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January 16, 2017 / 18 Tevet, 5777
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Esau Rising: The War Against The Jewish Soul

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Yahadut doesn’t differentiate between those who slaughter Jews and those who prey on our souls. Chanukah commemorates the physical revolt of the Maccabees against the Greeks, who waged war against the Torah. The criminalization of circumcision and Shabbat was akin to a knife at the Jewish throat since the death of the Jewish soul signifies the death of the Jewish nation. And so, we Jews have always reacted viscerally when a Jewish soul is threatened, just as a mob of bloodthirsty anti-Semites compels us to act on behalf of our brethren.

The dark days of the Crusades bears witness to this nightmarish fact. The tragedy of screaming Jewish mothers and fathers taking the sword to their children, and then themselves, because a time of shmad was upon them; Mesirat Nefesh personified. No one loves their children more than a Jewish mother and father. And yet, under the threat of their Jewish child being raised under the cross, they did the unimaginable.

We have many enemies throughout the world. The Arab/Islamic world stands out as today’s number one enemy since they are actively trying to exterminate us. Our many spiritual foes desire our souls. They wish to convert us. Many religious Jews recognize the danger of the former, but not the latter. They have forgotten centuries of mass slaughter from those who merely wanted us to fall on our knees and kiss the cross.

Today, they prey on us with love. A very smart tactic; the clever exchange of the sword for the dove. The missionaries are enjoying historically unprecedented success due to this tactical shift. Baruch Hashem, there are many wonderful organizations and individuals out there combating the spiritual threat. The excellent website Jewish Israel is another goldmine of meticulously researched, documented information. Jewish Israel has a plethora of information and documentation relating specifically to the subjects of this article.

“Hayovel” (The Jubilee) and “The Harvesters”

As I see it, there is another threat today, which represents a new category of missionary. These soul snatchers are planting a parasitic vine that will ultimately strangle those within the religious camp. This foe doesn’t wear a “Jews for Jesus” cap. Nor does he actively portray Jesus as kosher– for the moment. He is far too clever for that. And he is as patient as an adder. They call themselves “Hayovel”–The Jubilee.

This enemy has toned down its rhetoric, for the most part, when sitting with Jews. If in the past, their websites were a window into their goals, they have since sanitized them and rendered them “neutral” to the untrained eye. (Although video footage can be readily found which exposes their real agenda.) This new missionary came to Israel to assist Jews in the vineyards of Samaria, and fulfill (in their distorted interpretation) the words of the prophets. Whole communities have ensured that “The Harvesters,” as they call themselves, feel welcome.

I could not believe my eyes when I first saw the many videos documenting this terrible phenomenon. One particularly disturbing clip featured a grotesque spectacle of religious women with skirts and men with kipot dancing with missionaries. One of the greatest examples of Chillul Hashem that I have ever seen in Israel. I would venture to say that never before in Jewish history has such an insidious threat to the Jewish soul occurred right under the noses of Jews. Jews who go to minyan thrice daily and learn Torah have allowed the cross to be put up in their homes, metaphorically speaking of course. But the door is open for these spiritual predators and they have been invited in.

Hayovel has reached a section of the Jewish populace that they never could have imagined would be available to them. Close knit Torah oriented Jewish families have never been an easy prey. Under the guise of helping Jewish farmers tend their fields and vineyards in the Shomron, these missionaries have come to the hills of Samaria. Jews with kipot are ecstatic.Too many Jewish farmers have eagerly embraced this halachically prohibited free labor.

Donny Fuchs

About the Author: Donny Fuchs made aliyah in 2006 from Long Island to the Negev, where he resides with his family. He has a keen passion for the flora and fauna of Israel and enjoys hiking the Negev desert. His religious perspective is deeply grounded in the Rambam's rational approach to Judaism.

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  1. EsserAgarothBlog says:

    This piece has been included in this week’s Jewish-Israeli Blog Carnival Haveil Havalim! http://esseragaroth.blogspot.com/2014/08/haveil-havalim-parashath-reeh-5774.html

  2. This is so upsetting. Cannot believe they’ve infiltrated the ranks of religious Jews in Israel of all places. I know they prey on those without a strong Jewish identity, but this????

  3. PeninahWood says:

    Indeed Donny Fuchs. Excellent article. I have been saying this about the Waller gang for a long time and it falls on the death ears of some Jews.

  4. Peninah Means Millson Mason says:

    Indeed Donny Fuchs. Excellent article. I have been saying this about the Waller gang for a long time and it falls on the death ears of some Jews.

  5. MiriamLevinson says:

    The first thing that occurred to me in reading this article is that the wine would not be kosher. Those providing for its kosher supervision needs to be warned immediately, and the practice must be stopped. They are not friends – they have an evil agenda,

  6. DonnyFuchs says:

    Thanks for including it!

  7. DonnyFuchs says:

    If the spiritual integrity of the Jewish people is important to you, then please share this article with as many people as you can , and request that they share it with their friends as well. Speak to your Rabbis and apprise them of what is happening in the Shomron. Check out the website Jewish Israel. They have a world of documentation on this and other missionary related issues in Eretz Yisroel. The evidence is irrefutable. The Torah committed world must become apprised of this outrage, otherwise it will sink its roots deep in our midst and cause untold damage to our people.

  8. DonnyFuchs says:

    They are surely not friends, and their agenda is clear despite the smiles and patronising assertions of love. We jews were murdered from time immemorial by refusing this love.

  9. DonnyFuchs says:

    And indeed there are numerous halachic/hashkafic issues , independent of the actual wine making issue.

