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MK Shlomo Karhi (Likud)

Here’s a surefire way to start a good relationship with the new administration should Democratic candidate Joe Biden is elected next Tuesday: Likud MK Shlomo Karhi told Reshet Bet radio Wednesday morning about the possibility that the majority of US polls are proven right this time: “If Biden wins, we will know how to cooperate with the administration. Netanyahu and the State of Israel have cooperated with a democratic administration in the United States, we will know how to get along with this one as well. We survived the Pharaoh, we’ll survive this, too.”



Shortly afterward, when his unfortunate quip was picking up speed and popularity across the social networks, MK Karhi became busy trying to lock the barn doors with the horses galloping all over the hills out there, claiming he was misunderstood.

“The misinterpretation they give to ‘we survived Pharaoh we will also survive this’ is that the ‘this’ is a particularly problematic event reminiscent of Pharaoh … But it’s not. And I made that clear in the interview as well. Quite the opposite. It was an emphasis that ‘this’ is such a minor event that if we have passed Pharaoh we will pass it as well.”

Karhi was placed twenty-fifth on the Likud list for the April 2019 elections, the slot reserved for candidates from the Negev region. He was subsequently elected to the Knesset after Likud had won 36 seats. He serves as chairman of the Knesset subcommittee on Negev Affairs.

Karhi is the eldest of 17 siblings and has six children of his own.


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