Time for Trump to be Trump, at Home and Abroad

Everything the president entered politics to oppose is returning and threatening to take over America for good. Now is his moment to act forthrightly and decisively

We’ve Gotten Used to Terror

On average, every 2 1/2 hours there is an attempted terror murder here. Every day or two a ‘success’

Eyal/Gilad/Naftali/Klinghoffer: The New Blood Libel

Leon Klinghoffer's daughters: "‘Klinghoffer’ is justified as ‘a work of art’...This is an outrage.”

TikTok-Inspired ‘Attack-a-Jew’ Posts Built on Everything that’s Come Before

We must recognize the phenomenon for what it is—not an evil born of of any social-media or other platform, nor a political protest of any kind—but anti-, plain and simple.

Nobel Prize Winner Tries to Make the Case for BDS — and Fails Spectacularly

George Smith's obtuse analogies and perpendicular parallels may lead some to question if he is a genius or a dunce.

Five Lessons From The Golan

History will reflect kindly upon President Trump’s recognition of Israeli sovereignty over the Golan.

France and the Dilemma of Aliyah

From G-d's pledging the land of Israel to the Patriarchs it's been the focus of Jewish consciousness

Establish a Coronavirus Citizens’ Volunteer Force

An accelerating sense of crisis now engulfs our society. As the impact of Coronavirus deepens and the death toll mounts, the scale of the emergency is unprecedented in peacetime

When My Father Fought The Anti-Semites In Lodz: A Brief Tribute on his Yahrzeit...

In the Thirties it was common for anti-Semites to call on Jews to “go to Palestine!”

The Peace Process That Never Was

I've written it before and I'll write it again: It's time to unleash the IDF in its full might and glory - particularly the Israeli Air Force, just as we Americans used our amazing air power in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Acosta’s Resignation May Result in More Losses for Prosecutors

In the post-Acosta world, prosecutors will bring cases to trial even if the likelihood of a conviction is questionable, as it was in the Epstein case. The result of this change will be more trials, more crowded courtroom dockets and fewer convictions. That is not good for defendants, victims or for the rule of law.

A Dean of America’s Intellectual Pro-Israel fighters has died

Edward Alexander, the Jewish scholar and author who passed away last week at age 84, was called “Seattle’s Jeremiah" by his hometown newspaper. An Israeli publication once hailed him as “Jewry’s premier polemicist.” For more than half a century, Alexander fought for Israel and the Jewish people in the trenches of the battlefield of ideas.

My Brother’s Sleeper

Despite official documents and voting rights, the U.S. no longer sees a Jew in Israel as one of its citizens.

The Evyatar Outpost: Israel’s New Pioneers

The establishment of the Evyatar outpost is a direct continuation of the activist pioneering ethos that the Yishuv leadership developed during the Arab riots of 1936-39, and that has long been lost to considerable parts of the Israeli political establishment.

Europe Reverts To Anti-Semitic Form

Perfidious and hypocritical as it is, Europe claims the high moral ground for itself

And Now for Something Completely Different: Passover in Azerbaijan

"I already ordered three or four cows and hundreds of chickens."

Why I am voting against Donna Edwards for the US Senate

Edwards is rated #4 by the Arab-American Institute for her pro-Palestine pro-Arab voting record.

What Does Tzara’at Teach Us About Covid-19?

Rav Hirsch notes that “nega” comes from the root meaning “touch.” A person who has a nega has been “touched” by G-d and is being asked to take note of something.

V’Nahafoch Hu: Tips For Eating From Megillas Esther

Some tips from Megillas Esther that can help with compulsive eating, and in general with behaviors we would like to modify. But remember, have a freilichen Purim!

Moshe Feiglin on Trump: If Israel Will be for Israel, All Will be Good

When Israel is for itself, the US will be for Israel. When Israel works against itself, the US will follow suit

Once Is An Error, Twice Is A Pattern, Three Times Is A Habit

The revelers’ desire to be understood in context is only fair, but what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

Are You A Clueless Defeatist?

There is some confusion these days over who is really in favor of peace, who is still clueless, who is a defeatist, and who has failed to learn anything at all about the Middle East conflict over the past 20 years.

Worst Of Times

The Times was untroubled by conflicting information, such as the fact that, except in emergencies, Palestinian Arabs moved freely in the West Bank on virtually any road and even across the Green Line prior to September 2000, which marked the launching of the new terror campaign against Israel.

You Can Always Count On Them

They’re everywhere. Literally everywhere with 4,000 locations spanning big cities, small towns, and suburbs throughout the US and in more than 60 countries around the world. Which multi-national is it?

American Jewish Heritage Month: Jewish Contributions to the World War One

Of the approximately 225,000 Jews who served in the US armed forces stateside and in Europe, 1,100 were cited for valor. Three Jewish soldiers received the Congressional Medal of Honor.

Arab Youth Survey Finds Middle East View ISIS As a Bigger Obstacle Than Israel

Pollsters asked Palestinians “What is the #1 obstacle facing the Middle East?” Israel placed only #4

Why Feiglin is anti-Theocracy

Zehut believes the truest way to attract non-observant Jews to Jewish observance is by giving them the freedom to choose.

A Nation in Freefall

Israeli hasbara too can be described at best as pathetic, at worst non existent.

The Case For Kerry

While Judaism stresses that we should diligently guard our health the Bush administration has weakened regulations designed to protect our health and safety.

Are ‘The Sleepers’ Awakening? Reasons Why Jews Should Arm Themselves Now!

Should a shul's protection include a 12-gauge shotgun and someone trained to know how to use it?


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