  10. SuzyBaim says:

    In the Book Devarim 13:1 G-d tells us to keep what G-d has told us, and we should Not add or subtract from it. And then it mentions about false prophets that try to lead us astray, away from the Torah, and people shouldn’t listen to a false prophet. That is what happened with Yoshka and people using him. – The thing is Hashem(G-d) made the Torah to be eternal. The Laws and the covenant remain intact and don’t change. And so when G-d says in the Torah(Numbers23:19) that “G-d is not a man.” G-d means it. G-d is purely spiritual. Plus, in regards to Messiah, we don’t know who the messiah is. One of the requirements is that it’s someone on his father side who is from king David. And so Yoshka is disqualified because his adoptive father Joseph doesn’t count. there’s so many points that people need to understand and should learn from anti missionary material.

  11. AndreVaynol says:

    I want to ask the question. Why are we trying to steal the Jewish soul when most missionaries are trying to introduce Jesus of Nazareth as messiah who is a Jew by birth and by root? What are we stealing when all we wish to do is enrich the Jewish soul. We do not want to change the scripture but add to it. We do not want to change tradition when all we want to do is to help comprehend it. Donny must be terribly insecure if he does not have the bravery or the guts to consider the claims of the Son of God who said Israel is his land the Jewish people are his chosen nation. Why again is the Messiah who came and the same Messiah who is to come and judge the nations for their war against Israel,still a threat to the Jewish soul?

  12. DonnyFuchs says:

    Andre Vaynol, Your nonsensical beliefs are a joke to me. They are fundamentally opposed to the most basic creeds of Judaism. Keep your enrichment to yourself, I want none of your toxins in the Jewish body. Your religious beliefs are literally stolen from the pagan religions of the time that it was spawned. Man-gods, virgin birth, eating god, etc. It comes in a guise that confuses those most lacking in Torah knowledge. Furthermore, you prey on the emotionally vulnerable. Understand this Andre, no one has ever left Judaism for intellectual reasons! There is nothing intellectual about what you are spouting. The Torah is perfect and eternal. I see what you are doing to the Jewish people. Tragically Israel’s missionary laws are impotent and rarely applied. But Jews are opening their eyes, and it won’t be long before the Wallers are exposed for the danger they pose. Your belief in Jesus is idolatrous for the Jew, and diametrically opposed to every Jewish belief. He was never a messiah, if indeed a specific historical Jesus existed. He would never have met any of the criteria, nor did a true messianic era ever come into fruition. Jesus means nothing to the Jew, save for the memory of a long bloody history of physical and spiritual assault on us. You and your ilk are spiritual dangers. And that is why I am committed to exposing you for the menace that you are.

  13. DonnyFuchs says:

    Could a Zulu enrich Judaism? What about a cannibal? You and the former are in the same category, since neither of you know anything about Torah, and as such, your views are equivalent. You have nothing to say on the matter, any more than I can say about quantum physics. There is no such thing as the “son of god”. This is an idolatrous notion, totally opposed to Jewish belief. As far as “claims” of Jesus, there are NONE in any Jewish sources written or otherwise, that qualify him to be the messiah. The man-written gospels, written long afterwards, are naturally of no interest to a Jew. Yet ironically, even according to the gospel accounts, he fails to meet any criteria for Messiah. Andre, You are wasting your life. If you have “guts” as you would have it, you would realise that your beliefs have no leg to stand on.

  14. DonnyFuchs says:

    Thank you Peninah. Keep up the good fight.

  15. FloridaMacabiog says:

    I respect your opinion but Jesus is a Jew. He is the Messiah. The servant that atoned our sins, transgressions and iniquities. Have time to read Isaiah 53. My prayer is that you will be enlightened by the Ruach Ha Chodesh. Blessings
    from flomacabiog@yahoo.com.

  16. SientjeSeinen935 says:

    But Yeshua was begotten of G-d so Joseph was not his father, The Lord G-d of Israel sent Him, to make the Lord
    G-d of Israel known to us. He was sent to redeem Israel
    and signed the new covenant with His blood written in Jeremiah 31 verse 31, Christ was the Word made flesh so that as our High priest He is now able to relate to our infimaties and help us overcome temptations as He Himself was tempted, while on earth. With Adam disobedience came death, with Yeshua’s obedience even unto death, eternal life

  17. SientjeSeinen935 says:

    Donny Fuchs When you say that there is no such thing as the “Son of God.” let me quote to you Psalm 2 verse 7 by King David. I will declare the decree, The Lord saith unto me. Thou art My Son, today I have begotten Thee.” since it cannot be King david, as david was not begotten, and in verse 6 the Lord speaks these Words through David. “yet have I set my King upon the Holy hill of Zion.” how do you explain this?

  18. SientjeSeinen935 says:

    Donny Fuchs there were also many true christians who having put their trust in the Lord G-d of Isreal, whom put their own lives on the line during the holocaust, and who made the Lord G-d of Israel known to us, was it not the risen Christ, and His disciples whom also were Jewish, as is it not written “salvation is of the Jews?”

  19. SientjeSeinen935 says:

    Donny Fuchs actually Yeshua did not come to abolish the law or Torah but to aid us in upholding the commandments, as through Him we receive life and a quickening of our spirit to serve the Living God of Israel. AS when we come before the throne of mercy and ask forginess for our misdeeds, the Lord G-d of Israel forgives us solely for the redemptive work of Christ written in Jeremiah 31 verse 31

  20. SientjeSeinen935 says:

    Miriam Levinson still love your kosher wine, it is the best

  21. SientjeSeinen935 says:

    Miriam we see the Lord’s hand in what Paul once a pharisee wrote “When the fullness of the gentiles has come in He will return to His own, the Jewish people and we can see it happening to day where He spoke of That He would save a remnant of them and bring them back into their own land and bless them Amos chapter 9 verses 14-15 The Lord reigns.

