Be Safe: Don’t Visit Your Dying Parent. Don’t Leave Your House. Don’t Get Married....

Children, in particular, have been so coddled that American children of the last two generations have probably had far less joy and far more fear than children of any previous American generation.

Utilize This World Properly

By using the materialistic aspects of this world properly and for the right things we have the ability to elevate them into spiritual items.

It’s All Relative

Over the years, I have been asked how I get ideas for my articles – often from conversations with random strangers! That’s actually how I was discovered way back in 1985!

Is Hashem In Your Marriage?

Rabbeinu Bachya gives another reason. He says breaking a glass recalls the breaking of the first luchos. The first luchos, which were given in front of millions of people, ended up in smithereens.

Medieval Ethical Wills: What Did Parents Tell Their Children?

In his ethical will, Yehuda ibn Tibbon, a famous 12th century translator and physician, encourages mastering Arabic and the sciences.

Why Is The Jewish People So Small?

Israel defies the laws of history because it serves the Author of history. Attached to greatness, it becomes great. Through the Jewish people, G-d is telling humankind that you do not need to be numerous to be great. Nations are judged not by their size but by their contribution to human heritage.

The Day The Rebbe Shocked His Chassidim

Great is charity, for it brings closer the Geulah.

Leaving Egypt

Rabbi Avraham Yitzchak HaKohen Kook wrote: Leaving Egypt will forever represent spring for the entire world.

Focus On The Good

One of the reasons we may have trouble noticing blessings is that there’s a human tendency to always want more. Yes, I have some money, but I could always have more.

The Last 7 Days in Israel

The good trend continues: All bad numbers are down. However, it does seem that all the folks willing to get the vaccine have received it already. Very few people are going to get it now.

Q & A: The First To Repent

Question: Both Adam and Cain repented, yet our sages extol Reuben, who lived many generations later, as the first man to repent. Why? Moshe Jakobowitz

The Eighth Day

Though not prohibited, circumcision became highly regulated, and circumcision laws were passed with the stated purpose of promoting health and sanitation to conform with “German sensibilities,” but which were actually calculated to make performing a bris more difficult.

A Remarkable Primary Win for Rachel Freier

She is the first Orthodox woman from a chassidic background to win a primary for a judicial position...

Remembering Gail Mauer, a”h

As this year I am at the age my mother was when she passed away, the awareness of how both precious and precarious life is, is keener than ever.

The Death Of Archbishop Tutu

On rare occasion he has also alluded to Israel’s right to exist as a state, and called upon the Arab world to recognize it as such.

Dear Dr. Yael

Why would someone want to marry me? Why would they take their chances with a girl who has all this baggage when there are so many others around who are more eligible?

The New Woke Curriculum

The book’s narrator then goes on to intone, We will rewrite the rules we live by and love the world into balance.

Daf Yomi

Beware The Fruit! ‘A Misasek Is Excluded’ (Kereisos 19a)

Affording A Frum Lifestyle: A Proactive Approach

None of these strategies are easy, but they may all be effective when taken seriously.

Necessary Vs. Unnecessary Suffering

To our dismay, the pandemic is a fact. But it’s not necessary that we become addicted to screens, to eating junk food, to wasting time, to cutting social ties, to sinking into pessimism. The pandemic doesn’t exempt us from decisions on how to behave.

Why Aren’t Jews Worldwide Moving To Israel? The Jewish Press Investigates

Every Jew who speaks Hebrew and who is willing to take any job to survive is promised that he won’t go without bread.

Boomerang’s Tubi Says What Israel’s Government Won’t

We want to create a boomerang effect, whereby the lies of the world boomerang in its face when confronted with the truth.

J. Robert Oppenheimer: Indifferent To Judaism, Concerned About Israel

Oppenheimer was a strong Israel supporter who played an important role in the development of the Jewish state’s nuclear capability.


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