Photo Credit: Rotter / 0404
Slain Border Policemen Haeel Satawi (R) and Kamil Shnaan (L). The two were killed in the line of duty in the Temple Mount terror attack on July 14, 2017

A stun grenade was thrown into a mosque in the northern Israeli village of Maghar, on Saturday.

The majority of Maghar’s residents are Druze (57%), with Christian-Arabs (23%) and Muslims (20%). Druze are not Muslims.


The village is home to the widow and three-week-old infant son of 30-year-old Haeel Satawi (left in photo), one of the two Border Guard Police officers from the Druze community murdered by the Islamic terrorists on Friday while stationed at his post at the Temple Mount.

No injuries and no property damage were reported.

The police officer left behind a widow and 3-week-old infant son, but it’s not known if they were in the village at the time of the attack on the mosque.

Forces arrived in the area to collect evidence. An investigation has been launched.

There are unconfirmed reports that the stun grenade was thrown after a local Muslim girl praised the terror attack that killed the Druze police officers.