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Collecting For One Cause, Using The Money For Another

"What's the difference?" said the treasurer. "Let each person think he is a sponsor. No one knows who donated first!"

Daf Yomi

To Him Shall You Hearken 'One Who Offers Nowadays…' (Zevachim 107b)

Daf Yomi

In The Privy 'Rav Quotes Elazar ben Rabbi Shimon' (Zevachim 102b)

Daf Yomi

A Saline Solution 'Its Soaking Is Its Laundering' (Zevachim 94b)

When A Relative Can Serve As A Judge

"A qualified expert can annul a vow on his own," replied Rabbi Dayan. "However, no one is an expert nowadays, so that we need a panel of three, like a beis din."

(Un)fair Usage

"You had the home for all of July," reasoned Mr. Wolf. "It's only fair that we should have it for the remainder of August."

Daf Yomi

Even Eruv Tavshillin ‘One Might Have Thought That We Remove The Tendons…’ (Zevachim 86a)

When The Videographer Is Two Hours Late

"The videographer called and said he was in an accident," replied the Mr. Schott. "Thank G‑d nothing serious, but it delayed him two hours. He'll be here in 10 minutes."

Two Bites At The Apple (Shulchan Aruch, Choshen Mishpat 79:10)

A litigant is allowed to explain what he said in court provided his explanation clarifies his initial statement rather than contradict it.

Daf Yomi

A Matter Of Doubt ‘When You Make [Four] Applications…’ (Zevachim 80a)

Daf Yomi

A Light Mixup ‘Anything That Is Counted…’ (Zevachim 73a)

Daf Yomi

The Fat of the Land 'Only Those Whose Chelev Are Forbidden…' (Zevachim 70a)

A No-Show

"They ordered a serving for you," his wife pointed out. "If you don't go, you’re causing them a loss. At least send a gift to cover the serving."

Who Is A Liar? (Shulchan Aruch, Choshen Mishpat 79:9)

Accordingly, when the defendant changes his general denial in court that he never owed the plaintiff anything before witnesses contradict him, the court will not assume he is lying.

Purposeful Purchase

Mr. Landau decided to consult with Rabbi Dayan. "Is the sale invalid because I meant all-leather?" he asked.

Daf Yomi

A Matter Of Merit 'They Added Four Amos' (Zevachim 61b)

Daf Yomi

Two Talleisim ‘The Residue Of The Blood He Spills…’ (Zevachim 51a)

Daf Yomi

A Necessary Prelude? ‘Intentions Of Korbanos’ (Zevachim 46b)

Handwritten Admissions (Choshen Mishpat 79:7-8)

The rule with respect to a chashud al hashevuah is that the right to take an oath is transferred to the plaintiff.

Daf Yomi

Reaching One’s Objective ‘The One In Thought And The Other Silently’ (Zevachim 41b)

Butter Barter

"We have a container of cream cheese, but we'd rather have butter," said Mrs. Miller. "They're worth about the same. If you give me butter, I'll give you cream cheese."

Can A Rabbi Younger Than 40 Issue Halachic Rulings? A Case Study From 16th-Century...

Around 1552, leading rabbis in Egypt issued a cherem against people using rabbinic judges not approved by official channels.

Daf Yomi

Call To Alms ‘Having Declared It A Burnt Offering, He Rethought…’ (Zevachim 30a)

Contradicted By A Piece Of Paper (Choshen Mishpat 79:6)

There is no defense to a claim based on a properly-drawn up promissory note signed by witnesses who testify that the signatures on the note are theirs or whose signatures have been confirmed by the court comparing them to signatures it has on file.


"The Rema writes that if there are two groups, each group is entitled to half, even though one group may have more members than the other," replied Rabbi Dayan.


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