Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas accused Israel on Wednesday of escalating violence and trying to block the “peace process” by killing terrorists.

The IDF on Wednesday shot and killed two Palestinian Authority Arabs, one of them who was on the payroll of the PA security forces, after they shot at soldiers trying to arrest an Islamic and a Hamas terrorist.


Abbas’ spokesman Nabil Abu Rdeneh charged Israel with carrying out a “dangerous…escalation” that will bring negotiations to a dead end,” which is where they have been ever since they resumed in July.




  1. Surely, Netanyahu must have known that the terrorist leader, Abbas, was not interested in peace with Israel.
    Unfortunately, he has Obama, B ritain etc on his side.
    By his latest "condemnation" of Israel for fighting Islamc terrorism, shows that he does not want peacve, only to glorify murderers of Israelis.
    IS there any diffence between arch terroristm Arafat and Abbas?

  2. No difference between terrorists. Unfortunately the current US administration is led by an anti-zionist who has joined the European leaders, most of whom are also anti-semites. They are doing the dirty work for the PA terrorists.

  3. don't mix into our affairs. We have no cause to keep your derelicts in a live of luxury so oyu can delay your payments to your murders, abbass. Since you allow for exterminators to kill roaches in your homes, we have the same right to kill your roaches who attack Israel.

  4. That's hilarious!!!! In other words….We can kill you BUT you can't kill us or no peace talks…..HAHAHAHAHA!!!! How ludicrous and childishly arrogance. I can't believe the PA can say that with a straight face. They must be kidding….ain't gonna happen Abbas

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