  22. DonnyFuchs says:

    Florida Macablog, nothing is more upsetting to wake up only to discover that another missionary has crawled out of the woodwork. The reader should be aware that responding to these deluded folk, who have the intellect of a bottle-cap, is a futile one. The response is really directed to the reader, because Florida’s ramblings and distortions of Jewish texts is the classical MO of the missionary.

    ISIAH 53: One of the infamous “examples” cited by missionaries, who pull verses out of the hat to fit their nefarious agenda, completely omitting the context of the surrounding text which shows clearly the intended message was.

    ISIAH 53: Florida, do you mean “the servant” who refers to the nation of Israel and not a singular person? I thought you did. The missionaries will point to the use of the singular in Isiah 53 and state falsely that this refers to Jesus. The problem, typical to most missionary arguments, is that it ignores the context of the verse and the surrounding verses. Isiaih 43:10, clearly ID’s the servant (in the singular) as The Almighty’s “witnesses” (using the plural.)

    Furthermore, the sorrounding verses (52 ans 54 respectively) are rather consistent when it comes to referring to the Jews as a singular person. Christians even aknowledge this, as a general rule.

    Finally, Isiaih 53: the navi (prophet) uses the singular and plural when referring to “the servant”.

    Your argument is ridiculous. An honest reading of the text clearly shows this.

    As far as praying for me, don’t waste your breath. You might as well pray to baal. Unfortunate for you, but no sweat off my back. Stop chopping up the Jewish bible. And stay away from Jews.

    Jesus had none of the qualifications to be the moshiach.

  23. DonnyFuchs says:

    Short answer. NO. It does not. Your Christian beliefs are as foreign to Jews as anything could possibly be. Everything you believe is contrary to Judaism. You have no evidence to support any of your wild claims. Judaism rejects your beliefs and views you as a danger, because you pervert The Almighty’s word.

  24. DonnyFuchs says:

    Selena, your turn. Psalm 2:7- refers to the father -son relationship between G-d and David. Never intended to be taken literally. 2 Samuel 7:14 shows a similiar relationship between G-d and Solomon.

    Whenever an individual or a people is “adopted” by G-d, the scriptures refer to it as “to beget”, as Deotoronomy 32:18. David was indeed begotten when he claimed the throne.As shown in Exodus 4:22 and Hosiah 2:1, the title “son” is given to all those who merit a special relationship with The Creator.

    The attempt to “find” Jesus in Psalm 2:7 is absurd. What need would god have to tell Jesus (a member of the trinity) the nature of their relationship? When the verse notes, “this day I have begotten you,” how can Jesus be begotten if he is god?

  25. SientjeSeinen935 says:

    Donny Fuchs since King David was anointed with the Holy spirit is it not the Holy spirit speaking through King David as the same Holy spirit spoke through the prophets send to israel?

  26. DonnyFuchs says:

    Selena, The new covenant is not a replacement of the religious system. Nothing in the text says anything about changes to the law, or that the new covenant will supersede the old. The point is that the covenant will be followed by all Jews, and thus the old covenant will be strengthened.

  27. SientjeSeinen935 says:

    Donny Fuchs Psalm 22 verse 26 “For dogs have compassed me. The assembly of the wicked have enclosed me, They pierced my hands and my feet. verse 18 “They part my garments among them, and cast lots upon my vesture.” David is not talking about himself here, as this never did happen to King David.

  28. AndreVaynol says:

    Firstly I am not a Zulu. Secondly the God of my life is the same God who declared friendship with Abraham Isaac and Jacob. The same enemies of Israel e.g Hamas are my enemies. The same desire to see the Third Temple is my desire. The same Torah is what i read and believe I simply add the new testament. The nation I give my finance to is to Israel and the Jewish people through organizations that feed Jews who have come home to Israel. Your prejudice Donny is making you blind and your hardened heart will never see what caring believers in the Messiah do for his called out Nation. You do not represent the God of Israel because your heart is full of hate and you do not have the grace or wisdom to see what the Lord is doing in these last days. You, because of prejudice cannot see your friends from your enemies. The Lord needs to change your heart to a heart of flesh.

  29. SientjeSeinen935 says:

    Donny Fuchs I would think that Isaiah is prophesying here and speaking to the Jewish nation. why would he say in Isaiah 53 verse six. “All we like sheep have gone astray, We have turned everyone to his own way, And the Lord hath laid on Him, the iniquities of us all.” I would believe this would include the prophet himself, and you and me, as with Adam disobedience sin and death came into the world. so with Yeshua or Christ’s obedience even unto death, eternal life one would offset the other? Therefore called the Holy One of Israel or the Redeemer

  30. AndreVaynol says:

    Andre Vaynol Firstly I am not a Zulu. Secondly the God of my life is the same God who declared friendship with Abraham Isaac and Jacob. The same enemies of Israel e.g Hamas are my enemies. The same desire to see the Third Temple is my desire. The same Torah is what i read and believe I simply add the new testament. The nation I give my finance to is to Israel and the Jewish people through organizations that feed Jews who have come home to Israel. Your prejudice Donny is making you blind and your hardened heart will never see what caring believers in the Messiah do for his called out Nation. You do not represent the God of Israel because your heart is full of hate and you do not have the grace or wisdom to see what the Lord is doing in these last days. You, because of prejudice cannot see your friends from your enemies. The Lord needs to change your heart to a heart of flesh

  31. DonnyFuchs says:

    Sientje SeinenJesus was not the Moshiach and only a blind person would suggest that he met any of the criteria, assuming that a true “Jesus” historical figure ever existed. Christian proof-texts are notoriously misquoted, mistranslated, distorted, or made up. A billion ridiculous, forced, false proofs are a pile of nothing, but wasted time. Judaism does not believe that we are condemned, at the notion of a man atoning for our sins is idolatrous. Repentance is available to everyone, and if you get your act together ASAP, perhaps even you ( i wont hold my breath).The trinity is a blatant rejection of Judaism adherence to the One True G-d, as evidenced by the Shema. Any attempt to force a reading of the Shema rejects the most fundamental beliefs of Judaism and the Oneness of G-d, without any division or units.

