Qatar Was Right: The Sharia Law Nation Is Not Disneyland!

Saudis, Bahrain & UAE recalled ambassadors from Qatar protesting its support of Hamas & terror orgs.

The Coming Confrontation Between Israel and Iran

Whatever the debate over the JCPOA, there may well be a broader consensus in the administration that Iran’s growing military role in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and elsewhere in the region must be countered.

The Anti-Semitism Of Israeli Media Leftists

Barel is, of course, entitled to his opinion about the Jews of Hebron, but to compare them to followers of renegade Iraqi cleric Moqtada al-Sadr is simply twisted and hate-filled demagoguery.

CUFI calls HuffPo Writer’s Attack on Pastor Hagee “Deeply Offensive”

How dare Wilson use Jewish history's greatest tragedy to slander Hagee, a great of the Jewish people

The True Definition Of Freedom

Liberals define freedom as “doing as we please,” in tandem with liberty from the demands of a religious life.

Ben & Jerry’s SHOULD Remain Kosher Certified

Any major company would then think twice before going kosher: “What if we keep all of their rules but break some unwritten Jewish value, and they pull certification?”

The Internet’s Mussar

If we can learn to fear the surveillance of the Internet, we can learn to fear God's constant watching.

The Kid At The Back Of The Class

As I got older, those questions that I explored in Israel never went away, and I started researching and compiling answers.

Anti-Israel Advocacy Permeates the New York Times

No New York Times editorial about Israel is complete without its knee–jerk indictment of the country, its leaders, and policies. Here too, it was inevitable that the editorial’s justification of BDS would turn into an attack on the Israeli government and policies

Expected Upsurge in Gaza Violence

The true and malevolent purpose of Hamas's plan is to incite violence in such a way that the IDF has no choice but to respond with lethal force, killing Gaza civilians.

They ALL Have Blood on their Hands

Almost every article on Israel, every report, that emerges in the west these days is rooted in skewed reporting and deliberate fictions.

The Coronation of King Charles will a Most Majestic Spectacle

The West needs to grasp what it says about nation and religion.

An Unspeakable Tragedy

How can two such delicious souls who -- in King David's famous expression -- were beloved and sweet in their lives and in their deaths have not parted be robbed from us so brutally?

A Family’s Torah Scroll For The U.S. Military

The Torah scroll which my family donated will ride aboard the USS Gerald R. Ford aircraft carrier

I am Shelly Dadon

I am Shelly Dadon. I was murdered because I was Jewish.

How To Respond To Colleyville

And to thank G-d without qualification and with no asterisk that he emerged safely.

New Eichmann Film Puts the Lie to Hannah Arendt’s “Banality of Evil”

That mendacious and dangerous phrase, "the banality of evil," should be struck from the historical vocabulary of the Holocaust and the trial of Eichmann, lest we look in the future for banality and miss the brilliance of those who would repeat Eichmann's crimes.

The Christchurch Mosque massacre and the Changing Face of Extremism

Jews and Muslims find themselves on the same side of the line that separates civilization from barbarism. If we are to achieve greater understanding between our two minority communities, then that is as good a place as any from which to start.

Willful Blindness To Academic Anti-Semitism

Only in the inverted world of academia would Jewish professors denounce the AMCHA Initiative report.

How Trump Should Handle the Jamal Khashoggi Killing

Saudi leadership has since admitted under pressure that Khashoggi was killed on the premises. In the wake of this crime, Pres. Trump has an opportunity to pressure the Saudi leadership to incorporate journalistic freedom into its program of domestic reform.

Coronavirus: China’s War on the Truth

The idea that the coronavirus might be related to Wuhan's virus research laboratory is considered by some a "conspiracy theory", yet China's refusal immediately to accept help from the US Centers for Disease Control understandably arouses suspicion.

New Israeli Milestone Reveals the Farce of the Guardian’s BDS Obsession

"Build a better mousetrap, and the world will beat a path to your door" and that is how you beat BDS.

The Muslim Brotherhood Headed for a Blow-up

Opposition movements usually get public support and encouragement from the masses because they challenge a corrupt and oppressive regime. This public support is what...

‘Bake The Cake’ And The Red Hen Controversy

In a free country, business owners should be able to decide whom they wish to serve. The question is why some people on the Left believe that standing up against Sanders’s dinner order is laudable, but refusing to participate in a same-sex wedding ought to be punished by the government.

Spiritual War in Samaria

The current missionary problem in Samaria is still relatively unknown throughout Israel&to most Jews

Identity Politics is America’s Anti-Semitism

Anti-Semitism is tribal. Those who hate Jews tend to be losers who are convinced of their own natural superiority and blame the Jews for their failure to achieve it.

Do Jews Owe Anything to the Democratic Party? Thanks? Gratitude?

Concerning Israel, the Democrats have presented a long list of asses.

Where Is the Hate?

2 peoples/2 sides. One believes the land is his entirely. The other is unsure despite G-d's pledge.

Palestinian Hate, U.S. Silence

There they go again. Palestinian Media Watch reports that the official Palestinian Authority newspaper, Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, announced Prime Minister Salam Fayyad's plan for an upcoming fencing tournament for youth named after terror chieftain Abu Jihad.


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