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‘For The Sake Of Jerusalem…’

Secularists worshiping universalism & democratic ideal find themselves embarrassed by a Jewish state

A Ray Of Light Behind The Clouds

When I was asked "Where was G-d during the Holocaust?" I responded, "Where was man?"

The New Melanies

Professors and fellow students have poisoned many young Jewish minds against their faith and Israel.

Chesed And Rachamim In Our Lives

How do we become people of chesed & rachamim? By taking action and following the dictates of Torah

To Pray As One

What a magnificent day, praying as one with Am Yisrael, the devotion that has kept our people alive

The Joy And Challenge Of Yom Tov

Sukkos is the Yom Tov regarding which it is written “You shall be very happy.”

The Power In Your Home

Nothing said pertaining to Torah is in vain, even if it seems not to have struck an immediate chord.

Yom Tov In The Home

I asked my kids where they’d be spending RH, all the answers were MEALS, NO one mentioned davening

The Little Shofar Of Bergen-Belsen

Rosh Hashanah arrived and shofar was blown in Bergen Belsen. The sound revived us-we trembled & wept

The Jewish Love Affair (Elul)

Consider how our Heavenly Father feels when He sees His children adopting all other parents but Him

The Jewish Love Affair

Elul expresses the eternal almost incomprehensibly loving bond connecting Jews to HaShem

Time To Reach Out To Our Father (Conclusion)

Sadly, Jews refuse to embrace Torah & our unique role, and try to be like all the other nations

Time To Reach Out To Our Father

Anti-Zionism, today's anti-Semitism, has gone viral, tragically supported globally & by many Jews

Zaidie Is Not Here (Part Five)

The Jewish home was once a mikdash me’at. We must recreate that sanctuary to restore shalom bayis.

Zaidie Is Not Here (Part Four)

In contemporary society, most souls are undernourished to the point of “neshamah anorexia.”

Zaidie Is Not Here (Part Three)

Money comes and goes but its love, commitment, warmth, and kindness that make a family a family.

Zaidie Is Not Here (Part Two)

To my dismay, I've seen that shidduch candidates with money become ALL desirable traits for marriage

Zaidie Is Not Here

Zaidie’s legacy of smiles and loving words was all but buried with him, now the family fights over $

Three Worlds – And All Madness (Part Two)

Jews are again confronted by enemies threatening us. Whom are we to turn to? Hashem, our Father

Three Worlds – And All Madness

"Rebbetzin are you implying barbarism's again threatening us?" I replied "No-I’m saying it outright”

The Jewish Tragedy

Simple source of Jewish power: Hashem. “Simple” because we need only recognize it and it will appear

The Jewish Tragedy (Part Two)

Jewish survival in a dysfunctional world requires women assuming the role Hashem gave them at Sinai

The Jewish Tragedy

The “Jewish tragedy” I'm referring to is a disease that afflicts our generation: Spiritual Blindness

Asking For Blessings

“Look at Your children–not demanding material things like most children, but requesting a berachah!”

The Sanctity Of Time

In every generation is the challenge to purge the culture of our exile from our minds and our hearts

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