreement with the Jewish State.

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