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Israeli consul in Miami, Lior Haiat (3rd f. R), participated in a gay pride parade

Evangelical pastor Alberto Delgado of the Alpha and Omega Church in Miami, decided to suspend a salute to Israel event that was scheduled for early May because the local Israeli consul, Lior Haiat, participated in a gay pride parade in early April, Haaretz reported Tuesday.


The consulate’s official tweet about the parade read: “They say it takes a village… And ours is a colorful diverse welcoming and proud family! Thanks to all our friends for making extra special @miamibeachpride

Haiat, who has served as Israel’s consul to Miami and Puerto Rico since February, 2016, was told by Delgado that he was concerned that his congregation would be offended by his behavior, and this could damage their support for Israel. According to the Israeli foreign office, the pastor said he might hold the pro-Israel event at a later date.

“The consul general met with the pastor and clarified that the consulate represents all Israeli citizens and works with different constituencies,” said the foreign ministry’s statement. “The pastor decided to hold the event towards the end of 2019, around the time that a group from his church is scheduled to visit in Israel.”

The foreign ministry also noted that Delgado attended an Independence Day reception at the Israeli consulate and that he and Consul Haiat “consider the matter as closed.”


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