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September 16, 2014 / 21 Elul, 5774
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Entire Israeli Cabinet Rejects Kerry’s Proposed Ceasefire, Talks Continue

Bibi's cabinet unanimously rejected Kerry's ceasefire proposal, but still considering 12-hour break.

John Kerry

John Kerry
Photo Credit: Yossi Zamir/Flash 90

As news of some details of the ceasefire deal proposed by U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry emerges, we also learn that the entire cabinet of Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu rejected the proposal.

Some in the Israeli media quoted sources who described Kerry’s proposal as “the Qatari plan, with some ornaments.”

But Kerry continued with his efforts and announced that “we are working towards a brief, seven-day humanitarian ceasefire,” and just a few hours later, Netanyahu made another announcement.

“We agreed to consider a 12-hour ceasefire proposed by U.N.’s Ban ki-Moon,” Netanyahu stated, according to i24 News.

About the Author: Lori Lowenthal Marcus is the US correspondent for The Jewish Press. She is a recovered lawyer who previously practiced First Amendment law and taught in Philadelphia-area graduate and law schools.

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153 Responses to “Entire Israeli Cabinet Rejects Kerry’s Proposed Ceasefire, Talks Continue”

  1. NO BREAK !!! FINISH THEM !!In 12 hours they will reorganize

  2. Do not fall for this idiot.

  3. Good stand your ground

  4. Vermont, USA stands with Israel! Always and Forever!

  5. Olga Pinsky says:

    Kerry, go home! Your BS is not needed in Israel.

  6. i am sure there is far more to it

  7. This cease fire needs to be brokered fairly. Qatar and Turkey are not Israel’s friends. Unfortunately Kerry is too weak to negotiate properly.

  8. Jean Kinney says:


  9. Karen Bryant says:

    Stay committed. Don’t let others dictate to you.

  10. 12 hours for what?… for hamas to relocate rockets and to have time for another plan?

  11. Bibi…God is with u… and Israel nation hope u will do the best for all… God bless Israel…

  12. Why 12 hour break? For what? This is a war not a popularity contest.

  13. See: Psalm 121: 1-2!!!

  14. him and his boss are pro hamas. why should we accept anything they say. it is a trick to harm us

  15. Ceasefire for what???!!! So that they reorganise themselves??? No way!!! We will carry on wiyh our operation…

  16. I do not trust ANYONE who gives Hamas money.

  17. Perry Dortch says:

    Finish Hamas Off….. Don’t allow them to escape! Eradicate them!

  18. Don’t agree – Hamas won’t and we know that already. There is no honor there.

  19. Don’t agree – Hamas won’t and we know that already. There is no honor there.

  20. Jack Pinski says:

    Do not fall for this idiot.

  21. Zak Klein says:

    Great job Israel, don’t listen to lackey Kerry. Keep destroying those terrorists.

  22. Why would any body listen to Kerry, he is a idiot.

  23. Bob Phillips says:

    Why do they even listen to this Kerry fool?

  24. waht did this man proposed, my G—, all the cabinet rejected!

  25. Praying God will give you wisdom knowledge and light your way Bibi. My family stand wt Israel , the chosen people of Holy God.

  26. Emely Silver says:

    What an idiot, he is a poor excuse for a Secretary of State.

  27. Go sale your katchup stupid

  28. Kim Sloan says:

    LMAOi Kerry can’t seem to get it right.

  29. Wow! The entire diverse cabinet!

  30. Rick Lutes says:

    Bibi’s cabinet unanimously rejected Kerry’s ceasefire proposal,
    Do you know how bad something must be for 23 Jews from 6 different Parties to agree on something unanimously?

  31. Marco Singer says:

    Ceasefire, where the Israeli soldiers are in the middle of the operation and in urban area would lead only to losses of IDF soldiers life !

    Already twice agreed ceasefire was broken the Hamas, Fatah & Co. terrorist.

    Hamas chief Hannie said that they would not accept any ceasefire with Israel, so who want & ask for the ceasefire, Obama & Kerry?!

  32. Down with all enemies of Israel!!

  33. A devil of a deal or a deal with the devil??? Remain strong & steadfast Israel!

  34. He proposed that Israel stop destroying tunnels going into Israel. Now I know he has gone around the bend. Stay out of Israels business. They have it covered.

  35. He proposed that Israel stop destroying tunnels going into Israel. Now I know he has gone around the bend. Stay out of Israels business. They have it covered.

  36. Avi Copelan says:

    What would Hilary do?

  37. Diane Hudson says:

    Ashamed that he is in American!

  38. Bibi & his cabinet wants what is good for Israel, kerry hates Israel & knows that a ceasefire would be the end of the Jewish homeland. theguy is an anti-semitic scumbag.

  39. I wouldn’t believe The Viet Nam Traitor..Dishonorably Discharged From The Navy if the sun was out and he told me the sun was shining..He is a lying, two (uber ugly) face Muzzie loving son of a bitch..He just gave Hamas $48 mil of our money!!!

  40. As an American, I’m sorry that Israel is having to deal with this moron and our evil president. Many of us never voted for him and cannot wait until he is gone for good. We are ashamed

  41. Kerry should not be allowed back into Israel.

  42. Izik Izik says:

    Kerry.go home and stay there

  43. Izik Izik says:

    Kerry.go home and stay there

  44. Neeta Green says:

    Watch him !!He is anti Israel.

  45. Neeta Green says:

    Watch him !!He is anti Israel.

  46. Joe Phillips says:

    the time is way over due to get rid of this piece of ****

  47. Stand your ground and don’t listen to Kerry or Obama.

  48. Gal Tamir says:

    Told you so Kerry: take your proposal and SHOVE IT!!

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