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The Jewish Crisis (Part II)

Pirkei D’Rabbi Eliezer writes, before Messiah terror will come from Ishmael, widely identified Islam

The Jewish Crisis

France allowed Islamists to flourish despite their loyalty to Islamic sharia law not French values

Reply To ‘I’m Not A Crisis’ (Part II)

The tenderest description of the husband/wife relationship is "re’im v’ahuvim/loving, kind friends"

Reply To ‘I’m Not A Crisis’

More than beauty, money or anything else it's simchas hachaim creating a stunning shidduch candidate

‘I’m Not A Crisis’

“Surely,” my family insisted, “there must be someone suitable for you. You can’t be so picky."

The Gratitude We Owe Police Officers

Shouldn’t we Jews, having experienced the barbarism of many societies, speak support the NYPD?

Prayer Can Do It All

They stammer “I'm not Orthodox,” as if that absolves them from the responsibility of calling to G-d

Our Most Powerful But Unused Weapon

Those who reject our beliefs know in their souls Jewish power stems from our faith and our prayers.

The Sun Is Ashamed To Shine

These stricken families of Har Nof, even with their wounds so raw, refuse to abandon Yerushalayim.

Rebbetzin’s Viewpoint

Let us commit to heartfelt prayer, Torah, chesed, and joyous celebration of the 3rd meal of Shabbos

What Are We To Do? (Continued from last week)

Prayer is our language: Hakol kol Yaakov – the voice is the voice of Jacob – the voice of prayer.

What Are We To Do?

It is said, at the end of days before the coming of Mosiach, warfare will take place in our streets

When Art Becomes Evil

When art and evil are intermingled, evil is elevated and made acceptable.

What Shabbos Means To Us

In BB, he said “You, my children are the angels of Shabbos and the licht are your beautiful eyes.”

Yom Tov Challenges: My Response (Part II)

Why does Hebrew refer to mothers-in-law as "sunshine" when society often calls them the opposite?

Yom Tov Challenges: My Response (Part I)

Boundaries must be set in every home. Parents and children are not pals. They are not equals.

Yom Tov Challenges

I'm grateful to Hashem for everything; Just the same, I'd love a joyous Yom Tov without aggravation.

The Guarantors

“We offer you our children, Hashem” responded Am Yisrael. “They will be our surety.”

Yom Tov Memories: The Shofar Of Bergen-Belsen

The call of the shofar is eternal. It is not musical. Its magnetic allurement cannot be explained.

There Are No Coincidences

We recently marked the thirteenth anniversary of 9/11 – that terrible day when the symbols of man’s power and achievement crumbled before our eyes...

Up And Down The Staircase

One of the cornerstones of our Jewish life is chesed, kindness. Chesed can only be taught by example

Kindness Makes Miracles (Continued from Last Week)

e are in a time of serious crisis and must go beyond our present levels of chesed.

Kindness Makes Miracles

“There is nothing new under the sun” is as valid today as it was yesterday.

Still A Nation That Dwells Alone (Continued from Last Week)

The time immediately preceding Mashiach's arrival is likened to the birth pangs of a woman in labor.

Still A Nation That Dwells Alone (Continued from Last Week)

If we regard pain and suffering as mere coincidence, we will feel no motivation to examine our lives

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