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Martin Indyk, former U.S. ambassador to Israel an ex-Obama Middle East envoy.

Martin Indyk, former U.S. Ambassador to Israel and another ex-Middle East “Peace Process” huckster, spent part of the Yom Kippur Day of Atonement grumping over Israel’s not laying down as a doormat for the Obama administration.

His comments were reported by the Washington Free Beacon, which said it obtained an audio of Indyk’s remarks made at a conservative synagogue on the fast day.


Setting aside the fact the recording on Yom Kippur violates Jewish law, and not digging too deep into the sin of speaking evil of Israel, Indyk’s remarks say a lot about the pitiful intellectual level of American liberal Jews.

The Netanyahu government has total “disrespect” for the Obama administration, he said.

“The U.S.-Israel relationship is critical, is essential to Israel’s survival, and the relationship is in trouble, according Indyk, who once “joked” that he made aliyah to Washington to save Israel.

He also told fellow Jews that American support for Israel “is the bedrock that Israel has always relied on … and I worry that bedrock is crumbling.”

Israel right-wing leaders, he sermonized in his informal conversation, “manifests itself with right-wing politicians standing up excoriating our leaders, who are trying to do their best for Israel.”

Indyk, Kerry, the Clintons, Obama, Rice – the whole bunch of them – just don’t understand how Israel can be such an ingrate to the American government’s knowing what is best for Israel.

That attitude is encouraged by the liberal Jewish establishment that Indyk represents.

On Yom Kippur, Jews, for the asking, are forgiven for their sins against God, but the holiday does not atone Jews for sins committed against fellow Jews. Each one has to do the work himself.

It is a given that Indyk would not ask forgiveness from fellow Jews, the ones who do not consider that Israel’s raison d’etre is to allow American Jews not to feel uncomfortable about being Jewish by virtue of a strong Jewish state.

It is not a given that Indyk cannot even take one day of rest from the liberal Jewish theme that Israel was created to be the embodiment of the American melting pot, a country that can be called “Jewish” in name but which in practice should be ”Israeli,” wrapped up in the flag and felafel.

God, of course, is out of the question because the same liberals want church, the synagogue and mosques separate from the State of Israel.

They want Israel to be their key for social status among non-Jews who seek Israel being accepted by Arabs by their standards so they continue to feel comfortable that Israel is a charity case and so they can comfortably ignore growing anti-Semitism in the United States of America.

Indyk is the epitome of the liberal American Jew who sees his existence as a Jew dependent on Israel’s being a “yes man” for the American president, whether Republican or Democrat.

He is fraught over the end of the “peace process,” which made America’s liberal Jews so proud to be Jews when they pledge to buy Israeli bonds on Yom Kippur. Whether or not Indyk bought bonds, he has not forgiven for Israel for ruining the liberal American dream of expelling Jews from Judea and Samaria and half of Jerusalem.

Not surprisingly, a healthy number, if not a majority, of those Jews are Orthodox.

The liberal Jewish establishment does not forgive Israel for not letting a corrupt and racist avowedly anti-Semitic Palestinian Authority to take charge.

Indyk, according to the Free Beacon report, also criticized the Obama for “fueling perceptions that the United States is withdrawing from the region, a view that he said is the result of both the Bush administration’s intervention in Iraq and Obama’s withdrawal from Iraq and Afghanistan. “That perception is the reason for the Obama’s not having credibility in Ramallah and in Jerusalem.”


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Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu is a graduate in journalism and economics from The George Washington University. He has worked as a cub reporter in rural Virginia and as senior copy editor for major Canadian metropolitan dailies. Tzvi wrote for Arutz Sheva for several years before joining the Jewish Press.


  1. This is not really journalism, more a disjointed rant. If I can sift through this at all, Indyk seems to be saying, "Israel cannot survive without the support of the USA and that support is in danger." I heard Moshe Dayan many year ago put it as follows, "Israel cannot survive a week without the support of the USA". I am, self-evidently an Orthodox Jew. I don't see what this writer finds offensive about Indyks central statement.

  2. Indyk is a bitter arrogant loser who believes he as a superior being should decide for Israel what is best for it. His Brooks Institute salary is paid for by the Qatari government (the supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood and many jihadi groups). He is no friend of Israel and hopefully eventually he will stop being newsworthy.

