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Congressmember Ilhan Omar (D-MN)

US Congress member Ilhan Omar (D-MN), a vehement supporter of pro-Palestinian Authority Boycott, Divest and Sanctions economic war against the State of Israel has condemned the Jewish State for what she claimed was “ethnic cleansing,” which she said was “bankrolled by the United States.”

Ilhan Omar: Sanctions On Iran=BAD; Sanctions On Jews=GOOD


The IDF demolished an illegal Arab “village” that was built in a live fire range following numerous eviction notifications and a struggle in the court system that lasted well over a year.

The squatters — Bedouin citizens of the Palestinian Authority — were notified of the eviction and the impending demolition months prior, repeatedly, and the case had made its way through the courts and through the appeal process, for more than a year. The land did not belong to the Bedouin squatters, however: it was Israeli state land, and clearly a live fire zone, designated as such from as far back as 1972, legally an area in which no buildings are allowed.

Somehow, all this escaped the understanding of Ilhan Omar, a member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, a lawmaker who should understand the gravity of a situation when foreign families bring children and place them in harm’s way by building a campsite in a military live fire zone without authorization and then claim that no one can touch them.

In 2019, Israel’s High Court rejected the appeal of the residents of “Khirbet Humsa,” saying they did not meet the standard for permanent residents of a community in a firing zone, which would have stopped the expulsion. “The petitioners have no recognized property rights in these areas,” the High Court ruled, designating the squatters as “intruders who use these areas for grazing,” which may have been the initial excuse given to military commanders by the first Bedouins for entering the area.

Ilhan Omar ignored the legal ruling of the State of Israel, a strong ally of her government, and the basic facts of the case as well.

“This is a grave crime — in direct violation of international law,” she said instead. “An entire community is now homeless and will likely experience lifelong trauma. The United States of America should not be bankrolling ethnic cleansing. Anywhere.”

Palestinian Authority Arabs have made a practice of illegally building communities, even as swiftly as overnight, in IDF firing zones and other open areas of Area C in Judea and Samaria, which is totally under the control of Israel under the internationally recognized Oslo Accords of 1993.

This move is carried out to establish “facts on the ground” and illegally seize as much territory from Israel as possible prior to any final status agreement with Israel, often aided and abetted with generous funding from the European Union.

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