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Securing a Jewish Future in the West Bank Following Trump’s Jerusalem Declaration

The domestic and international outcry at Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital suggests that Israel’s position in the West Bank is far from secure. If Israel wishes to secure a future for Jews in the West Bank, ordinary Palestinians there must also benefit from – and express their support for – coexistence with Jews.

Why I Protested Against the Iranian Regime in Tel Aviv

Encouraging the Iranian people to keep fighting against the Iranian regime is the most important decision I could take at a time when the world remains mostly silent about the atrocities committed by the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The U.S. Must Show Iranians That They Can’t Have It All

To emphasize that the ayatollahs’ regime is incompatible with Iran's economic well-being, America must counteract the effect of the nuclear deal by imposing stiff new sanctions on Iran’s ballistic missiles, support for terror and military aggression – together with Europe if possible, but alone if necessary

Dining With Bahrainis In Jerusalem

A small Chanukah miracle taking place in Israel with t whichhe Bahraini delegation included Sunni and Shiite Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, and Christians.

Win Or Lose, Iranians Want Regime Change

For the first time in nearly a decade, one dares to believe that the Islamist clerics who have ruled Iran since 1979 will not be in power by the time the 40th anniversary of their revolution rolls around in 2019.

UNICEF Being Fed False Info By Anti-Israel Hate Groups To Target IDF

NGO Monitor notes that three groups passing information to UNICEF are linked to The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), which is on the US State Department’s list of Foreign Terrorist Organizations.

Qatar, The EU, And Illegal Palestinian Settlements

And who is paying for this Arab attempt to strangle Jerusalem and illegally occupy large parts of the historic Jewish homeland? “It’s funded mainly by the EU and Qatar,”

Biblical Violence Versus Koranic Violence

When the question of Biblical violence versus Koranic violence is raised it is almost always done for the purpose of clearing Islam. Statisticians run the texts of the Torah, the New Testament, and the Koran through computer programs which tabulate violent references within those texts. The results demonstrate that the Bible depicts more acts of violence than does the Koran. Statistics don't reveal the truth.a;ways

The Monopoly of the Jewish State

Rather than guilt yordim, why not offer to reduce taxes and tariffs, deregulate, open up competition and break up the cartels?

Trump Is Right to Cut Funding to UNRWA

Trump must hold the Palestinians – and UNRWA – accountable for their rejectionism. The only path to peace is one that forces Palestinians to accept that continued rejectionism is a dead end.

War in the Classroom

It is now evident that we are at war, a war that is being waged in the classroom, with its weaponry aimed at our children’s minds.

Europe’s Linguistic Crusade Against Israel

Europe deals with guilt over the Holocaust and former colonialism by idealizing Third World Muslims and demonizing the First World Jewish state with a linguistic crusade that perverts truth.

Iranian Protests Show Iran Needn’t Be More Palestinian Than The Palestinians Themselves

It is unfair to expect a new regime to suddenly become favorably disposed to Israel. We can hope hat the current unrest will keep the government occupied and reduce the possibility of conflict between the two countries, especially along the Syrian border, at least for a while.

Obama Betrayed Iranian People; Trump Stands with Them

As an Iranian, I can tell you that the support of the US and Pres. Trump is invaluable to the ordinary Iranians: they feel helpless and alone in the face of the monsters who have been oppressing them for so long.

Behind the Latest Protests in Iran

Regime change is the work of the people of each country concerned; outsiders can only help by not propping up the oppressors.

Crystal Ball 2018

My diplomatic-political forecast for 2018: No war and no election in Israel, no division of Jerusalem, and no European support for Iranian protesters. I hope to see steps toward Arab-Israeli peace, and to see Saudi women driving – all the way to Israel.

From Berkeley To Europe: The Normalization Of Anti-Semitism

Across the globe, it is this green-red alliance that is the major purveyor of anti-Semitism. Anti-Semitism — not Islamophobia — is the most common hate crime in America based on religious targeting.

Palestinian Hostility to Peace Overlooked Following Trump Jerusalem Decision

The world turns a deaf ear to the hateful, belligerent statements of the Palestinians while censoring Israel and laying blame at its feet.

Reparative Therapy Redux

Dr. Salomon discussing conversion therapy, a widely discredited practice touted as therapy allegedly designed to change a person’s orientation from homosexual to heterosexual, recently banned by the New York City Council

My Mother, My Role Model: Reflections on the Shloshim of Grace Schwarzberg

May the life of Grace Schwarzberg – Gittel Brana bat Naftali HaKohen – be an inspiration to all and may her neshama have an aliya

Ambassador Friedman Is Right: There Is No Israeli ‘Occupation’

The wordsmiths at the US State Dept need to face reality in Judea-Samaria. The Israeli “occupation” of the portion where the Palestinian Arabs reside ended long ago, and the Israeli presence in the remainder of those territories is perfectly legitimate.

An Amazing Weekend Of Chazzanut

Recollections on a perfectly harmonious Shabbos.

The Radical New Israel Fund Stands With Tamimi Family

Worldwide media has celebrated the Tamimi family as “struggling against the resistance.” Some describing the blond-haired, blue eyed teenager as the ‘poster child’ for the Palestinian struggle - the reality is something vastly different.

A Bipartisan “Arc of Justice”: Trump Commutes Rubashkin’s Unjust Sentence

President Trump's act of justice and compassion teaches that even in this age of hyper-partisanship, there are issues of simple justice that can unite diverse elements and no one should ever give up on the quest for justice

For Israel, Trump is a Glimmer of Hope After a Long Darkness

As a master negotiator, Trump understands that, unlike the Arab-Israeli conflict, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as structured by Oslo was never resolvable bilaterally because the PA had neither the desire nor the ability to resolve it.

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