    While Jesus or the Jesus’s referenced in Jewish oral sources (again the issue of the historicity of Jesus is critical) was a Jew, he would not have met ANY of the criteria to be Moshiach. NONE. I know missionaries are not known for their intellect, but try to get this through your thick skulls!

    *The conflicting chronological accounts of his genealogy, along with the fact that the “New Testament” says he didn’t have a father, shows he could not have been from the tribe of Judah, or a descendant of King David or solomon.
    *He never gathered the Jewish people from exile and brought them to Israel.
    *He never rebuilt the Temple
    *nor did he bring world peace. Prior to Islam’s current contagion, his followers did everything to sow death and destruction on the nonbeliever.
    *Nor did he bring the who world to know and serve the one True G-d.

    In summation, he cannot have been the Moshiach. Get over it. You cannot get past this point and no distorting of verses will ever change this.

  32. SientjeSeinen935 says:

    Donny Fuchs I agree with that but since of our own it is too difficult to keep all of those laws, G-d sent Yeshua the Holy one of Israel to redeem us from the law, since when we acknowledge Christ as our Lord and saviour, and believe on His Word, am speaking as a gentile, G-d sent His holy spirit into our hearts which convicts us of our misdeeds and points us to the saving grace which is in Christ who sealed the new covenant with His blood. and therefore within our hearts we give thanks and glory to the Lord G-d of Isreal. not trying to convert you, as the Jews are still the chosen nation, who are beloved for the sake of the gospel, as the message of salvation was preached to us Christ disciples whom were witnesses to His resurrection. G-d bless

  33. AndreVaynol says:

    What I find strange is the blindness in people like Donny. He hates the Trinity and that seems to be his main objection. Unfortunately Donny, Israel is the only nation that portrays the Trinity in their flag. You declare the true God of Israel every time you display the Israeli flag. One blue triangle up; meaning an eternal Trinity: Father Son and Holy Spirit stretching into eternity. A blue triangle down; meaning the same Trinity God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit reaching down to help and assist men and woman who believe in Him. It is as simple as that. Israel declares the fullness of the Godhead as described in the scriptures from Genesis in their national flag..

  34. DonnyFuchs says:

    Your premise is false. Trust me. It is not too difficult. I and millions of other Jews from time immemorial have managed fine. G-d doesn’t make mistakes! Such a notion is idolatrous in itself. It is impossible to have a discussion with one who cannot reason and merely jumps to another distorted verse when you “shlug”up their infantile logic.(try looking that one up. Try the Joys of Yiddish.)
    Were you not so dangerous, you could be pitied for your delusion. But like so many before you, you have the need to share and spread your sickness.

  35. DonnyFuchs says:

    Lol. I never heard that one before. How pathetic. Are missionaries getting dumber by the day?

  36. DonnyFuchs says:

    I can’t believe you pulled that one out of the bag. Will that go into the new missionary training curriculum? Andre, I view you as an idolater. You are a pagan.

  37. DonnyFuchs says:

    Dear reader, as diverse as the missionary world is, the classical missionary type is largely a cookie cutter. You can predict their every movement. You respond to one pathetic prooftext, they pull out another, and another and another. Like zombies. As seen by the plethora of such mindless types responding, these can be seen by knowledgeable people for the disease they are. Back to the main crux of the article. The Waller family HAVE fooled people. And they are planting roots in the hills of Samaria. but make no mistake, their end game is the same as the ones responding to this article. The difference is that they are much more clever.

  38. SientjeSeinen935 says:

    Donny Fuchs are you than saying that the Holy spirit with which king david was anointed did not proceed from the Lord G-d of Israel? amd by whom spirit were the prophets speaking? When Yeshua came and conquered death and hell for us, isnt that not something to rejoice over? and did King David not believe in the resurrection, as ”
    even though I walk through the valley of death, I shall fear no evil, Thy rod and thy staff comfort me.” Here is King david liken the Lord to a shepherd and was not this the reason He chose David to be King over Israel as he was a young shepherd, and Yesua also speaks of laying down His life for the sheep? therefore being our shepherd who watches over us and keeps us in His care?

  39. DonnyFuchs says:

    lol. No to everything, to the extent that one can truly follow the pseudo-babble above.

  40. SientjeSeinen935 says:

    Donny Fuchs Christ Jesus our lord constantly was in touch with the Father unitl when he was on the cross, where our sins came between Him and the Father/ as G-d and sin cannot walk together, Isaiah 53 verse 6. Remember Christ has risen and now sits at the right hand of the Father, who has exalted Him and given all judgment into His hand. therefore some of the prophesies are coming true today with the return of the Jews out of exile into the land of Israel. plus there is still one prophesy not yet fullfilled, where it is written
    I will gather all nations against Israel, and I myself will fight for her, so that the whole earth will behold my Glory and know that I AM THE LORD”this wil happen on Christ return as He also told us when asked when He would return. “When the Fig Tree puts forth its leaves, know that it is near at the very doors.” and we also know that Israel symbolically was known as the Fig Tree.

