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Zaidie Is Not Here (Part Two)

To my dismay, I've seen that shidduch candidates with money become ALL desirable traits for marriage

Zaidie Is Not Here

Zaidie’s legacy of smiles and loving words was all but buried with him, now the family fights over $

Three Worlds – And All Madness (Part Two)

Jews are again confronted by enemies threatening us. Whom are we to turn to? Hashem, our Father

Three Worlds – And All Madness

"Rebbetzin are you implying barbarism's again threatening us?" I replied "No-I’m saying it outright”

The Jewish Tragedy

Simple source of Jewish power: Hashem. “Simple” because we need only recognize it and it will appear

The Jewish Tragedy (Part Two)

Jewish survival in a dysfunctional world requires women assuming the role Hashem gave them at Sinai

The Jewish Tragedy

The “Jewish tragedy” I'm referring to is a disease that afflicts our generation: Spiritual Blindness

Asking For Blessings

“Look at Your children–not demanding material things like most children, but requesting a berachah!”

The Sanctity Of Time

In every generation is the challenge to purge the culture of our exile from our minds and our hearts

Medallions And Miracles

His mother called “Yoni, Yoni!” Her eyes, a moment earlier dark with pain, shone with joy and hope

‘You Were Born Tonight’

Pesach bonds families and generations: "So that you may relate it to your son and your son’s son.

Remember! (Conclusion)

Freedom alone is meaningless, even destructive. What Moshe said was, “Let my people go to serve G-d”

Remember! (Part Two)

You smuggled tefillin into the camp? How can they help? Every day men risked their lives to use them


Amalek's hate never dies; its descendants are eternal & omnipresent; Hashem is our only protection

Root Causes And A Call For Unity

Rather than rationalize satanic evil let's name the enemy; no more psychobabble!

Purim In Real Time

To the glee of all Israel haters it was Netanyahu who was accused of endangering US-Israel relations

The Way Of Loving-Kindness

The way we must to relate to our young adult children is to communicate with genuine loving-kindness

A Life Of Loving-Kindness And Prayer

I try to be observant, davening daily, but it hasn't awakened my heart or my mind or changed my life

The Jewish Crisis (Part II)

Pirkei D’Rabbi Eliezer writes, before Messiah terror will come from Ishmael, widely identified Islam

The Jewish Crisis

France allowed Islamists to flourish despite their loyalty to Islamic sharia law not French values

Reply To ‘I’m Not A Crisis’ (Part II)

The tenderest description of the husband/wife relationship is "re’im v’ahuvim/loving, kind friends"

Reply To ‘I’m Not A Crisis’

More than beauty, money or anything else it's simchas hachaim creating a stunning shidduch candidate

‘I’m Not A Crisis’

“Surely,” my family insisted, “there must be someone suitable for you. You can’t be so picky."

The Gratitude We Owe Police Officers

Shouldn’t we Jews, having experienced the barbarism of many societies, speak support the NYPD?

Prayer Can Do It All

They stammer “I'm not Orthodox,” as if that absolves them from the responsibility of calling to G-d

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