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Graffiti found in Orthodox San Antonia, Texas neighborhood.

A San Antonio, Texas Orthodox Jewish community found itself covered in anti-Semitic graffiti on Wednesday, Aug. 12. The vandalism apparently took place overnight.

The local police department said that more than 30 cars, homes, buildings and other structures were spray painted with graffiti which included swastikas, “KKK,” and hateful epithets.


The vandalism took place in the north side of San Antonio, an Orthodox community. The graffiti was found in the blocks surrounding the local synagogue, Rodfei Sholom.

“This is where we walk our children for learning, for synagogue, where families congregate and gather to strengthen their relationship with God and with one another,” Winslow Swart, a board member at Rodfei Sholom, told My San

Pastor John Hagee of Christians United for Israel made his way to Rodfei Sholom as soon as he heard of the incident. Hagee said he has been friends with the rabbi of Rodfei Sholom for over 34 years.

“I came over immediately because in this city Christians and Jews are united like no other city in the United States of America. An attack on the synagogue is an attack on every Christian church in this city,” Hagee said, urging San Antonio residents and law enforcement to do everything they can to bring those responsible to justice.

“We consider this anti-Semitic attack an attack an assault on both Christians and Jews,” Hagee said in an email. “This act of hatred is an affront on all people of faith. Anti-Semitism is an abomination and we must unequivocally confront it whenever and wherever it is found.”

“This criminal and cowardice act has no place in any Texas community,” said Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick in a statement.

“I denounce the religious persecution that has taken place and I am confident the San Antonio Police Department will find those responsible for the delinquency and hold them accountable.”



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  1. I grew up in Texas, and I can tell you (Via personal experience) that Anti Semitism has always been the norm.

    In the 60's and 70's I can still remember exceptionally bigoted teachers signalling me out (when my mother told them that I was 'not' allowed to go their christian services on Sunday (to 'save' my soul)) and telling other students not to associate with me.

    I can also remember their anger and bigotry when I asked them to work on assignments ahead of time as I would not be in class for Rosh Hashonah or Yom Kipper.

    I remember all too well being 'stoned' by my 'fellow students' … while the Public school teachers turned their backs, and walked away 'laughing'. Then screaming their heads of as I ran into the school to escape the rocks being thrown at me.

    I did have one Jewish Teacher. She said everything that was happening to me was my fault. It wasn't. Nor was it 'my fault' when her sorry butt was fired less than one year later for 'unspecified' reasons. ..(the teachers later 'bragged' (within ear shot of the students – myself included) that they threw the K*KE out).

    My point of my post is to show that Anti Semitism not only happened in Texas; it 'thrived' and it is still 'thriving'.

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