Courage? The State Department?

If the U.S. is truly serious about honoring moderate Muslims, why is it not honoring those people who stick their necks out in stating their love for America and peace with Israel?

In the Wake of a Lethal Arson Attack

Reports of a dead baby, a devastated family, and indications of a gloating attacker.

The Vatican Promotes Hypocrisy

In recent days, given the controversy surrounding the taxation of Jerusalem church properties and the public statements issued by Jerusalem’s churches which followed alongside...

An ‘Ordinary’ Encounter With The Divine

It was not a necessary part of our busy itinerary. It was not even a noble errand. But the craving for a tasty lunch led our group to experience a moment never to be forgotten.

A Visit To The Old Country

A Jew grows and lives differently here in Israel. Anyone who really wants to be here will do fine.

Do Anti-Abortion Laws Violate The First Amendment?

Do abortion laws create excessive entanglement between government and religion?

Putin’s Iran Threat is Good for Israel

If Russia stands with Iran, Obama will be forced to stand with Israel or lose the American people to the Republican Party.

The Folly of Proportionate Warfare

Before it became a UN cliché, “disproportionate force” was how wars were won. Unconditional surrender was once the goal of war. Half-hearted warfare is precisely what the UN wants to impose on Israel.

Don’t Interfere With The Divine Process, Mr. President

Just a few weeks ago we celebrated the anniversary of the liberation of Jerusalem and all of Judea and Samaria in the Six-Day War of 1967.

It’s Not the Economy, Stupid

It is not Gaza’s economic malaise that has precipitated Palestinian violence. It is the other way around: the endemic violence has caused the Strip’s humanitarian crisis.

Who’s a Pew

Jewish identity has been an issue in the Jewish community at least since the beginning of the Common Era, and perhaps even before.

Flynn Was Innocent All Along: He Was Pressured to Plead Guilty

From a legal and policy point of view, encouraging the FBI to misuse its legitimate authority to investigate past crimes, solely to create future crimes is both immoral and illegal.

A Dying Church Takes Time to Give Israel a Kick

The Presbyterian Church USA continues a practice of Jew-baiting that the denomination’s peace activists and leaders have been perfecting for more than a decade.

Israeli Attitudes Towards American Jews

As the Israeli elections approach, cleavages are revealing themselves in Israeli attitudes towards American Jews. This is unfortunate, as Israel does not exist in a vacuum. A deeper understanding is required of what Jews face outside of Israel. The State of Israel faces many challenges regarding American bipartisan support. Just as Israelis don’t want American Jews to make Israel a partisan issue, Israeli leaders should not push American Jews away.

How To End The Suicide Attacks

Longer curfews is certainly a possibility. But then we are talking of years, not weeks.

For Tehila

Tehila Elbogen died in March, shortly after her sixteenth birthday and after a two-and-a-half year struggle against a rare and as yet incurable cancer. She lost the physical battle, winning the one that was spiritual and leaving a legacy that all of us who knew and admired her shall cherish until the end of our days.

An Affront To Rabbinic Autonomy

Many years ago when I was helping my congregation write a new constitution, I submitted a first draft to an expert who had been involved in setting up new shuls. One paragraph read, “All matters of halacha (Jewish law) will be determined by the congregational rabbi.” Pretty straightforward, I thought.

‘Next Year In Jerusalem’ Doesn’t Have To Be A Meaningless Cliché

Often, upon returning home to Israel after a speaking tour in North America, I am asked by Israeli friends, "Nu, did you get people to make aliyah?"

Fishl’s Marathon

While Lebow promoted this populist vision, his shtetl background, his Yiddish, and the religious observance of his youth (which his siblings had not abandoned as he had) were always part of him.

Will the New Israel Fund Also Fight Anti-Jewish Incitement?

The New Israel Fund recently announced that it “is undertaking a comprehensive survey to identify those most involved in inciting racism and violence.” Incitement to violence and intolerance is a particularly troubling problem plaguing Israeli society today. This problem is all the more severe when the incitement comes from respected public figures and political leaders. But will the New Israel Fund will also include anti-Jewish incitement coming from the Israeli Left?

Scalia’s Passing Will Affect Orthodox Jews

Scalia was a strong voice for tradition, morality, and the old-fashioned value systems of America

Fighting Islamists : Will Modi listen to Obama ?

Washington remains ignorant of the need to dismantle alliances with various Muslim countries.

Soros Losers

Is it anti-Semitism to criticize an individual Jew for actions and behaviors that have nothing to do with his Judaism?

France in Free Fall

A group of retired generals published an open letter, saying that signing the Global Compact was a further step towards "the abandonment of national sovereignty" and noted that "80% of the French population think that immigration must be halted or regulated drastically".

Are the US and Other Democracies in Trouble?

It is more than painful, as anti-Semitic libels are whitewashed by the media or risk becoming part of the Congressional Record, to watch the American Jewish community being played by the political party that many have called "home."

The Palestinian Refugees – Reality Test

The Palestinian refugee issue has been dramatically misrepresented, distorting circumstances and numbers, in order to de-legitimize the Jewish state.

Standing On The Threshold

Why is this night different from all other nights? On all other nights we prayed for redemption but our exile continued. On this night our prayers may be answered.

Religious Settlers Face Pervasive Double Standard

For anyone with historical memory the expulsion of Jews – by the Romans, English, French, Spaniards, Nazis, and Muslims – instantly evokes tragic episodes in Jewish history. Now the state of Israel expels Jews from their homes. Something is amiss in Zion.

The Joy of the Soul – Remembering 13 Year Old Shlomo Nativ HY”D

Three years ago on the 8th of Nisan, 5769, an Arab terrorist with an axe ran into the center of our community of Bat Ayin and killed a 13 year old Shlomo Nativ. Every year before the anniversary of this terrible event, our community comes together to remember and honor Shlomo and his family and to connect with one another.

“Every Jew a .22”

Arabs in Israel learned from Gaza, and take advantage of our gov't's refusal to eliminate terror.


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