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March 2, 2015 / 11 Adar , 5775
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5 Dead, 14 Injured as Tourist Bus Explodes Near Eilat

The Taba border crossing (archival image).

The Taba border crossing (archival image).
Photo Credit: Yossi Zamir/Flash90

A tourist bus standing about 50 meters south of the Taba border crossing between Israel and Egypt, on the Egyptian side, exploded Sunday afternoon. Israeli EMT ambulances from the nearby city of Eilat have rushed to the scene of the explosion, which was initially declared by MDA to be a mass casualty event.

Al Ahram quotes Security sources who say that 4 Korean tourists are dead and at least 14 others injured (down from an originally estimated 27 injured), of different nationalities, who were on the bus when it exploded. There were 30 tourists on the bus.

This number killed has now been updated to 5 confirmed dead, which includes the Egyptian driver,

The bus was on its way to Israel at the time, after visiting St. Catherine’s monastery in the Sinai.

There are conflicting reports if the tourist bus was hit by a missile or if a bomb was planted in the front of the bus. The governor of Southern Sinai Khaled Fouda said he suspects there was a bomb at the front of the bus, but he stresses he can’t be sure.

The Israeli police released a statement that there were no Israelis on the bus. The IDF said that the Egyptians are handling the rescue operation.

Egypt has been fighting Islamic Jihad and al Qaeda related terrorists in the Sinai.

Al Ahram describes a pattern of bombings and assassination attempts that has been growing since the ouster of Islamist president Mohamed Morsi last July. Morsin is currently on trial in Egypt for espionage and assisting Islamic terrorists commit terror attacks against Egypt.

In 2004, a bomb blast at a Hilton Hotel in Taba killed 31 people.

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37 Responses to “5 Dead, 14 Injured as Tourist Bus Explodes Near Eilat”

  1. =

    It is Right. It is Just. It is Good.

  2. I'm standing with Israel & Gods own people. Please listen to the You Tube message.

  3. Gods children shall prevail…..

  4. AC Stubbs says:


  5. And Morsi was the man that Obama supported.Just lets you see what kind of man Obama is.He is truly a Muslim Brotherhood supporter.Why cant mainstream America see through this imposter.

  6. Ricardo San Miron says:

    Grow up..

  7. Unfortunately there will be no end to these attacks until it is realized that Sisi must be supported in every way to rid Egypt of the extremist Islamist curse no matter what. Algeria has kept the threat at bay, if not entirely eliminated, for decades. It can be done.

  8. Gil Gilman says:

    Ricardo San Miron You, sir, need to grow up. You could not even spell "too" correctly in the fictitious place of employment taken from the title of a Duran Duran single. Although I do not agree completely with the sentiments to which you saw fit to add your wisdom, surely you could summon up something a little more on topic.

  9. Ricardo San Miron says:

    Gil Gilman .. relax.. I have no idea who is Duran Duran, to much info means just that.., I think it is funny when people bring Obama in the picture for no reason, about politics in the middle east, I fully support Israel as a nation and yes I am retired myself..have a nice day..wherever you are.

  10. unspeakable horror from these braindead savages.

  11. So sorry for the loss of life, and the heartbreak of the family and friends. Hope and pray for recovery for the injured. I pray also for the first responders who will always have those painful memories with them.

  12. Gil Gilman says:

    Ricardo San Miron Now didn't that feel better?

  13. The war goes on and the media remains silent.

  14. Nina Nachmia says:

    human life for them is soil!!

  15. will this madness ever stop?

  16. Ora Cooper says:

    I love your readers! its not the bombers fault its Obama's! right! America's mainstream is comfortable only with the past and afraid of anything different!

  17. Leo Erwin says:


  18. Brian, you are so right. You know why mainstream media won't see through the muslim? Because they don't want to. They are pro-arab, and anti-Israel. He was voted in under Affirmative Action, not because he was the right, qualified man for the job. He hates everything great about America and wants to destroy the great and demean us and minimize our importance in the world arena.