  3. II am one of those American Jewish Liberal Intellectual deficients Indyk decries (well not so liberal anymore – I have grown up). Indyk is a self hating Jew in the manner of Noam Chomsky, Howard Zinn and Anthony Arnove (sic.). His anti Israel rhetoric is predictable. The left wing media as personified by self hating Jew Jon Stewart (well, he really isn't Jewish is he – he is an atheist, he married a christian and his kids are christian) promotes this Jewish self hatred and it is further fueled by left wing college professors that preach antisemetic and antiIsrael propaganda on a daily basis. What is frightening to me is that contrary to what Indyk says, many American Jewish 20 and 30 somethings buy into his brand of self hatred and anti Israel mania. Its chic to be antisemetic and anti Israel on campus. The hatred has been institutionalized by left wing college administrations that allow it to go on. Young American Jews care noting about Israel. Most American Jews are secular like me. I know about the history of antisemitism from pre christian times to the Shoah to the present. Young Americans are ignorant of Jewish history and don't care. They have internet attention spans. They embrace the new styled fashionable antisemitism (I'm not anti semetic or Jewish, just anti zionist and Israel – Chomsky and Zinn and Arnove 101) without understanding what they are supporting. I blame the Reform movement to a great degree – they have created a generation of Jews that care nothing about being Jewish. They only care about the Bar/Bat Mitzvah gifts. Reform Jews are totally disengaged from their heritage and Jewish identity. I am a Reform Jew and I know it does not have to be like this. The Reform movement is doing a very very bad job. Regarding Netanyahu disrespecting Obama, that is ludicrous in the extreme. Americans disrespect Obama as he is the worst president in my lifetime and I am old enough to remember Carter very well. His domestic policies are as bad as his foreign policies. His approval ratings are the lowest in recorded history. How can you respect a liar, incompetent, lazy (president of the 19th hole), pretentious and bad leader? American's don't need Netanyahu to remind us what a disaster Obama is. Us dim wits (Indyk's description) know a bad apple when we see one.

  4. It is said that wherever there are two Jews there are three synagogues.
    It is also said that we lost two Temples because of in-fighting among Jews. It would be nice if you could e-mail your reply and NOT involve the public. Jews should spend more time in the synagogue and in study and less in trying to be teachers and leaders and on top of the 'bell shaped curve'.

  5. Indyk, I have total disrespect for you. Jews and Israel do not answer to you or whomever you claim to represent. You are a self appointed Ayatollah. Don't bother to show up in this neighborhood where I would love to tell you how dumb your remarks have been.

  6. Martin Indyk proves the point that not all Jews are smart or blessed with high IQ. He was a fool in the past, a fool now in the present, and I am quite certain he will be a fool in the future. May the Lord forgive him
    because I most certainly will not!

  7. Look, let us be frank. A lot of he said is true. I certainly agree with it:

    here are but two examples:
    The Netanyahu government has total “disrespect” for the Obama administration, he said. I would hope so.. I also have total disrespect for the Obama administration

    “The U.S.-Israel relationship is critical, is essential to Israel’s survival, and the relationship is in trouble, according Indyk,. Of course it is. Mostly because Obama's administration is clueless. US foreign policy is nonexistent.

  8. @ Rabbi Rubinstein.
    Obama administration’s unprecedented outburst against Israel
    Posted By Isi Leibler On October 8, 2014 @ 4:08 am

    The exceptionally vicious U.S. condemnation of Israel with regard to housing construction in the Jewish neighborhoods of Jerusalem is not merely misguided, but also reflects irrational bias. Incidentally, this behavior also has many ominous parallels to the inhumane incarceration of Jonathan Pollard, despite pleas for his commutation from all sectors of American society.
    The harsh outburst relates to a 2,600-unit housing project planned as an extension of an exclusively Jewish neighborhood adjacent to the suburb of Talpiot and Kibbutz Ramat Rahel both within the Green Line. It incorporates primarily barren land on which Ethiopian and Russian immigrants had been housed temporarily in mobile homes. Highly significant – but a fact that is ignored – is that nearly half of the construction was designated to provide housing for Arabs. Construction permits were approved two years ago but it was the far left-wing group, Peace Now that saw fit to highlight the issue in a press release on the eve of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s meeting with U.S. President Barack Obama in a calculated effort to embarrass the prime minister and provoke tensions.

