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David Stern

David Stern, the former US Marine living in Israel with his family describes the terror attack that he and his wife survived in Huwara on Sunday.

Translation below the video.


“On Sunday, I was driving with my wife through Huwara towards Jerusalem. I got to the traffic circle and the terrorist crossed the road. I stopped to let him cross the street. I noticed he was hiding one arm very suspiciously. I immediately reached for my pistol. The terrorist turned to face us, and we both opened fire almost at the same time. He shot at us. I shot at him. I saw from the side window that after I fired around 10 bullets he ran. I drove forward with the car a few hundred meters and I stopped. I started to put on a tourniquet and a bandage. After a few minutes the ambulance arrived and took me to the hospital.”

“I want to say, first of all, thank God, thank all of the nation of Israel for the prayers and support. I truly feel the love from everyone. Thank you.”

“I want to say, we must return the checkpoints. It’s impossible to continue on like this. We escaped the terror attack by a miracle. But what will happen to the next family?”

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