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President Donald Trump speaking to supporters, October 28, 2020.

President Donald Trump has already discussed with close advisers a 2024 run to the White House, including the specifics of the campaign launch, which will possibly take place on Inauguration Day, January 2021, according to The daily Beast, citing three sources familiar with those conversations.

The president’s latest legal effort to reverse the election results came Friday, when a panel of three appeals court judges unanimously rejected his campaign’s lawsuit against Pennsylvania election officials, saying it had “no merit.”


Judge Stephanos Bibas, who was nominated to the court by Trump in 2017, wrote the court’s ruling, saying “the Campaign never alleges that any ballot was fraudulent or cast by an illegal voter, it never alleges that any defendant treated the Trump campaign or its votes worse than it treated the Biden campaign or its votes. Calling something discrimination does not make it so.”

But Rudy Giuliani, in an interview with Newsmax Friday night, vowed to continue fighting, saying, “We’re going to each one of these state legislators and we’re saying: If you certify that vote, you’re certifying a false statement.”

The vote in the Electoral College is on December 14, and certificates of the results in each state must be received by the president of the Senate by December 23. This means that, as of Monday, the Trump campaign will have another two weeks to submit lawsuits or to take their appeals of more than 30 failed lawsuits all the way to the Supreme Court – assuming the Supreme Court will review them.

Two sources with direct knowledge of the matter told The Daily Beast that Trump said he was going to remain in the spotlight after Biden takes residence in the Oval Office, because he, Trump, gets the news media high ratings, while Biden is “boring.”

Bloomberg reported on Thursday that an Oval Office meeting earlier in November with Trump, National Security Adviser Robert O’Brien, Vice President Mike Pence, and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, O’Brien told the president regarding his planned run in 2024, “If you do that—and I think I speak for everybody in the room—we’re with you 100 percent.”

The Trump campaign fundraising effort has been directed at rank and file supporters, asking for $250 and up to cover court costs, as well as lingering campaign debts. But so far the president has not begun to fundraise for the four years ahead – which makes sense, since he has not conceded his loss in the 2020 election. But with more than 70 million voters who came out for him this year, Trump should have no problem putting together a war chest and maintaining a kind of alternative White House that would challenge every detail of the Joe Biden administration’s policy and wield pressure on Republican lawmakers who would be forced to go along or face the wrath of their base.

This could play well for Israel and the anti-Iran forces in the Middle East, since President Trump’s policies in the region have been praised by many Democrats as well as Republicans. It could mean that regarding the continued sanctions against Iran, as well as the implementation of Trump’s “deal of the century,” there could be a solid bloc of Republican lawmakers and Democratic lawmakers from purple states who would uphold Trump’s successes under the watchful eye of his new, four-year campaign.

President Trump also told reporters that he would step down and leave the White House if the Electoral College certified Biden as the winner, stating, “Certainly I will. And you know that.” Which you would hope finally puts to bed the delusional leftwing fantasies of President Trump holing himself up in a blockaded White House on January 20th.


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