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The Talya Farm

The Hebron police arrested Yedidya Talia after he had been forced to shoot in the air on Saturday afternoon when an Arab vehicle entered his farm’s pasture and raced toward him, News 0404 reported. Talia, who was convinced that this was an attempted terrorist attack, drew his weapon and fired.

The Talya sheep Farm in the Hebron Mountain was founded in 1996 by the late Ya’akov Talia, who converted to Judaism in South Africa. Its inhabitants experience regular hostile encounters with area Arabs.


According to the residents of the farm, after the initial attempt to penetrate the perimeter, another Arab tried to attack Yedidya’s brother, but the farm residents managed to subdue the invader.

Police officers who were summoned to the scene arrested Yedidya, for firing his weapon in the air, and summoned the Arabs for questioning.

Attorney Itamar Ben-Gvir walked all the way to the police station in the middle of Shabbat, and after lengthy negotiations managed to gain his client’s release on bail.

His gun remained in police possession.

Attorney Ben-Gvir said in a statement: “We’re living in a topsy-turvy world. Instead of arresting the Arabs, the Hebron police arrests the victim and confiscates his weapon. The conduct of the police is reminiscent of the British Mandate government. Apparently, the Hebron police believe that if a Jew is not murdered or injured, he must be guilty.”


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