Photo Credit: Wikimedia / Peter Kulley
Israel's Embassy in Berlin, Germany

Two German-born men of Palestinian Arab descent were charged in Germany with planning to attack either Israel’s embassy or another Israeli institution, according to Benjamin Weinthal, writing in the Jerusalem Post.

The two men are believed to have “been animated” by Islamic State (ISIS), according to Tobiah Kaehni, the spokesperson for Berlin’s Criminal Court.


The two 21-year-old men, identified as Mohamed El-N. and Ali El-I., are charged with “planning a massive act of violence.”

Both men were inspired by internet stories about ISIS, and assembled munitions similar to those used in terrorist attacks in Tunis. ISIS attacked a Tunisian resort hotel in June. Ali Al-I. had ISIS propaganda on his cell phone.

The state prosecutor, who opened his case against the two men on Tuesday, said Ali Al-I. was “determined to detonate explosives targeting Israel’s embassy or another Israeli institution,” Weinthal reported.

Despite the fascination with ISIS and patterning their explosives and attacks on ISIS attacks, the men did not have contact with the Middle East or contact to Salafist circles in Berlin, according to information known thus far.



  1. Excellent article, If only the term "ISIS inspried" was amended to "fundamentalist Islamic ideology." Sadly for our friends and ally, hostility toward Jews comes primarily from Islamic countries and Muslim population centers of the European Union – the demonization of Israel – by proxy

  2. @ Jewish Press readership, I need your help ..
    As devastating as jihadist terrorism is, equally destructive will be the terrorism via lamestream media and manipulation of public opinion by derisive right's and activist groups .. I'm not a writer, so I'll try to be brief,

    An hour ago I posted three consecutive comments (yellow dot "J", Jim) in the Yahoo article "Israeli rights groups alarmed by Zionist video attack" .. they state pertinent fact regarding HRW Israel/Palestine, Arab funded anti-Israel campaigns and 178 right's groups under the umbrella of the anti-Israeli FIDH .. please find them, review them, and share them .. especially if you have any leftist friends.
    .. the premise of that "ad video" is absolutely correct !

  3. they were not palestinian-arabs, those guys are germans with arab background. the main source of witness failed in court. so nothing is found about the bomb, no intention was found and the guys will walk out free. there is no evidence of a bomb.

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