The Loss of Eli-Moshe Zimbalist HY”D

Last night, Aviel, my 17 year old, called me to tell me the heart-wrenching news. “Eli Moshe has died.”

Thomas Friedman’s Misguided Trade of Crushing Hamas for Saudi relations

The columnist is a master of the journalistic technique of interviewing people who agree with him and then quoting them to “prove” his views are correct.

Now is the Time for Choosing

What is important now is for all of us, all of us who … cherish our values and our civilization to stand up together and to say: Enough is enough,” said Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The Biden Administration’s War Against the Government of Israel

Before Oct. 7, rioters demanded the overthrow of Netanyahu’s coalition due to its “anti-democratic” policies and “corruption.” The new rallying cry is to free the hostages.

Handled With Holiness

One of the rabbis at Shura explained that they sanctified themselves through their death and need no further purification. Their blood and the clothing in which they died are left to awaken G-d’s attribute of mercy.

Israel Must Remember That America Has Not Won a Serious War in 80 Years

It is false morality to cry for the children of Gaza killed inadvertently while Israel targets Hamas-ISIS murderers and, as collateral damage, unavoidably kills Hamas’s human shields. A war must be won

Today I Saw Evil

This is what a satanic act looks like: bright, metallic, swinging with ease across the sky.

There Will be No Civil War in Israel

Because the right never threatens to turn over the board and walk away from the game.

A New Road Brings New Joy and Deep Concern

Opening the new Road 60 wasn't supposed to bar Jews from the old road.

The (Jewish) Empress Has No Clothes

A Jewish marriage is between a man and a woman and with God, Who is a full partner in the creation of our children.

‘303 Creative’ Protects a Little Kosher Bakery from an Alphabet Soup of Peeved Letters

Thanks to the heroes who brought their fight to the United States Supreme Court, resulting in the great 303 Creative victory, a small kosher bakery now has a chance to keep being heimish

Rabbi Leo Dee: Ordinary Arabs Silently Thank Allah for the Jenin Operation

Jenin has become a center for terror - the IDF is wise and brave to enter and eliminate it

Haym Salomon: Remembering a Founding Father on Independence Day

Haym Solomon, overlooked hero of the Revolutionary War, was America's "Funding Father."

The Biggest American Chareidi Community in Israel

The premier destination for American hareidim in Israel

Why They Hate Israel

A new poll has found that the overwhelming majority of Palestinian Authority Arabs support terrorism against Israel and regard terrorists as heroes. The question is why—and the answer is easy to find.

A Lesson for Conservatives in Israel and Hungary

Hungarians have learnt the lesson: if you lead a successful conservative government, no matter what, you end up receiving heavy criticism from the mainstream liberal media.

63 & 23: The Jewish Press And Rabbi Sholom Klass

Many a morning as I was getting ready for school, Dad would come home to daven and then back to work he went. I don’t know when he slept or ate, but he never missed his prayers.

MK Simcha Rothman: 6 Facts About our Right to Choose Amendment

This legislation has no special connection to the LGBT, just as it has no special connection to Islam, or to skin color.

EU’s Secret Palestinian Building Plan for Area C

The EU plan to help the PA build in Area C is an egregious violation of the Oslo Accords.

Modern Orthodoxy’s Moral Failure

The fate of our children’s children rests with us – with whether we surrender the legacy of our forefathers for a little temporary convenience, or whether we stand proud and strong in the face of the storms to come.

‘KHAN’t Touch This’: The Ridiculous Saga of Khan al-Ahmar the Untouchable

Although Israel’s High Court has ruled six times that the contested area must be evacuated, our leaders avoid following through.

Why is the Flawed Palestinian Cause So Prominent on the Hard Left?

Why does the Palestinian cause get so much attention, when there are much more compelling causes around the world?

Clarifying Abortion In Halacha – And Reasons Not To Favor Overturning Roe V. Wade

These disparate positions make it unsurprising that poskim are divided about precisely which prohibition is violated when terminating a Jewish woman’s pregnancy and also result in significant differences in the circumstances in which they permit abortion.

Abortion And Jewish Public Policy

No law can address every situation. Some people will be adversely affected by any law.

8 Points I Repeat Every Seder, All of Them I stole from Others, Time...

As one gets older, one notices that every Passover Seder one repeats about the same notions at specific spots while one's family don't seem to mind.

On the Shockingly Skewed LGBT Survey Sent to Efrat Residents

The survey itself is skewed, written in a style that clearly wants to advance identifying publicly with flags representing grave sins. This is dishonest and unethical in itself.

My Father, Rabbi Sholom Klass, 22 Years

Moish Inker said that you had a photographic mind and everything about you was Torah.

EVIDENCE: Radical Leftists Pay Palestinians to Destroy Jewish Property in Judea

The Arabs do not accept the concept of state land. From their perspective, everything is theirs. I feel like we are the sheep and the Arabs are the wolves, preying on every piece of land that there is here.

Especially During COVID, Israel MUST be a Home for ALL Jews

By imposing discriminatory entry prohibitions, the Israeli government is being derelict in its duty. A Jewish country does not shut its gates to other Jews, especially in times of trouble.


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