Palestinians: We Have the Right to Poison the Minds of our Children

The PA and Hamas teach children that Israel is one big settlement that has no place in the region and that the conflict with Israel is not over a 2-state solution, but the "liberation of Palestine"

Demonstrations And Remonstrations On Agunah Day

Those who are subjected to emotional suffering tend to be kept out of society's line of sight. All the more so when society is either the cause of the suffering or can alleviate it and does not do so.

Moral Anorexia in the Cognitive War Against Israel

Meet the virtue-signaling progressives who promote lies about the Jewish state.

Stop Iran From Going Nuclear

Once the authoritarian, anti-Semitic and anti-American government of Iran possess a nuclear bomb, no amount of actions will be able reverse the catastrophe.

Snowed In – Or A Lazy Generation?

As a response to the recent school cancellations for snow days, let schools stay open as often as possible, leave it to the discretion of parents whether it’s too difficult or dangerous to come in?

Israel’s New Government Must Not Abandon Jerusalem

The coalition negotiations demonstrated that preserving Israel’s capital is a low priority for the incoming government—this is a mistake.

Are We Delaying Moshiach’s Arrival By Accepting Government Money?

I doubted myself: Was I the crazy one? Why am I alone in a wilderness of torment while everyone else laughs all the way to the bank?

Recent Sexual Controversies and Upheavals

The shock waves triggered by Weinstein may well spur reform, creating a healthier society. A shakeup is needed. The sexual depravity that surrounds us is sickening and utterly condemned by Judaism and reflect a decadent and corrupt society reminiscent of the Sodom and Gomorrah

Taking Advantage of the Siege of Jerusalem

Jerusalem's besiegers are a captive audience. It's time for Israel to speak.

The Polish Holocaust Law: Should we care?

Poland is not alone in its efforts to separate itself from the Nazi atrocities. Other countries in Europe are working very hard to whitewash their long history of Jew-hatred.

An Odor Of Intolerance At The Times

The pool of hypocrisy is deep at The New York Times when it comes to double standards against Jews, especially Observant Jews.

My Problem With Yom HaShoah

Too many people who attend annual Yom HaShoah commemorations aid and abet those who claim that Arabs are the new Jews; that Gaza is the new Warsaw Ghetto; and that Jews are the new Nazis; members of J-Street and JVP, and other useful idiots,

Media Report Card: Week 1 After Jerusalem Announcement

Apparently, the media bias against Trump, the already existing anti-Israel bias and the ignorance of some in the media has resulted in a perfect storm of horrendously inaccurate stories.

The Democrats Who Cried Wolf

The victimization of Trump has become the symbol of the left’s victimization of traditional America.

Animal Rights Group (PETA) REFUSES to Condemn Hamas for Burning Animals

While People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has no problem comparing meat-eaters to Nazis in their “Holocaust in your plate” campaign, it refuses to condemn Hamas for burning animals and using them as weapons of war.

It’s Not too Late to Save Bennett from Himself

If, God forbid, the Lapid-Bennett axis succeeds in forcing itself on Netanyahu "as is," we will have created the most formidable enemy of the settlements since the time of Yossi Sarid and Yossi Beilin.

The West’s Policy of Appeasement Brings War NOT Peace

The Biden administration just can’t grasp the fact that tyrants and extremists regard compromise as proof of weakness and an incentive to redouble their aggression.

This Tisha B’Av, What Are We Going to Do?

Fast forward 33 years, and society has become even more terrified of quiet unprogrammed moments in our days.

The PR Maven Who Helped Rescue The Bergson Group From Obscurity

Prominent Jewish leaders acknowledged that their predecessors had mistreated the Bergson Group.

Israeli Victory Benefits both Jews and Arabs

Over the years, significant international pressure on Israel created an anomaly where ironically, the more Israel seeks peace and compromise with its unreformed enemy, the further peace is pushed into a distant future.

What Israel Should Learn From The Greek Crisis

Israeli exports to the EU will be affected by a further decline in the Euro. There would be significant consequences, as the EU is Israel’s largest market abroad.

Life Beyond Politics

The coming winter is going to be a hot one. The smell of it is already wafting through the national-religious community, which for some time now has been in the middle of an unprecedentedly egotistical primaries campaign. For those who have had enough of advertisements saying how great one candidate is and how problematic another, here is a story about two national-religious pioneers in Judea and Samaria, one a fighter in the army and the other a fighter in the public sphere. Just a reminder that there is life beyond egocentric political campaigns.

Hail the Trump Plan

The Trump plan’s reported parameters closely hew to the broadest political consensus in Israel. It is a peace paradigm that makes eminent sense to at least 75 percent of Israelis, in my estimation. Therefore, Israel should act swiftly to lock-in the concrete diplomatic gains that can be derived from this outline for regional accommodation. Hopefully the Palestinians will come to see the plan’s advantages too, including its framework for Arab regional investment in Palestinian-Israeli joint projects.

Our Bored President

Obama is bored and so are we.

Abbas’s Classic Thug Extortion Trick

Mahmoud Abbas spent his speech claiming that this was the last chance for the peace process. In reality, it was simply the last chance for Abbas to remain in charge.

Netanyahu Presumed Innocent in Israel’s Court of Public Opinion

That he remains in power despite the bitter campaign waged by the state prosecution, his political opposition and the media, speaks volumes about the public’s faith in their prime minister and lack of trust in the justice system.

In Antisemitism as in Life, Ignorance is Always a Choice

Clueless about the antisemitism of Farrakhan? Ignorance is a choice

How Sovereign Is Israel?

Commenting on the role the sovereign nation-state plays in the western world compared with the Islamic world, the late Samuel P. Huntington, in his classic study The Clash of Civilizations and The Remaking of World Order, wrote: “The structure of political loyalty among Arabs and among Muslims generally has been the opposite of that in the modern West. For the latter the nation state has been the apex of political loyalty.”

Stop Ignoring Middle Eastern Jews

Remember that the Jewish world is centered in the East. It is in the East that the Jewish people began, and where today, in Israel, our peoplehood is maintained and continues to blossom.


When it comes to Israel, the US State Department has invented different rules.


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