Asking the Wrong Questions about Extremist Violence

The misleading claim that Trump refused to condemn white supremacists helps obscure the truth about divisive racial issues, rather than clarify them.

Will the Delta Variant Spoil the High Holiday Comeback?

Of the many obstacles to in-person prayer services caused by COVID-19, one of the toughest is surely the mask mandate.

President Obama: America’s Quixotic President

Like our fabled character, Don Quixote, President Obama has constantly spawned his own reality.

A Liberal’s Wake-Up Call: A Response To Alan Dershowitz

Wake up, Mr. Dershowitz. Your liberalism offends my sensibilities because it assumes that everyone on the other side of the political road is infected with gullibility, whereas it is a sickness inherent on the Left.


Now up in Heaven Reb Shlomo sings, With a chorus of angels for the Heavenly King...

Warsaw Ghetto Hero: “Every War With Fascism Is Our Business”

Edelman experienced evil many times in his long and distinguished life; he faced it and fought it bravely.

Repatriating Israeli Captives is a Humanitarian Right

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken shockingly implies U.S. support for downgrading the issue of Israel’s missing civilians and dead bodies in favor of establishing an equivalence with the transfer of fuel and electricity to Gaza.

Orthodox Homosexuals And The Pursuit Of Self-Indulgence

Recently, while doing research for a news article I was writing for The Jewish Press, I found myself watching a YouTube clip concerning Jewish homosexuals. About two minutes into the clip, my heart suddenly dropped. There speaking on my computer screen was a young man I had once known as a sweet frum boy. Today - as I discovered from the YouTube video - he is an open homosexual.

Terrorism Persists Because It Works

The world has rewarded terrorism while punishing those who try to fight it by reasonable means. It began with Yasser Arafat and Palestinian terrorist groups choosing to employ terrorism as a tactic.

Can’t He Bake In Peace?

Scardina, who repeatedly contacted Philips requesting custom cakes despite knowing that Jack would refuse to bake them including a cake honoring “Satan’s birthday” topped with a figure of Satan smoking marijuana and a cake bearing a pentagram. Jack politely declined each request.

Plowshares Turning into Swords-Happy New Year for Israel’s Trees

The current battle for the land of Israel oftentimes is not fought with conventional weapons. Rather, Israelis and Palestinians are staking their claims to the land by planting trees.

The OLDEST Hatred Fulminates and Flourishes at 1600

How can Jews blind themselves to official antisemitism?

You Can Take the Jew Out of the Ghetto- Taking the Ghetto Out of...

Rabbi Maryles doesn't know if his fellow Jews are legally right or wrong, all he knows is that they're wrong.

A Lesson From Israel In Higher Education

Learning to be flexible is also imperative.

Arab Countries Tainting International Competition by Banning Israel

International sport events claim to be universal symbols of unity and peaceful coexistence, except when it comes to Israel, where the world tolerates Arab racist attitudes towards Israelis.

Main Street is now America’s Counter-Culture

Today, the Counter-Culture is the hopelessly deplorable chumps that anchored the country. They are the working-class folks who flocked by the tens of thousands to see Donald Trump and to thank him for his focus on and empathy for the American worker.

Yitzhar Yeshiva Dean: Jewish State’s Spiritual Malady

There is a spiritual malady causing our people to turn against each other.

A Call for Boycott and Divestment

British archeologists just uncovered a statement from 1938 supporting BDS of Czechoslovakia (humor)

The Return Of ‘Tolerable Carnage’

The terrorists have struck against Israeli civilians in the heart of Israel once again.

Miracles: They Spin And Spin All Around

Dreidel Rabbi? Two years ago, CBS’s “Sunday Morning” came to our home to showcase my dreidels. Countless dreidels seen by millions of people! Yes, that’s me. I can walk most anywhere only to have a stranger approach me and ask, “Aren’t you the Dreidel Rabbi?”

Curb this Terror Wave in Israel BEFORE it Swells

The perpetrators of both attacks on Monday must be apprehended before they act again, and Israeli security forces must nip in the bud any potential wave of copycat terrorism.

Saying No To Newsweek

I've been reading Newsweek since 1975, when, as a yeshiva student in Israel, I subscribed in order to keep abreast of world events when otherwise not ensconced in the study of Torah. It's been three and a half decades, and my subscription, which lapses next month, will not be renewed. The reasons are reflective of the current state of American culture and mainstream journalism.

Sir Winston A War Criminal?

A British court recently issued a subpoena for the arrest and indictment of Israel's former foreign minister in response to a petition by Hamas and its supporters in Britain. The court claimed historic precedent for its attempt to indict Tzipi Livni.

Animal Rights Group (PETA) REFUSES to Condemn Hamas for Burning Animals

While People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has no problem comparing meat-eaters to Nazis in their “Holocaust in your plate” campaign, it refuses to condemn Hamas for burning animals and using them as weapons of war.

Abbas at the UN Again: Who Cares?

What difference does it make whether Abbas gives a “moderate” speech at the UN next week? His obstructionism is constant and guaranteed

Rudy Giuliani’s Realism

Rudy Giuliani’s article in the September/October issue of Foreign Affairs (“Toward a Realistic Peace“) marks an important statement about the never-ending Israeli-Palestinian “peace process.”

"Mr. President, I am calling you on your cell phone because my heart goes out to you. I would call you on your regular line but I understand that your phone is tapped. I know that sitting there in Ramallah for so many months without the ability to move more than a few feet at a time must be extremely frustrating and nerve wracking.

The Contempt Is Mutual

My fingerprints are visible in every facet of daily living, in science and technology and medicine.

The Devil is Precise: ‘Breaking the Silence’s’ True Nature

The source of Abbas' 'Blood Libel' before the EU? The Jewish co-founder of Breaking The Silence, was allegedly filmed telling a group of tourists that Israeli settlers had poisoned the water system.


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