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Rejuvenation: An Agricultural Revolution

Rejuvenation: An Agricultural Revolution [audio]

From the current drought, the U.N. vote on Jerusalem, the land of Israel and much more today on Rejuvenation Eve Harow.

Rejuvenation: CAMERA – Exposing Fiction [audio]

The free press is not free to lie. Eve Harow interviews board members of CAMERA a media-monitoring organization devoted to promoting accurate and balanced coverage of Israel and the Middle East.

Rejuvenation: Through the Lens of Israel [audio]

Eve Harow interviews photographer Rebecca Kowalsky about her project to capture every day Israeli life.
Rejuvenation: From Netzarim to Ariel

Rejuvenation: From Netzarim to Ariel [audio]

Tammuz is about choices, and we have precedents of mistaken ones. Do we learn from them- or repeat them? Eve Harow speaks with Tami Zilbershein who was expelled from her home in Gush Katif in 2005 about the challenges and opportunities that have accompanied the last 13 years today on Rejuvenation.

Rejuvenation: So What’s Due to our Actions and What’s a Miracle? [audio]

When you educate others you teach yourself, as they learn - so do you. On today's Rejuvenation Eve Harow reflects on a very intense week, from her guiding tours to the US elections.

Rejuvenation: Time is of the Essence [audio]

Should January 1st be the first day of the new year for non-Christians? The footprints of Babylonian gods, Roman emperors, Byzantine popes and Talmudic rabbis impact when we celebrate birthdays and holidays in modernity. Dr. Hagi Amitzur joins Eve Harow to discuss calendars and time on today's Rejuvenation

Rejuvenation: The Tree Huggers of Yehuda and Shomron [audio]

At the very peak of their dormancy, we celebrate the birthday for trees during the month of Shvat. A lesson in recognizing what lies beneath, the hidden potential in humans and the goodness that in the right conditions busts forth on Rejuvenation with Eve Harow
Rejuvenation: The Skeptic and the Rabbi

Rejuvenation: The Skeptic and the Rabbi [audio]

While in Los Angeles Eve Harow spoke with author Judy Gruen about her new book ‘The Skeptic and the Rabbi’ about her path to a more observant Jewish lifestyle many years ago, today on Rejuvenation.

Rejuvenation: A Bible with Bling [audio]

The biggest book in the smallest form! Nano Bible is a way to literally wear your heart on your chest. Eve Harow, host of Rejuvenation, speaks with Nemo Gindi of The Nes Group about what inspired him to put God into his creations via hi-tech.

Rejuvenation: You’re Such an Israeli. Yes, I am. Thank you! [audio]

What- if anything- can be done to save non Orthodox American Jewry from completely assimilating? Editor of The Tower Magazine Dr. David Hazony joins Eve Harow on Rejuvenation.

Rejuvenation: Ken Spiro: No Time like the Present [audio]

This era is unique due to the overwhelming flow of information. Historian Ken Spiro joins Eve Harow​ today on Rejuvenation and share's his thoughts on Israel, the West and more.

Rejuvenation: 21st Century Spirit in the Sand: From Gaza to Halutza [audio]

What happened to those Jews who lost their homes when Israel left Gaza in 2005? Yedidya Harush speaks with Eve Harow about the new towns they built in the Halutza Sand Dunes on Israel’s southern border in the corner of Gaza and Sinai on Rejuvenation with Eve Harow on The Land of Israel Network.

Rejuvenation: The Spirit of Gush Katif [audio]

It's been 11 years since the expulsion from Gush Katif and Northern Shomron. Where are the 2000 families now? This week on Rejuvenation with Eve Harow on The Land of Israel Network.
Rejuvenation: Religious Zionism - Is the Best Yet to Come?

Rejuvenation: Religious Zionism – Is the Best Yet to Come? [audio]

How can we continue Jewish tradition while engaging with the modern world and providing role models for young people exposed to too many alternatives. Rabbi Reuven Taragin joins Eve Harow today on Rejuvenation.

Rejuvenation: Hearing about Healing; Flower Power [audio]

Learn about the healing elements in nature; especially flowers. Today on Rejuvenation Eve Harow interviews holistic expert Devorah Harow who uses the energy of plants and place to transform people’s lives.

Rejuvenation: How about an 8 State Solution? [audio]

He has a plan that works with the culture of the Middle East and not the unnatural will of the West. Eve Harow interviews Dr. Mordechai Kedar, one of Israel’s premier Arab experts, about his very original plan to solve the Israeli and Palestinian issue on today's Rejuvenation.

Rejuvenation: A Jewish Mother and a Catholic Father [audio]

Dominican priest Erik Ross joins Eve Harow from Poland. listen as they struggle together with tough questions and more on Rejuvenation on The Land of Israel Network.

Rejuvenation: Purple Carrots and Flying Strawberries [audio]

While on the "Salad Trail" Eve Harow met Uri Alon who teaches Israelis and tourists about vegetables, fruits and herbs - carrots in a rainbow of colors, smokin’ hot peppers and edible flowers are just some of the tastes and smells. Listen in to hear more.

Rejuvenation: Beyond the Jerusalem Papyrus Debate [audio]

Biblical Archaeology expert Professor Shmuel Ahituv discusses with Eve Harow the incredibly rare find of the ‘Jerusalem Papyrus.' Who knows what else awaits discovery in the arid Judean Desert? On this weeks Rejuvenation on The Land of Israel Network.

Rejuvenation: Chewing on Onomastics [audio]

What’s in a Jewish Name? What do our names say about us; our culture, our religiosity, our country, our gender, the language in which we communicate? Eve Harow speaks with Professor Aaron Demsky today on Rejuvenation.
Rejuvenation: The Whole is Greater than the Sum of its Partition

Rejuvenation: The Whole is Greater than the Sum of its Partition [audio]

Today on Rejuvenation Eve Harow reflects on lessons imparted, lessons learned and her joy upon returning home after spending 2 weeks in the US.
Rejuvenation: Never Ending Stories of WWII

Rejuvenation: Never Ending Stories of WWII [audio]

While at Limmud UK Eve Harow spoke with Antony Lishak about his organization ‘Learning from the Righteous’ which will be commemorating Irena Sendler throughout 2018.

Rejuvenation: Down in the Dirt: Fast Days and Fast Balls [audio]

Play ball! Eve Harow interviews a variety of people beginning with Peter Kurz, who heads the IAB - Israel Association of Baseball . Listen to Major League Baseball players Jon Moscot, pitcher for the Cincinnati Reds, Corey Baker, St. Louis Cardinals, and Josh Zeid, Houston Astros representing Team Israel in the World Baseball Classic in March in Korea.

Rejuvenation: I See Fire. Do I See Rain? [audio]

An element of nature can be used to create or destroy. Eve Harow reflects on the fires raging all over Israel on today's Rejuvenation on The Land of Israel Network.
Rejuvenation: Are You from Former Iberian Jews?

Rejuvenation: Are You from Former Iberian Jews? [audio]

Spanish and Portuguese Jewish Communities had to endure centuries of forced conversions to Christianity, and dispersion. Now there are attempts at reconnecting millions of people to their Jewish roots. Eve Harow interviews Ashley Perry-Perez, Director General of the Knesset Caucus for the Reconnection with the Descendants of Spanish and Portuguese Jewish Communities.


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