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Beresheet Crash Site Located on Moon (Photo)

“The study of these impacts is giving us new insights into how the lunar regolith (soil) evolves over time.”

NASA Attempting to Image Beresheet Lunar Crash Site

Laser beams generated by LOLA hit the moon’s surface and then bounce back to the instrument, and if some light bounces off the LRA reflector, the team will know.

Tonight: 7 Weeks after Launch Israeli Spacecraft to Land on the Moon

"It will take it 2.5 seconds to fall fifteen feet. You may imagine noise and dust, but on the moon everything will be quiet."

Beresheet Carries Out Another Successful Maneuver in Moon’s Orbit

According to IAI and SpaceIL, "the spacecraft is now in an elliptical orbit at an altitude of 211 km to 467 km from the moon."

The Dark Side of the Moon

Beresheet took photos of the far side of the moon as it continues its orbit.

Beresheet’s Critical Lunar Capture Another Success

“After a challenging journey, we made tonight another Israeli record and became the seventh nation to orbit the moon."

Lunar Capture: Beresheet’s Next, Critical Maneuver

The information carried by Beresheet is destined to remain on the moon for an indefinite period and may be found and distributed by future generations.

Jews from Space

Photo of Israel and the Middle East, taken by the Israeli Beresheet spacecraft.

NASA Puts Beresheet on the [Solar System] Map

The Israeli 'Beresheet' spacecraft has been added to NASA's ‘Eyes on the Solar System’ simulator, which simulates a view of the solar system.

Watch: Israel’s Lunar Spacecraft Carries Out First Maneuver On Moon Mission

"The planned maneuver took into account the problems that were identified in the star trackers after launch."

Israel’s Lunar Spacecraft, Beresheet’ Completes First Maneuver

The spacecraft has detached from its launcher and completed its planned orbit of the Earth.

Beresheet Blasts Off, Heads to the Moon: ‘Great Step for Israel, Huge Step for...

"We will meet on April 11 and I hope that we will be able to celebrate the safe landing of 'Beresheet'."

Watch: We Have Liftoff

Videos from the Liftoff and Separation of Beresheet Lunar Spacecraft.

Mission Control

A look inside Israel's mission control center.

WATCH: Israel Launches First-Ever Mission to the Moon

“After the launch, our crew will take control of Beresheet and begin the journey to the moon!”

Israel’s SpaceIL and IAI to Send Time Capsule to Moon

NASA will have access to data gathered by the magnetometer installed aboard the Israeli spacecraft.


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