  41. DonnyFuchs says:

    If ever a historical Jesus figure existed, probably a composite of different human mortal personalities fused with the contemporary pagan mythology motifs of the religions of the age, he was surely not the Jesus that you worship. The gospels were written long after such figures might have ever existed, and they are contradictory. Curious that you worship Jesus, and not Khrishna, Buddha, or the cult of mithras. the Jesus story is practically a carbon copy of these mythologies.

  42. SientjeSeinen935 says:

    Donny Fuchs what if I told you I have heard the voice of the Lord, and it was at time when I was quite distressed about what was happening in some of the churches, I will agree and when one seeks the Lord with all their heart,mind and soul and seek Him diligently, He will reveal Himself to you. and one heart has to be open toHis Word, so that the Word of God will find room in one’s heart. Wasnt Israel called to be a Light to the nations? and since Christ was sent tothe House of Israel, and has sown a love for Israel into our hearts then why are you rejecting Him?

  43. DonnyFuchs says:

    Yawn. I feel there is no need to respond. The reader can see for himself the nature of such a discussion, and why it is fruitless. You might as well talk to the wall. Yet we have a textbook example of the process, with Andre, Florida, and Sientje providing good examples of their non-intellectual approach. You destroy their proof-texts they simply forget about that one and reach into the missionary grab-bag to try another one. Sientje, your own words expose you.

  44. SientjeSeinen935 says:

    Donny Fuchs actually I have been taught that Jesus was co-creator with G-d at the beginning of creation. as G-d spoke these Words, “Let us make man into our image” notice plural and we are not made into the image of angels. but before the fall knew neither good nor evil. Ever since the fall, paradise was lost to us, therefore Christ was sent to restore communion between us and the Lord G-d. our faithfull High priest after the order of Melchizedek. Notice christ tells the people “Before Abraham I AM?” Then when the people sinned in the wilderness Moses lifted up the serpent and people were healed, so Christ was lifted up where He defeated the serpent. us by looking to Him are healed of our our sinfull thoughts and misdeeds. when we acknowledge Him as our Lord and saviour. G-d bless

  45. SientjeSeinen935 says:

    Donny Fuchs Isnt a child declared Jewish if the mother is Jewish? Mary was a descendant of the royal line of David, and Christ chose the lowly womb to make his entry into the world, Here the roman catholic church is way of base, as they do venerate Mary as a goddess, or queen of heaven, which I also take offense with as Mary herself said.”My soul magnifies the Lord as she was Jewish would praise the Lord G-d of Israel. Notice Christ after chosing His disciples He mentions that “Other sheep I have who are not of this fold them I must also bring.” this is why He was preached to us gentiles. G-d bless

  46. DonnyFuchs says:

    Debbie Henderson You are absolutely right. Fortunately, efforts are underway to change this. Keep spreading the truth till enough Jews are aware of this outrage.

  47. DonnyFuchs says:

    Debbie Henderson i was not aware of that, no. But the midrashim associate the mentality and ideology with him.

  48. Debbie Henderson says:

    Yasher koach, Suzy!

  49. LaurenGoldman says:

    From the tone of Sientje and Andre’s comments, they remind me of a tenant in the building where I live. When she talks about ‘the lord’, she gets those zealot eyes, and I can imagine that she feels a celestial glow around her while spreading the ‘good news.’ Though it has taken a couple of years, I think that she has come to understand that, when I respond to her invitations to her church’s events and services by saying that I am Jewish, it means that I don’t believe any of what she believes in. The only ‘good news’ I would like to hear is that people will stop trying to give me the ‘good news.’ Their good news is the reason that bad things have happened to us for two thousand years.

  50. RivkahLange says:

    Great piece! The missionaries are insidious in that they get into your head and make it sound like you are telling yourself the story to convert you.

  51. KatieFacbksuxRogers says:

    Debbie Henderson Sientje Seinen — http://www.outreachjudaism.com or Jews for Judaism.com’s videos answer all of those in depth.

  52. DonnyFuchs says:

    Debbie Henderson Exactly. Andre, who are you to add to the Divine word of the One true G-d? Talk about chutzpah. And I don’t want your philo-semitic love.

  53. DonnyFuchs says:

    Kind of like “Carrie’s” mother, for those who have seen the film or read the book. 😉

  54. AndreVaynol says:

    Donny you can call me names and try and argue as much as you like. But here is the truth. If I was not a Jew and I was offered a chance to convert what do I convert to? You cannot offer me forgiveness for my sins as you have no animal sacrifice commanded by Moses in the Torah.. You cannot offer me peace because you do not know the Prince of Peace. You rejected him 2000 years ago and many still do. You cannot offer me an assurance of Eternal life because nowhere in the Torah does it guarantee me an eternity. My wife has no eternity because for some reason woman will never see heaven according to Jewish tradition. You cannot offer me pardon because you have no blood to wash away my iniquities. I cannot know the Heavenly Father because you have no Temple to show me and teach me his ways.. What you can offer me is tradition, holy days and festivals. Your tradition makes null and void the Word of God. You can offer me a place in Jewish society when what I really want, is a place in the Kingdom of God. You cannot teach me how to pray or worship because you recite more than offer spontaneous prayers. Judaism cannot save my soul. Judaism cannot heal my diseases. Judaism cannot deliver me from evil and from demonic forces. Judaism as it is now is not true Judaism. If it was it would revolve around a Temple or Tabernacle. You have a synagogue religion not even mentioned in the Torah????? That’s the truth and the irony is as a believer in your Messiah ( and many of us do) I long to see the Third Temple built and once again in full operation and Judaism restored to what Moses required it to be..

