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Harassment complaint against MK Simcha Rothman, June 2, 2023.

Friday night was a time for gloating for a group of ex-pat Israelis, mostly boomers, who had been harassing MK Simcha Rothman for two days, since his arrival last week as part of a delegation of Israeli Ministers and MKs to participate in Sunday’s Celebrate Israel Parade on Fifth Avenue. They harangued MK Rothman when he was sitting on a park bench at the foot of the Brooklyn Bridge on Thursday, and then outside a shul in Teaneck, NJ, and on Friday, well into Shabbat, they stuck to him like flies on a hot summer night, blowing megaphones in his ears as he was walking on a street in midtown.

At some point, a female fascist came so far up to his person, Rothman lost it: he grabbed her blasting megaphone and walked across the street with it, which was a problem if you hold by Rabbi Moshe Feinstein ZTL that Manhattan is too greatly populated for an eruv – but OK if you hold by the Manhattan Eruv which runs from 111th Street and Battery Park.


Anyway, the anarchists were delighted that they finally managed to draw some blood, and although the megaphone was returned to its nasty owner, they rushed to file a harassment complaint with the NYPD. So help me, this bunch who has been doing nothing but harassing since members of the delegation (Anarchist Falange Manhunting Simcha Rothman in Downtown Manhattan) landed in the city, complained about harassment.

Finally, according to Haaretz US correspondent Ben Samuels, on Saturday night, the NYPD announced that since “there were no visible injuries, the complaint is closed”

By the way, after posting the above-detailed account of their Thursday’s pursuits, the anarchists posted on the quiet WhatsApp group: “Media outlets across languages – Hebrew, English, and more – couldn’t stop talking about us. From News 12 to Kan 11, Yediot, Ha’aretz, Times of Israel, Walla, Ynet, Ma’ariv, Galatz, Reshet B, we’ve got them all buzzing.”

Looks like entitled fascistic anarchist boomers don’t read The Jewish Press. Could be a slogan for a subscription drive!

On Saturday morning, they WhatsApped the image below, accompanied with this text––in Hebrew only: Rothman now! 9:30, walking towards the Plaza Hotel on Fifth Avenue next to the park – go tell him what you think about his violence toward protesters, about the coup d’état he is trying to do to us, about the sense of ownership and the crazy power intoxication he is in. Take a video and send it to me!”

MK Rothman photographed in Manhattan on Saturday morning, June 3, 2023 / UnXeptable NYC 4 ISRAELI DEMOCRACY

Before I continue: since I joined the anarchists’ WhatsApp group, I’ve been receiving all their stuff, and was delighted to receive the list of Hebrew songs they asked their followers to sing outside the NJ synagogue. One of them was the stanza that the late great composer Naomi Shemer added to her famous song, “Jerusalem of Gold.”

Here’s the thing: the original song was played for the first time at the Israel Song Festival, a few weeks before the 1967 Six-Day War. It was a stunning moment in history, when Shemer’s yearnings for the occupied old city o Jerusalem, including the Temple Mount, were followed a brief instant later by the retaking of the Old City. Shemer wrote a new stanza that expressed the joy of every Israeli after the victory – and that’s the stanza the anarchists included, asking their boomer followers to sing it outside the shul.

Jerusalem of Gold with added stanza / UnXeptable NYC 4 ISRAELI DEMOCRACY

We returned to the waterholes / the market and the square. / A Shofar calls on the Temple Mount / in the Old City.

And in the caves in the rock / thousands of suns are shining. / We will go down to the Dead Sea again / on the way to Jericho.

Jerusalem of Gold…

Which means the anarchists endorse the occupation of “East Jerusalem,” and which stands to show you that he who lives by copy & paste dies by copy & paste…

What damage can we expect from these dedicated rebels on Social Security on Sunday? Here is their itinerary:

8:45 am – in front of the delegation’s meeting at the Jewish Agency, 633 Third Ave.

11:45 am – those coming to the Israel parade: We will meet on 53rd Street between Fifth and Sixth Avenues. You will see us.

2 pm – THE RALLY OF THE WEEK. Hilton Mid Town (1335 6th Ave) We will demonstrate in front of the “Jerusalem conference” where all the ministers and members of the Knesset will speak!

Important highlights:

The only shirts you can march with are those printed specifically for the parade or plain blue/light blue shirts – do not come with shirts from other demonstrations.

Signs – Please do not bring signs. We printed enough dedicated ones for the parade!

Flags – bring Israeli flags that you have (for those who don’t, we will provide!) – but don’t bring sticks. – We will distribute special sticks that are approved for the parade.

Chantings (sic) – at the parade, we will only chant in positive vibes – for democracy, for an equal, just, and free Israel for all.

Bring a small bag with water, sunscreen, a hat, and whatever you like.

And don’t forget your megaphones…


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