    The successive statements by both the White House and State Department spokesmen must be considered among the most bitterly prejudiced and unbalanced condemnations of Israel ever expressed by the U.S. They make a mockery of repeated claims by the Obama administration that it considers Israel to be a close ally.

    White House spokesman Josh Earnest stated, “This development will only draw condemnation from the international community, distance Israel from even its closest allies, poison the atmosphere, not only with the Palestinians, but also with the very Arab governments with which Prime Minister Netanyahu said he wanted to build relations.”

    U.S. State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki took it even a step further and said that these construction plans would “call into question Israel’s ultimate commitment to a peaceful negotiated settlement with the Palestinians.” This outrageous remark will be seen as an attempt by Obama to reassure Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas that he would still stand by the Palestinians, despite condemnation of Abbas’ disgusting U.N. speech, which was also a slap in the face of the U.S.

    This was clearly a crafted position. The U.S. is fully aware that the location for this construction is in the heart of Jerusalem’s Jewish neighborhoods and will always remain under Jewish sovereignty. They also conveniently overlooked the fact that this particular project was to include Arab housing.

    To compound matters, the administration also condemned the legitimate purchase of seven residential homes by Jews in the Silwan Arab neighborhood of Jerusalem. In so doing the Obama administration is endorsing the PA’s policy of preventing Jews from buying homes in Arab-populated areas of Jerusalem. This, despite the fact that Arabs live freely among Jews in west Jerusalem and throughout Israel. The U.S. is therefore validating the “Judenrein” ethnic cleansing policies of Abbas, who had the gall to accuse Israel of being an apartheid state in his recent belligerent U.N. address.

    The U.S. statements unequivocally exhort other countries – including Israel’s “closest allies” – to condemn Israel over this routine municipal construction which contrary to utterly uninformed allegations, in no way undermines a two state solution. Not surprisingly, they have already been echoed by individual European countries and the European Union, which also called “into question Israel’s commitment to a peaceful negotiated settlement.”

    They went so far as to convey the message to moderate Arab states that Israel is “poisoning the atmosphere,” discouraging them from reciprocating Netanyahu’s efforts to reach out and develop a new relationship with them.

    The bitter attack on Israel for construction in the Jewish neighborhoods of its own capital is unique not only because of the disproportionate ferocity of this public condemnation of an ally, but also when viewed in the broader context. Setting aside the Gaza war and the histrionic attacks against Israel by Abbas at the U.N. General Assembly, it is impossible to comprehend such a reaction against the backdrop of regional events. Entire countries — Iraq and Syria — are imploding; literally millions have been displaced from their homes and become refugees; over 200,000 were murdered in Syria alone; barbaric decapitations of innocent people which are publicly circulated on the Internet. Yet, it is against the background of this maelstrom that the U.S. sees fit to condemn and isolate its most devoted ally, the sole democratic state in the region and the only place where chaos does not prevail. Why? Because two years ago, the municipality of its capital, Jerusalem, approved a housing project in a Jewish neighborhood (which would also provide housing for Arab residents).

    The irrationality and severity of these rebukes of Israel, encouraging other “friends” to join in the condemnation, suggests that Obama remains obsessively determined to force Israel to adopt his approach. And this, despite the events of recent months and his own admission in his U.N. speech that he had hitherto erred in asserting that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict was a major impediment to regional stability.

    No responsible Israeli government could ever contemplate acquiescing to such demands. We must never apologize for building homes in Jewish Jerusalem and there is an element of insanity in the U.S. condemning us for doing so.

    Netanyahu speaks on this matter on behalf of the entire nation. This is not the approach of a particular government. It reflects the consensus — other than the extreme left-wing Meretz and marginal post-Zionist groups. This is a time for us to stand up and be counted. Opposition Leader MK Isaac Herzog should speak up as a genuine Labor Zionist leader and state that his party is at one with the government regarding construction in Jerusalem. Should he fail to do so, he will be turning his back on the Labor Zionist ideals of Israel’s founders and his Labor party will become a discredited delusional left-wing marginal group.

