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United States is Charging Palestinians Who Killed American

ZOA appreciates the Trump administration/Sessions’ DOJ’s actions to address Palestinian-Arab terrorists’ attacks against Americans – an issue that was neglected by the previous administration.

Passover Guide for the Perplexed, 2017

Some history, some fun facts, some Halacha and... Next Year in Jerusalem

Anti-Israel Voices at AIPAC’s Conference

AIPAC is a bipartisan organization. That means it has to have leading Democrats like Pelosi over. It’s the figures whom AIPAC chose to invite that are truly troubling--several anti-Israel 'luminaries'

A BDS Defeat at Columbia

As with campuses across the US, the BDS campaign at Columbia is not really about economic ramifications against Israel; it is a battle not of military might or even economic advantage, but of ideas.

New Polls Show Overwhelming Opposition to Palestinian Arab State and Concessions

Poll Results Confirm That “Standing With Israel” Today Means Opposing A Palestinian Arab Terrorist State

Surveillance of Trump: House Now has First BIG Answer to the RIGHT Question

It’s a new world we’re in today, the world of Big Data. The handling of Big Data has been oozing out beyond the boundaries of the Fourth Amendment for some time now. Trump was a victim of this

The Diabolical PA/EU Plan for Area C

The A, B, Cs of EU illegal intervention.

Getting Real: Why Israel is Ramping Up Responses to Iran-Backed Provocations From Syria

Surprisingly, Israel not only went public about the strike and missile intercept but followed up with an explicit vow to destroy Syria’s air defense systems if they are used against IAF aircraft again

Hiding Evidence of Its Own Innocence

Within 1 day of the most high-profile civilian casualty incident of the 2009 Gaza war, Israel had exculpatory evidence on its responsibility for that death. Why wait 8 years to make it public?

An Undervalued Notion of Life Beyond Death: Created World Immortality

“Created world immortality” is a transmission of memories and values to future generations and considered somewhat metaphorical. Created world immortality is used in the Torah in the stories of Yosef

Shavei Israel Head: Queen Esther Inspired Anusim Jews to Preserve Their Faith

An exclusive interview with Shavei Israel head Michael Freund about the significance of the Purim story for Anusim Jews as well as their descendants.

Israel Sweeps in Seoul, Shocking Baseball World

Israel, which came into the classic ranked 41st in the world — the only team in the tournament not in the top twenty — has beaten third, fourth and seventh-ranked teams to continue its improbable run.

There are More anti-Semites in the US than Jews in the World

Before the current outburst of anti-Semitism, problems existed. According to 2015 FBI hate crime statistics over 1/2 of 1200+ religious motivated incidents were aimed at Jews, only 2% of US population

No, New York Times, Abbas Does Not Accept the Jewish State

Abbas' explicit rejections of a "Jewish State" are not relevant to the NY Times. It boggles the mind the Times feel it is okay to keep its readers in the dark about his repeated refection of Israel

Report: 1,000 Yazidis being used as ISIS human shields in Mosul

“The world has decided that if these Islamists will do the West’s dirty work of fighting ISIS, then we in the West are fine to let them enslave, rape and murder Yazidis"

Short-circuit: Trump Hacks the ‘Deep State’

The long and short of the "Trump/Russia-election" line of attack is that the Obama Democrats can’t run it without implicating every unsightly thing the Obama administration did to set it up.

Media Misfeasance Exposed in “Eyeless in Gaza” Documentary

"Eyeless in Gaza" shows the under-reported unprecedented efforts by Israel to minimize Gaza's civilian casualties and how Hamas works to maximize them.

The Flawed Nature of US Security Guarantees

US security guarantees in exchange for Israel's withdrawal from the dominant sites in YESHA, would create a short-term false sense of security while dramatically eroding Israel's posture of deterrence

Amnesty International: Empty Slogans and Half Truths

Amnesty International refused to add the war on anti-Semitism to its agenda's vocabulary. It also refuses to use the word "terrorist" describing Palestinian attackers as "victims"

Threats and Vandalism Targeting Jews: Time for Leadership, Pres. Trump

That law enforcement hasn’t identified the perpetrators is a big “tell” here. It tells me this is a suspicious development, not legitimate evidence of a spontaneous wave of anti-Jewish crimes.

Condemning Anti-Semitic Acts and the Vandalized Cemeteries

It is critical to determine who is responsible for these seemingly coordinated attacks and threats against Jewish cemeteries and sites.

The Roots of Islamic Anti-Semitism

According to the Qu'ran, Muslims have every reason to abduct, beat and mutilate Jews, as they recently did in France It depicts Jews as inveterately evil intent on destroying the wellbeing of Muslims.

Keep Calm and…Keep Calm

The mainstream media and the Left keep telling you everything is in chaos and everyone hates Trump.None of it's true. It’s amazing how much of the supposedly factual reporting turns out to be false.

Zionism is Not Racism

41 years later, Columbia University students are still equating Zionism with racism.

Are the Israeli Settlements Legal Under International Law?

Rachel Avraham explains why Israeli communities exist in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, why the world is opposed to it and why Israel is passionately standing behind their position.

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