  55. AndreVaynol says:

    Andre Vaynol Donny you can call me names and try and argue as much as you like. But here is the truth. If I was not a Jew and I was offered a chance to convert what do I convert to? You cannot offer me forgiveness for my sins as you have no animal sacrifice commanded by Moses in the Torah.. You cannot offer me peace because you do not know the Prince of Peace. You rejected him 2000 years ago and many still do. You cannot offer me an assurance of Eternal life because nowhere in the Torah does it guarantee me an eternity. My wife has no eternity because for some reason woman will never see heaven according to Jewish tradition. You cannot offer me pardon because you have no blood to wash away my iniquities. I cannot know the Heavenly Father because you have no Temple to show me and teach me his ways.. What you can offer me is tradition, holy days and festivals. Your tradition makes null and void the Word of God. You can offer me a place in Jewish society when what I really want, is a place in the Kingdom of God. You cannot teach me how to pray or worship because you recite more than offer spontaneous prayers. Judaism cannot save my soul. Judaism cannot heal my diseases. Judaism cannot deliver me from evil and from demonic forces. Judaism as it is now is not true Judaism. If it was it would revolve around a Temple or Tabernacle. You have a synagogue religion not even mentioned in the Torah????? That’s the truth and the irony is as a believer in your Messiah ( and many of us do) I long to see the Third Temple built and once again in full operation and Judaism restored to what Moses required it to be.

  56. DonnyFuchs says:

    Literally a cookie cutter missionary. Perhaps this will enlighten you:

  57. DonnyFuchs says:

    Andre VaynolPerhaps this will enlighten you:

  58. SientjeSeinen935 says:

    Debbie Henderson But that isnt written in the Torah that is written in revelation 22 verses 18 and nineteen, well after the New testament was written. revelation was written by John on the Isle of Patmos, a disciple of Christ our Lord and saviour

  59. SientjeSeinen935 says:

    Debbie Henderson Since Christ was co–creator since the beginnin of time. Genesis one verse one “iN the beginning was the Word and the Word was with G-d and is G-d” why is it stated with G-d” Why does the Lord say “ket us make man into our image?” noitce our is plural. and since Christ was with G-d at the beginning of creation, who better than Jesus Christ our Lord, to make the Lord G-d of israel known to us? I dont suppose your read the gospel according to St. John a Jewish disciple of Christ who was a witness to Christ message while on earth. Where Christ tells philip “That He and the Father are One. meaning One in spirit, ,He does the work he sees His father doing. He made the blind see, cleansed the lepers, made the lame walk and raised up people from the dead. Always being in touch with His heavenly Father, since G-d and sinfull mankind cannot walk with the Lord G-d is Holy, we need a mediator to bring us closer to the Lord G-d therefore Christ Jesus offered up Himself to do this work. in the Psalms it is written of Him.”Lo I come to do Thy work. therefore we can appear before the throne of mercy and ask forgiveness in the name of christ our Lord, and the Lord God of Israel forgives us or removes our transgressions as far as east is from the west, solely for the sake of Christ’s redemptive work done at Calvary. It is a gift from G-d as G-d’s love for mankind was manifested in Christ, therefore they are One.

  60. SientjeSeinen935 says:

    Katie Rogers sorry about the typos should be let insead of ket and “Lo I come to do Thy Will”

  61. SientjeSeinen935 says:

    Debbie Henderson so if it a purposefull mistranslation then why are you not correcting this mistranslation and show us the real translation, remember you cant add nor subtract?

  62. SientjeSeinen935 says:

    Donny Fuchs you are talking about Stephen King, He isnt a christian, he writes about myths and is a bit psychotic as he is afraid to go downstairs.

  63. SientjeSeinen935 says:

    Debbie Henderson actually debbie the anti christ could be a religious organization, but he will be someone whom will imitate Christ our Lord, he will be wounded in the head, and his wound will miraculously heal, his prophet will order to have a statue made for him and for people to bow down and worship same, they also cause everyone to have a mark in their hand or forehead, so that no one can sell or buy without this mark. we dont know who this is, as some say it is Rome as Rome is built upon seven hills, some have gone as far as to say it is Obama, but this is all conjecture, whomever he will take his seat in the temple and declare himself to be god. so yes I guess the temple will have to be rebuilt so that the anti Christ can be revealed. also called the son of perdition, I may not have it straight but it can be found in revelation

  64. SientjeSeinen935 says:

    Miriam levinson by kosher do you mean blessed by a rabbi? So why would a rabbi refuse to bless the wine, just because people acknowledge the Lord G-d of Israel and give thanks and praise to His Name because the Lord Christ Jesus made the Lord G-d of Israel known to them in their hearts? Isnt this part of the prophesy that the whole world would give thanks to the Lord G-d of israel and who would make Him known to us, if it was not for Christ redeeming work on Calvary and so preached to us by His discipoles?

  65. IsaDonnieRay says:

    As a Christian, I’d just like to say that some of us, myself included, are equally repulsed by the activities of these so called evangelical missionary zealots. From a Christian perspective, I find their theology, tactics, and motives as toxic as this post makes clear they are from a religious Jewish perspective. For the life of me, I can’t conceive of why anyone would go about trying to convert a sincere, devoted practitioner of a rich, beautiful religious and spiritual tradition from that tradition to their own, especially a Christian doing that to a Jew given the horrific history of Christian transgression and persecution in this very area. Sadly, this sort of friendship/relationship proselytizing is nothing new in “evangelical” circles; it’s a favored tactic of theirs and in addition to the repugnant nature of its objective, it is a perversion and betrayal of friendship itself. Befriending someone as a stealth tactic with the ulterior motive of eventual attempting to emotionally coerce and trap them into intellectually assenting to a system of beliefs you think they should hold is surely no basis for a friendship grounded in mutual respect and love as it should be.

