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January 17, 2017 / 19 Tevet, 5777
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Explosions Heard in Jerusalem, Residents Run to Bomb Shelters

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Three explosions were heard in Jerusalem as Hamas launched long range rockets at the city, as well as around the country.

This rather annoyed reporter spent way too long in a hot, stuffy bomb shelter.

Jerusalem has opened its bomb shelters.

There are reports that a house was hit in the general area.

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Imported and Older Comments:

  1. Anouk Chava says:

    We pray for your safety here in the Netherlands. We stand with you guys in Israel!

  2. Whenever the israel in danger, God is fighting on their side …

  3. Suzy Baim says:

    May Hashem protect Israel

  4. Albert Levi says:

    Where in jerusalem

  5. Kill them all Philastines today,now,fk United Nations,fk banaki moon impotent.defend youself Israel ,defend now,today.Long live Israel.

  6. Zack Rubin says:

    I guess Jerusalem is not such a holy site for the muslims….

  7. David Brooks says:

    That’s because YOU’RE the human bomb shields for Fatah/Hamas

  8. Other reports say public bomb shelters are being opened, not necessarily in Jerusalem East * could be a typo or improper wording.

  9. Other reports say public bomb shelters are being opened, not necessarily in Jerusalem East * could be a typo or improper wording.

  10. Any chance they can hit that gold domed settlement on top of the Temple Mount???

  11. Any chance they can hit that gold domed settlement on top of the Temple Mount???

  12. Troy Hogan says:

    Nuke the Muslim filth

  13. John Kiguru says:

    give them 2the blldozzers tanks bullets anythng to finish them off

  14. Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem Shalom

  15. Israel needs to take back the GazaStrip.They need to wipe Hamas off the face of the earth.Obama get some guts and help Israel with whatever it needs.

  16. Haley Chace says:

    Kick Hell out of them Israel!

  17. Most of the posts here sound like a bunch of haters. The only way that there will be peace in the Middle East is if each & every soul – regardless of race or religion – craves peace more than they crave war. Of course Israel has to defend herself if bombs are being thrown at her but every one needs to want peace. Pray for peace, you know it is the greatest gift given to us by HaShem. Why else would we pray for it three times a day ? Well, mean it next time you pray.

  18. Muslims obviously really don’t see Jerusalem as a holy city so why let them stay there deport to their Arab friends in nearby countries and keep Jerusalem as a Jewish and Christian holy city.

  19. Just carpet bomb and shell Gaza already.

  20. Just carpet bomb and shell Gaza already.

  21. You’re a liar and a fool. Israel cannot “occupy” itself.

  22. You’re a liar and a fool. Israel cannot “occupy” itself.

  23. There is no Occupation

  24. The other Arab countries don’t want them

  25. To all the people that like to speak broadly and impressively of peace, let’s remember very clearly that Israel is the only side here that genuinely wants peace and wouldn’t lift a finger against even a fly In a Muslim home if they weren’t attacked first. This is the truth of Israel, and also of the United States. Leave Israel alone, and suddenly you’ll notice peace. Attack Israel, and that peace will be gone. The absence of peace is exactly the choice of the Muslim terrorist machine. The day that they truly want peace, they will prove it by their actions as well as their words. Starting on that day, there will be reigning peace. Until then, that peace will be replaced by strong self defense by Israel, and the rest of the free world. Now you know who your talk about peace should be aimed at. If you can get the Muslim terrorists to stop their hate and desire to wipe out the west, then the world will be forever grateful and the brotherhood of mankind that you and us all truly seek will take a very large step closer to realization.

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