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Israeli actress Gal Gadot

Iconic Israeli actress Gal Gadot, star of “Wonder Woman” and her husband, Yaron Varsano, have joined with Oscar-winning Israeli-American director Guy Nattiv (“Golda”) and the Israel Defense Forces Spokesperson’s Unit to screen a 47-minute film in Hollywood showing first-hand the atrocities carried out on October 7 by Hamas terrorists and civilians who invaded southern Israel.

The screening will take place this Wednesday.


“As a filmmaker, I swore that these images of October 7 would not be forgotten, and the world would see them,” Nattiv said in the invitation he sent to Hollywood executives, “because now the denial begins – it is a fake, it is not a fake. We cannot pass by in silence.”

The footage is taken from Israeli first responders and Hamas terrorists’ go-pros and other devices as well as from security cameras in the communities that were attacked.

More than 1,400 Israeli citizens and dual nationals were slaughtered during the invasion, including babies, children and elderly. Many were tortured prior to their murders. Some 240 others were abducted and dragged into Gaza and remain in captivity.

The footage, which Israel has not allowed to be released to the general public due to the severity of the images and out of respect for the families of the victims, will be shown to a select audience of celebrities and influential personalities.⁣ ⁣

There will be two screenings, one in Los Angeles and a second one in New York, for 120 viewers.

Hundreds of foreign journalists in Israel and in New York have already seen the footage, as did members of Israel’s parliament, the Knesset, and foreign diplomats. Some were so traumatized during the screenings that they were forced to leave midway through the footage.

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