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Pro-government, right-wing demonstrators.

The Rally for Victory, with its message: “Only military pressure on Hamas will return the hostages, we must bring absolute victory!” will gather in front of the Prime Minister’s residence in Jerusalem on Thursday, starting at 7 PM Israel time.

Initiated by the Tikva Forum of the pro-Zionist hostage families, the Heroic Forum, and the Im Tirtzu movement, the Rally for Victory will call to support the country’s leadership and the security forces, demonstrating their determination to continue to fight until the defeat of Hamas and the return of all the hostages.


The rally’s banner calls for victory in Rafah.

The Rally for Victory poster. / Courtesy of Im Tirtzu

Speakers at the rally will include:

Itzik Buntzel, the father of Sgt. Amit Buntzel, who fell in battle in Gaza

Zvika Mor, father of Eitan Mor who is held hostage in Gaza

Frida Marciano, mother of Sgt. Itay Marciano, who fell in battle on October 7.

Shimon Or, the uncle of Avinatan Or, who is held hostage in Gaza

Major (res.) Yair Chetabon, Mayor of Ariel, Deputy battalion commander in the Commando Brigade

Alon Schwarzer, reserve combat soldier, head of the policy department at Im Tirtzu

The event will be moderated by Matan Jerafi, a reservist who fought in Gaza and is head of the activities division of Im Tirtzu.

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