  66. DonnyFuchs says:

    Sintre Seinen- Your commonality has nothing to do with Stephen King’s faith, but rather with the psychotic mother he created for the novel. Ironic, that you would deny him the claim to be a x-tian. more of that tolerance for others I

  67. DonnyFuchs says:

    Isa, very refreshing to hear. Thank you.

  68. IsaDonnieRay says:

    My pleasure, Donny. I’m glad that there are voices like yours and resources such as the ones you mention to combat this. Now that I have been made aware of the extent of this activity and the new more insidious and stealthy forms that it is taking, I will do my best to confront it where I can in Christian circles and to raise awareness about it among my like minded coreligionists so that they can do the same.

  69. DonnyFuchs says:

    You would have made an excellent nun for Mithras or Molech. Exhibit A of the non intellectual missionary, who only poses a danger to one who knows ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about Judaism, or the Torah. How do you feel knowing that your faith’s basic tenets and rituals were stolen from the man-made pagan religions of the age? Plagiarism. That’s the word for it. And I know that you can never really ponder it, because deep inside you know that I am right. We Jews are not going anywhere, nor are we abandoning our true knowledge of the One, for your idolatrous distortions. I get so much Jewish nachos knowing how much we frustrate you. Am Yisroel Chai! 😉

  70. SientjeSeinen935 says:

    Isa Donald Leo Ray, you dont sound like a christian where you belittle your own members of your faith. No one is trying to convert anyone on here. Have you not read the Words of Christ our Lord and saviour.
    No one can come unto the Father, (G-d) unless He draws him” in other words puts a yearning in one’s heart to want to come to know the Lord G-d of Israel.

  71. SientjeSeinen935 says:

    Debbie Henderson Why do you not check the Holy scriptures for yourself? you dont have to believe me, Unless the Lord opens up the mind , heart and understanding into His Word how would anyone be able to understand as it was written by men, who were inspired by the Holy spirit, so ask the Lord to open up your heart and mind to His Word, and give you understanding in same,

  72. SientjeSeinen935 says:

    Debbie Henderson O I did hear His voice I asked Him a question as it was about the churches at the time the pope was very much into the ecumenical movement among the churches, all under Rome of course. I asked ” Does the church believe it is the saviour of the world?” and the reply was ” So Eve believed and ate the apple” I have never heard a voice like it ever in the whole of my life or since. Now tell me again that I made it up.

  73. SientjeSeinen935 says:

    Donny Fuchs his books are certainly not classified as christian, actually am not very tolerant. I dislike slobs, litterbugs, and foul language. 😉

  74. SientjeSeinen935 says:

    Donny Fuchs do you know what an idolator is, it means having statues of people, the crucifix where Christ has risen and no longer on the cross, worshipping self, or wordly possessions, etc,so it unfair to accuse Andre Vaynol of being an idolator, as you dont know him, only that he believe the Word of God and has accepted Christ as the Messiah or redeemer of israel. there isnt much love or tolerance in your post to him, sorry but I dont like to see people oppressed.

  75. SientjeSeinen935 says:

    Donny Fuchs but why would David say in Psalm 116 verse 7 What shall I render to my saviour now, for all the riches of His consolation, I’ll take with joy the cup of His salvation, And call upon His Name with thankfull vow.” or verse 9 I am O Lord Thy servant bound yet free, Thy handmaid’s son whose shackles Thou hast broken, Redeemed by grace I ‘ll render as a token, Of gratitude and constant praise to Thee.” isnt it nice I love it, see there is only the joy of His salvation within our hearts. nothing to do with the intellect but a sincere love for the Lord God of Israel for the gift of His son Christ who made the Lord God of Israel known to us. G-d bless

  76. SientjeSeinen935 says:

    Andre Vaynol I will give you some comfort with the Psalm of David Psalm 2 verse 2 Show thou unto me thy servant. All thy ways and teach Thou me, So that by Thy spirit guided. c;learly I thy paths may see. In thy Truth dost Thou me guide teach me Lord of Thy salvation. All the days for Thee I bide Lord with eager expectation. G-d bless and may He give you peace

  77. SientjeSeinen935 says:

    Donny Fuchs I read your link which you provided and the whole thing hinges on where people believe that Christ was a human sacrifice . This is not true, it is our sinfull nature that put Him on the cross, greed, strife, jealousy, murder, adultery covetousness, disobedience to parents, etc, the pharisees didnt deliver Him to pontius Pilate to make him a human sacrifice, not it was their jealousy rage, and covetousness as Christ could see into what was in their hearts that made them deliver Him to Pontius Pilate and subsequently nailed to the cross He begged His Father to take this cup away from Him, (the garden of Gethsemane) but was obedient unto death. for our sakes as He bore the wrath of God for our misdeeds and trangressions. so therefoe He was not a human sacrifice but suffered untold anguish for our sake. to bring us back to the God as now He stands in the breach for us , as once Moses stood in the breach for the Israelites. No more need of sacrifices but a thankfull heart full of praise for the redeeming work of Christ our lord and saviour.

  78. DonnyFuchs says:

    Isa Donald Leo Ray -You are a fine man indeed. May The Almighty bless you.