    The response of the American Jewish leadership is also crucial. They have until now displayed a reticence to respond publicly to biased statements on Israel expressed by Obama. But this will put them to the test. If the leaders fail to speak out against such a vicious attack which effectively encourages other countries to join in exerting pressure on Israel, it will be perceived as dramatic erosion of their political influence and their community standing. The American Israel Public Affairs Committee should now actively launch a public information campaign, speak out robustly about Israel’s rights in Jerusalem and make a concerted effort to canvass support from members of Congress.

    If Obama can behave in such a contemptuous manner towards Israel five weeks before congressional elections, one is left with a chilling feeling that we may see even more unfortunate initiatives during the remaining term of office of this president who seeks to distance himself from Israel as he simultaneously engages with rogue states and appears determined to rehabilitate Iran.

  9. Alan Kardon I am a lawyer and it is difficult for me to be succinct. I think the real issue is that you don't like my message and you are a Noam Chomsky self hating Jew. Just say it instead of attacking me. Its o.k. with me. I like the first amendment. You are free to personally attack me if you wish and disagree with me.

  10. Historically when Israel trusted their allies for victory, G-d had something to say about it. He wasn't happy and Israel was punished. This weaning of dependency on America is wonderful. Now we turn to the true source of safety and prosperity. G-d still will keep his promises. America will be worse off for their failure and arrogance. Let's hope, (the other we,) America can wake up as well and not be on the wrong side.

  11. Indyk is on Hamas main backers payroll Qatar.
    Don't forget Al Jazeera is own by Qatar's dictator Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani who was the main mouthpiece for Bin Laden
    How Peace Negotiator Martin Indyk Cashed a Big, Fat $14.8 Million Check From Qatar
    One Middle Eastern nation does indeed pay to influence U.S. foreign policy. Hint: It’s not Israel.
    By Lee Smith|September 17, 2014 1

  12. Susan Finkenberg You seemed to have forgotten that over 72% of the Jewish electorate voted for Obama and the rest of the Democratic anti semites, plus donated hundreds of millions of dollars to their campaigns. These jews and most probably yourself campaigned for a man who actually hates your guts (to use the vernacular) and I bet these same Jews are running out to campaign for and donate to the Hillary campaign. The bottom line to this diatribe is that the Jews are their own worst enemy. If you don't believe me, just pick up a local paper or go online.

  13. Cody Flecker You should read her total statement before you make any comments. She told you what she thinks of Barack Hussein. You keep quoting 72% of the Jewish electorate voted for him. What does that amount equal in total number of votes? Who are the rest of the geniuses? Finally how do you know it is 72%?

  14. please dont let Israel become Americanized as America is going down the tubes with having forgotten that it was the Lord G-d who made America a great nation and blessed them. Except for a few they no longer longer give thanks and praise to the Lord G-d of Israel who blessed them in the first place.

  15. Stan HubsherI
    t's a shame that Jews no longer believe in a democratic Israel. Tthe only democracy, the only real true friend of the US in the world. To have our US government chastise and criticize Israel for not doing or acting the way Obama and Kerry and Indyk think they should bow and scrape to the wishes of the arab countries and the US is the height of stupidity and worse. Our government should be listening to the words and reasoning of the country that is under the gun, instead of hoping for a change of heart of the enemy that wants evey last Israeli out of their (Israel's) homeland!!

  16. This dude, Indyk must be a total idiot! What a joke, that the US knows what is "best for Israel" we don't even know wha t is best for America or we would have never put Obama in office. If the "bedrock is crumbling" it it because of the bungling of John Kerry in Israel's affairs. Go home yankee, they will do better without such as you.

  17. Thank you to the three gentlemen who were interested enough to comment. If I Amy respond in chronological order…
    Alan, to clarify I do not know this fellow Indyk so am not commenting on him. To clear up your life objection to the term, "I see" let it be, "there is nothing objectionable in his central comment as reported".
    Joseph, as I say above I don't. I the man or what type you refer to. I think his point is valid. Regarding faith in HaShem; the classic work on this is Shaar HaBetochon ( full disclosure I just translated it ). The critical point is you MUST not rely on a miracle and have to make reasonable efforts to secure your goal. As reported here, this fellow Indyk expresses concern the efforts to maintain Israel's US alliance is in jeopardy. Halachically and Hashkafically that is a valid worry.
    Sid, see the response to Joseph.

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