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The Americans for Peace & Tolerance (APT) organization is ramping up efforts to gather support for legislation in Massachusetts banning transactions with firms linked to the Boycott-Divest & Sanction (BDS) campaign, in an effort led by the Israeli-American Coalition (IAC).

The Joint Committee on Administration and Regulatory Oversight in support of the bill is scheduled to meet next week, on July 18. APT urged members on its email list to forward its message to family and friends, telling them to contact legislators with a plea to support the anti-BDS bill at the meeting.


“We know that BDS is nothing more than




iscrimination, and anti-


emitism and it has no place in Massachusetts,” the email declared.

“Supporting anti-BDS efforts is critical to the Massachusetts-Israel relationship as we work together to tackle our biggest challenges.

“Those who seek to undermine the Jewish State through BDS tactics, prevent bringing Israel and Massachusetts together to solve the drought, leverage alternative energy, discover new cures, and protect our technical infrastructure with cyber security,” the organization reminded readers.