Left-wing Justice Minister Tzipi Livni said Tuesday that no ceasefire is imminent between Israel and Hamas, and added that the current military operation in the Gaza Strip was “unavoidable.”

Speaking to Army Radio, Livni said there is no substance to Palestinian reports earlier in the day that Israel and the terrorists were considering an additional five-hour “humanitarian” ceasefire, similar to the three-hour lull in the fighting yesterday.


Hamas fired multiple rockets at Israel during the “ceasefire.”

Livni also said Israel has no intention of accepting Hamas’ conditions for a ceasefire. She added that the conditions are also unacceptable to Egypt, the United States and the Palestinian Authority.



  1. God Almighty bless, Israel and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanjahu. Israel holds a strong defense with the bravest and best educated soldiers in the world. You defeat your evil enemies and with all your knowledge of living daily with those evil enemies. Save the world from this evilness. Amen

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