Photo Credit: Yossi Zeliger/Flash90
Netanyahu featured on Shas election poster,March 7, 2019.

Despite Israel’s obsessive focus on the coming indictments of Prime Minister Netanyahu, 86% of the voters have not changed their minds while 14% did, according to a Maagar Mochot poll published Friday morning by Israel Hayom. The poll included a representative sample of 605 respondents, with a +/- 3.9% sampling error.


The poll shows that Likud loses four seats: had the elections were held today, Likud would receive only 26 Knesset seats.

But Benny Gantz and Yair Lapid—Blue and White—also drop sharply to only 33 seats, a decrease of 5 seats compared with last week’s survey by the same pollsters.

Overall, the right vs. left blocs do not change: the right-wing Haredi parties receive 62 seats together, as opposed to the leftist bloc (including the Arabs), which reaches only 58 seats.

The unknown in this and future polls is expected to be Moshe Feiglin’s Zehut: with his 4 seats, Feiglin will decide the fate of Netanyahu and Gantz, seeing as he has committed to go only with a coalition government that would commit to legalizing both medical and leisure marijuana. Feiglin also insists on getting the Finance and Education portfolios. Which means that Feiglin could switch the Bibi vs. Gantz score to Gantz 62, Bibi 58. With more seats — the sky would be his limit.