Photo Credit: Israel Police
Scene of Old City terror attack, near the Kotel. Nov. 21, 2021

There was a terror attack in the Old City of Jerusalem, at approximately 9 AM on Sunday morning. The attack happened in the Muslim Quarter, but near the Kotel (Western Wall). Hadassah Hospital announced just after 10 AM, that one of the terror victims brought in for treatment died of his wounds.

According to the police, multiple Israelis were wounded in a shooting/stabbing attack. One terrorist was neutralized and is now dead. Both a knife and a Carlo (improvised automatic) gun were used in the attack. Police no longer believe there was a second terrorist. The police chief said that the identity of the terrorist from eastern Jerusalem is known to them.


Medical personnel treated two men in their thirties. One is in critical condition, undergoing CPR. Hadassah Hospital announced just after 10 AM that he died of his wounds. The second wounded person is in serious condition, but conscious. Three additional people were lightly wounded.

The wife of Rabbi Aharon Yehuda ben Tova, seriously wounded in the attack, has asked that her husband be included in your prayers.

The murdered man has been identified as Eliyahi David Kay HY”D, 26, from Modi’in. He worked as a guide at the Kotel. He was a recent Oleh from South Africa. His family has been notified.

Doctor Aryeh Jaffe, a volunteer with United Hatzalah, who was one of the first responders at the scene relayed: “We are treating one person who was critically injured and another who is in moderate condition and conscious along with two others who sustained light injuries. We treated the injured at the scene, including performing CPR on the injured person who is in critical condition. He was taken to the hospital while still undergoing CPR.”

This is the second terror attack in the Old City in less than a week. Last week a policeman and policewoman were stabbed by a terrorist. The terrorist was shot by the Rosh Yeshiva of Ateret Cohanim.

Interior Security Minister Omer Bar-Lev said the terrorist is a member of the Hamas political wing and lived in eastern Jerusalem. His wife fled to Jordan three days ago, his children are already there, and it appears that the terror attack was planned in advance.

The 42 year-old-terrorist lives in Shuafat, Jerusalem.


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