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Trying to Understand Yet ANOTHER Ridiculous Anti-Israel Boycott

Targeting the Jewish State—the lone oasis of Academic Freedom in The Mid East—is just plain obscene.

Chanukah and Our Modern State of Israel

Chanukah, when you think about it, really doesn’t make much sense; What EXACTLY are we celebrating?

The Slippery Slope of the Duma Case

"I believe the interrogators have crossed boundaries and red lines... these dark days for civil rights in Israel."

A Tragic War With No End In Sight

The only answer to brute force by evil & depraved fanatics is brute force by the good guys

Chanukah – A Different Kind Of Festival

The Hanuka miracle is an eternal beacon of light transcending the transitory nature of human events

My Father’s Maoz Tzur

Growing up, the highlight of our Chanukah was joining father as he masterfully sang his Maoz Tzur.

Klal Yisrael’s Wedding, Klal Yisrael’s Heart

We brought to the Litman wedding a special gift: A banner signed by 5,000 in the Baltimore community

GET Going

The Get is a weapon available to only one side of the dispute and therefore should never be withheld


Formerly, bombs, guns and tanks defined war; now we know a kitchen knife can be a weapon of war.

Calling their Bluffs

Israel needs to put the PA out of the delegitimization/demonization and incitement business-now

The Genocidal 72 Percent

A recent Research Center poll shows 72% of Arabs living in Yesha & Gaza favor the Stabbing Intifada

Two Days After San Bernardino Obama’s On TV Spewing Climate’s Bigger Threat Than Terror

According to Obama, the world needs most to fear Global Climate Change, NOT Islamic terrorism.

What Can Be Done When A Jewish Leader Fails?

Roosevelt promised to do or say something and never once did he either utter a word or take action.

Mesorah: The Gift And The Responsibility

Hanukah reminds us of the challenges in Galus. How we understand & react to Galus defines us as Jews

A Leading Haredi Rabbi’s Revealing Words

A Rosh Yeshiva felt 60% don't belong in yeshiva after a few years & should do national service/work

Maharats Are Here To Stay – But Where Is ‘Here’?

In 2010 RCA voted unanimously on a resolution against female ordination. That opinion hasn't changed

Neigh, I Say!

Responding to an anti-Israel nag!

5 Reasons Not to Spare “Neutralized” Terrorists

After Schalit, every terrorist sitting in an Israeli prison encourages the kidnapping of Israelis

The ‘Pea of Victimization’ Under Twenty Campus Mattresses

On over 60 college campuses across America students have submitted audacious lists of demands


Comrades, it's time we define micro-treasons & begin to take serious action against them.

Can We Drop the Random?

Please Mr. Kerry, drop the “random acts of violence” rubbish terrorists know exactly who they target

Ezra Schwartz and Trayvon Martin.

I'd love to quote Obama on Ezra Schwartz but there's nothing on record from the Pres on the incident

Useful Idiots Who Support BDS – And The Rabbis Who Love Them

There are many debatable issues in the Jewish community; endorsing a boycott of Israel is not one.

The “TV Dinner” Model of National Ethnic Non-Integration

In America, the immigrant experience is a blending of cultures, while distinctions are maintained.

The Irrelevance Of It All

The "Women Rabbis" issue is completely irrelevant to the current state of Jews&Judaism in the world.

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