  19. Brian, you are so right. You know why mainstream media won't see through the muslim? Because they don't want to. They are pro-arab, and anti-Israel. He was voted in under Affirmative Action, not because he was the right, qualified man for the job. He hates everything great about America and wants to destroy the great and demean us and minimize our importance in the world arena.

  20. Israel's biggest mistake to give up the Sinai in exchange of peace, Israeli politicians and goverments never lerned what is every day happening with this morons?, for Israel's security and strategy should take over the half of the Sinai peninsula.

  21. As always cowardly terrorist attack law biding tourists. What low life pieces of sh-t.

  22. Muslims kill each other??? And US expects to make peace with them??? That's "stupid" on steroids.

  23. Edward Lobel says:

    perhaps it is you who are are extremely foolish! Obama does not, has not and is not a supporter of the Muslim brotherhood. The elections were held and the brothehood won. No matter how distasteful that is , they were the duly elected and had to be negotiated with. It took a while, but they were thrown out.

  24. Edward Lobel says:

    Irena Davidi Gibson you cannot be that ignorant and stupid that you really believe that the media is pro arab and anti Israel. If you believe he hates everything great about America you need to check yourself into a good insane asylum and the sooner the better before you hurt yourself!

  25. Edward Lobel You are either naive, ignorant of middle east politics and hussein obama's involvement, or at worst his supporter by repeating lies. He is a strong supporter of radical islam everywhere: Iran, Egypt in particular.

  26. Edward Lobel says:

    Maybe using the rule of 100 is the best thing to do!
    The rule of one hundred? For every Jew or tourist they kill, we kill 100!
    After a while they will get the message!

  27. Edward Lobel says:

    Irena Davidi Gibson You are the ignorant Liar. Your insistence that President Obama is a Muslim speaks volumes of your hatred. I am waiting for you to speak the truth because you would not know it if you fell over it. He is NOT A SUPPORTER OF RADICAL ISLAM and just because he does agree with you, does not make you correct. Again you seem to be ignorant of the facts and now everyone else knows it!

  28. Ricardo San Miron this is a political issue. Obama's support for the MB and other Islamist is in large part fueling the efforts to eradicate Israel, emboldening terrorists to attack Israeli civilians, and create a world Caliphate with Sharia rule. Obama's support for Morsi and the MB is why Egypt is seeking ties with Russia. Obama's involvement in Middle Eastern events are very evident. Too bad he is on the wrong side of things.

  29. Ron Kall says:

    Ricardo San Miron Enjoy your retirement! The fact is that obama has shaped all of the middle east with his policy of bringing down all the stabilizing leaders and trying to replace them with the muslim brotherhood. All of which endangers Israel. Not to mention his pushing Israel to commit national suicide with the phony peace process. So, no one is putting obama anywhere for no reason! Got it!

  30. Edward Lobel says:

    Ron Kall you are an ignorant idiot if you think President Obama wants the mb to be in power, That is simply not true and just because you disagree with his policies does not mean your policies are right, because they ae not.

  31. Ricardo San Miron Obama's politics are very much involved and are emboldening those who want to eradicate Israel and eventually create a World Caliphate. Obama's support of Morsi and the MB is why Egypt is now seeking closer ties with Russia. It is Obama administration's bungling policies that are enabling Iran to become a nuclear power and threaten the whole Middle East. It is apparent that Obama is and has been on the wrong side.

  32. WHERE IS G-D?



  33. Ina van der Merwe says:


  34. Edward Lobel says:

    Vladimir Val Cymbal When did UCLA open up a school for terrorist liars? Where did you learn the garbage that you are saying? You need to stop being a bigot and need to know that you are wrong. Just because you think Obama is wrong does not make you right and Vladmir Val Cymbal you are indeed 100% incorrect in your thoughts.

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