  79. IsaDonnieRay says:

    Sientje, I am not really interested in distracting from the main point of this article by engaging in a debate about the relative merits of various Christian theological understandings with you in the comments. As to whether I am a true Christian or not, or whether you are or not for that matter, I am also not interested in a tit for tat exchange of a “no true Scotsman” argument with you either, so I will simply say that confronting, critiquing, and correcting fellow Christians is a time honored part of the tradition going back to at least the Apostle Paul and for me it is an integral part of my practice of my faith and of my witness to that faith. Besides if one takes an honest look at history, it is clear to see that there have always been Christianities, rather than a Christianity, which for me presents no particular impediment to my faith for, by grace, true repentance, amendment of life, healing, and restoration still occurs within and among them despite that fact, or perhaps even because of it.

  80. IsaDonnieRay says:

    Thank you, Donny.

  81. SaraMount says:

    ישוע=עשו+י a horrible hybrid of man and god

  82. SientjeSeinen935 says:

    Debbie Henderson yes well Esua sold out his birthright for a meal, Also he was very irreverent and cause his mother Rebecca a lot of grief. Beside the descendants of Esau are Islamic people nothng to do with us, to whom Christ has made the Lord God of Israel known

  83. DonnyFuchs says:

    Sientje Seinen- Lol. You have the IQ of a cucumber. You’ve spent the last five days doing nothing but trying to convert people. You haven’t stopped for a moment perverting the texts of the Old Testament. Why don’t you get a hobby? Go for a walk. Join a book club. Find a nice guy. Stop wasting your life.

  84. RivkahLange says:

    Andre, you really know how to stretch things, don’t you?

  85. YisraelMedad says:

    This is as rational as bupkis. The terms (verbs, adjectives) you use of emotional, not to mention incorrect, and all ‘supposedly’ with no firm proof. You are arguing subjectively. In Hebrew the idom of “b’fuks’, means doing something accidentally, with a bit of luck, an unintended result. This pieces, was not at all b’fuks.

  86. YisraelMedad says:

    will retuirn to this later but since I have spoken before hundreds of the volunteers, and have not done so in/under a tent, I feel left out. and I wonder, if they do not convert, are they our friends? is that the only measure? your argumentation is so full of intellectually honest holes even if, theoretically, you had a point.

  87. DonnyFuchs says:

    Here is Hayovel’s older video, in the days when they weren’t as careful about what they said.


  88. ExraSein says:

    There is an upcoming conference to discuss the dangers of the Xtians who have invaded our holy land. Look forward to seeing you. https://www.facebook.com/events/345987672231359/?source=1

  89. DonnyFuchs says:

    Kol Hakavod, Ezra. It is high time that someone stands up and exposes the Waller family and other missionaries for the danger they pose to Am Yisroel. You should be strengthened and blessed!

  90. DonnyFuchs says:

    David Haivri- one who wishes to be a light unto the nations must first understand the essence of Judaism itself. Never in history has a Jewish community of kipah wearing people opened their doors to missionary. This is the tragedy we live with today.

  91. DonnyFuchs says:

    I need you to clarify what you are saying since I am not following. Please elaborate.

  92. YisraelMedad says:

    Donny Fuchs you do read English, yes? I’ll get back after shabbat with something.

  93. DonnyFuchs says:

    The above referenced link is from Jewish Israel. It shows the connection with Hayovel and “messianics.”shame on you Yisroel!

  94. DonnyFuchs says:

    Erev Shabbat and the defenders of the missionaries come out of the woodwork. (A week after the overt missionaries have littered the page with their missionizing.) I invite the intellectually honest reader to follow this link and do the research. I have no involvement with Jewish Israel whatsoever. But I would be remiss if I didn’t include their vast repository of documentation on the Waller family. I leave it to the reader to determine what is going on in Israel.


  95. DonnyFuchs says:

    Yisrael Medad I was trying to be polite. Yes, I read English. Do you write it? If you intend to be rude, then I cannot insist on own politeness. Sorry, let me be more blunt. Your comment was poorly written and wandering. I don’t understand what you wrote. Please write something that reflects a specific point!

  96. DonnyFuchs says:

    Thank you to all those righteous gentiles who understand the crux of this article, and are as equally appalled as Jews by evangelical tactics.
    May The Almighty bless all those who search for the knowledge of His name. Shabbat Shalom!

  97. DonnyFuchs says:

    Ezra Stein recently posted info about an upcoming conference where this critical issue will be addressed. I challenge all intellectually honest Jews in Israel to attend this conference and see for yourselves. Consider the info and decide what you think. You will be presented with EVIDENCE, that no amount of “explaining away” with prepared statements will be able to undo.

  98. DonnyFuchs says:

    Dear Reader,
    Don’t allow those defending the Waller’s to spout untruths. See this video from Waller’s Hayovel organisation (link courtesy of “Jewish Israel”) where they EXPLICITLY STATE their agenda.

    In this age of social media, people sometimes gloss over things that are right there before their eyes. The Wallers are telling us in this clip, and many others, precisely what they want from us. To deny this in the face of so much evidence is akin to denying that the barbarians of ISIS are beheading and crucifying people.

  99. DonnyFuchs says:

    David Ha’ivri Stop trying to defer the issue. Nutcases like her always expose their silliness. She is far less dangerous than the Wallers. The Wallers have dozens of videos where they state explicitly what they intend. Why are you not bothered by this? Are you telling me that Jewish Israel’s diligent research, which contains an encyclopaedia of carefully researched information, is incorrect?


    Tommy Waller saying it overtly. How can you not see this?

  100. YisraelMedad says:

    what year was this video made? have the Wallers retracted their statements? have they acted since then according to their then statements?

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