Photo Credit: IDF
IDF's Unmanned Hummer currently in development

The Defense Ministry’s Administration for Weapons Development unveiled a panoply of state-of-the-art military hardware Tuesday, based on advanced technology.

Earlier this summer the IDF released a neat little video to the public showing off its new Unmanned Hummer. So far it can only travel three miles, but engineers are working on extending its range. It’s useful to troops in very dangerous areas.


All are expected to be integrated into service within the IDF in the next several years, changing the way in which Israel fights its various battles.

Among the new developments were a smart rifle that discharges only after it locks on to a target, which is intended to cut down on collateral injuries and deaths. It has already been handed to the IDF but has yet to be declared operational.

A firing drone is in the testing phase; it’s small and uses a small-arms system similar to a hand-gun or assault rifle in a way similar to a flying sniper. Easier and quicker than sending a soldier, and safer than putting live troops in the way of the enemy.

Another drone being tested is the “copter drone” or Yasuron, which can carry up to 180 kilos and fly up to 150 kilometers per hour for a distance of eight kilometers. This is useful for units in the field who need supplies – more ammunition, food, water, fuel for their vehicles – you name, the Yasuron can bring it.

Also joining the weaponry will be unmanned undersea vehicles (UUV) — tiny submarines that can be used for scanning and mapping. The UUV is being developed together with Ben Gurion University and will cost two-thirds less than its closest competitor overseas. A larger version – the “Caesaron” – will be used to gather intelligence.

The Carmel armored transport vehicle was showcased as well: available as an APC, a tank and as a heavy engineering vehicle, this is the smaller, faster armored vehicle that can be operated by two soldiers instead of four. It’s the Next Generation with cloaking technology or “transparent armor” to make it invisible, with a silent electric propulsion system under enemy radar – mostly at night. As with submarines, there will be an unmanned version of the Carmel as well. It’s not yet operational, according to the IDF.


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