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October 21, 2016 / 19 Tishri, 5777
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Muslims Want Halal Food in NYC Schools – Kosher Not Option

Without knowing the number of students who need halal food, or the costs or feasibility of providing it, the legislation simply instructs the Department of Education to provide it.

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CAIR-NY at Muslim Day in Albany where they lobbied for a bill requiring large city school districts to provide halal food.

CAIR-NY at Muslim Day in Albany where they lobbied for a bill requiring large city school districts to provide halal food.
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Proposed legislation was introduced into New York City Council to require that the city’s public schools provide Islamic-compliant food – halal – as an option in the cafeterias. The New York chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) joined forces with council member Rafael L. Espinal, Jr. (Brooklyn) to support Resolution 54 at a press conference on the steps of New York City Hall on Wednesday, March 26.

Fourteen other city councilmembers co-sponsored Espinal’s Resolution.

The Resolution goes into explicit detail about what Islamic-observant students are permitted to eat and what they must avoid eating, as well as stating who made those determinations. To wit:

Whereas, The practice of Islam is determined by the Islamic teachings as guided by the holy book Quran and the Hadith, and sayings of the Prophet Mohammad, which includes observing dietary laws; and Whereas, Islamic dietary laws delineate foods that are halal, meaning lawful or permitted, and those that are haram, meaning not permitted; and Whereas, Haram foods include pork and its by-products, meat and poultry not slaughtered according to the Islamic dietary law, alcohol and foods prepared with and containing alcohol, foods containing blood and blood by-products, and foods containing whey prepared with non-microbial enzyme, rennet, animal shortening, monoglycerides and diglycerides from an animal source, sodium stearoyl lactylate, and L-cysteine.

The proposed Resolution concedes that there is no accurate way to determine how many New York City schoolchildren are Muslim, and of those who are Muslim, how many observe strict halal guidelines. The best estimate they have is that approximately 12 percent of the school system’s children are Muslim.

Undeterred by the lack of hard information, the legislators pointed to the Detroit public school system where 35 percent of the students are estimated to be Muslim. In Detroit, the school district began a halal pilot program in 2001 which has expanded to 35 schools in the district.

In addition to pointing to Detroit as a school district where such a program was implemented, the legislators turned to another argument to bolster their demands.

This angle is the one best characterized as “you don’t want school kids going hungry do you?” You see, unless a halal option is offered, the unknown number of New York City’s schoolchildren who can only eat halal food will suffer eating either the vegetarian option that is already offered in the school system, or they will have to bring their own food from home. If the food is brought from home, it probably won’t still be hot by lunch time.

To shore up this argument, the director of operations for CAIR’s New York district, Sadyia Khalique, spoke at Wednesday’s press conference about the hardship she suffered growing up in the New York City school system without a halal food option.

“Growing up in New York City, I, along with many Muslim students, had to struggle during lunch with not having a proper halal meal for the day. The percentage of Muslim children in public schools is growing, and too many children are denied the nutritional benefits lunch would provide because of religious dietary restrictions. As a community, we have to make sure our children receive the best education in environments in which their religious beliefs and practices are respected. No child should leave a lunchroom or enter a classroom hungry.”

Of course, there are other students in the New York City public schools who have religious dietary requirements. That would be Jewish observant children. The New York City public schools don’t offer kosher lunches and to date, no Jewish groups have marched themselves into the New York City council chambers demanding that there be a kosher food option.

Lori Lowenthal Marcus

About the Author: Lori Lowenthal Marcus is the U.S. correspondent for The Jewish Press. A graduate of Harvard Law School, she previously practiced First Amendment law and taught in Philadelphia-area graduate and law schools. You can reach her by email: Lori@JewishPressOnline.com

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  1. Tell the parents to pack a lunch.

  2. Gary Gien says:

    And someone please take bacon bits and once in a while sprinkle it over their goat meat

  3. Lani Lowell says:

    Separation of church and state. if it passes there will a national backlash. These guys just can’t help but shove their way of life down everyone’s throat.

  4. Laila Cohen says:

    yeah, real brilliant..cater to the ones who want us dead….halal supports jihad…this is jihad …there is law jihad, education jihad, etc etc….does anyone remember 9/11? 1993? Times Square, the shoe bomber, Rabbi Kahane shot by muslim? Muslims are trying to take over….they are murdering CHristians all over the world…they are murdering Jews and Hindus and Buddhists all over the world…stoning, acid attacks, cutting off clits…etc etc RAPE..but yeah, give them the food….yeah, cater to those who want us dead…how STUPID are you NYC council? VERY STUPID

  5. Lani Lowell says:

    Lani Lowell Separation of church and state. if it passes there will a national backlash. These guys just can't help but shove their way of life down everyone's throat.
    This will be a good forum to show them the door

  6. I’m just as incensed by the woman in the picture with only her eyes uncovered

  7. Separation of Church and State folks. This is out of line!

  8. They can go back to their own nation where they came from!!

  9. Rick Fortner says:

    Bet a lot of people would love to work in that kitchen if that passes

  10. Tony Bruan says:

    No public school food should comply to any kind of religious compliancy except Bruanism !!!

  11. Go to a country that has your discussing food

  12. What about a solution where no child is hungry at school?I think its possible if those deciding work with all students dietary needs


  14. Sandy Myatt says:

    Hey Andrea Schaerf….why should the schools and taxpayer make sure kids arent hungr? If ya cant feed them REGARDLESS of religion…dont have them!

  15. 3:) :poop: is this Halal food for you rag heads

  16. 3:) :poop: is this Halal food for you rag heads

  17. Ignoramus comments from any of us are disgusting! The issue is separation of state and religion. Bring your own “religious food

  18. If you Muslims want halal food in the school , go back to your own country and put all the damned halal food in your schools that you want, but you have no say in this country, so get out.

  19. Clo Clo says:

    Pack a lunch!

  20. Well, the weirdos they always elect deserve what they get.

  21. Theo Nuke says:

    Wake up sheeple! The frog in the pot syndrome! Wake Up before it’s too late!

  22. 100% wrong! Not right,,trash everything American,,and bow to?…don’t make me mad!

  23. Clo Clo says:

    People in hell want icewater

  24. Stupid…if they love there culture so much…go back.

  25. Muslims can generally eat Kosher food, but Jews cannot eat all Halal food.

  26. Theo Nuke says:

    That’s the problem Bonnie, sharia creep! A little at a tine…the weirdos over tgere, then before you know it, it is creeping into your town! Get out AND VOTE. ..get your friends out to vote too!

  27. Theo Nuke says:

    That’s the problem Bonnie, sharia creep! A little at a tine…the weirdos over tgere, then before you know it, it is creeping into your town! Get out AND VOTE. ..get your friends out to vote too!

  28. are you SERIOUS!!!! WHY can they get away with forcing their lifestyle onto the public… making the state pay for it? Have them PACK A LUNCH or GO BACK to THEIR homeland!

  29. Shawn Smith says:

    Kosher is totally acceptable for Muslims to eat. Many — I would say most — Muslim young people don't observe Halal anyways, other than avoiding pork products.

  30. I vote to ship them all back east.

  31. H Fragman Abramson says:

    This is lunacy. I brought lunch to my nyc ps because we were kosher. If you can't eat the food, bring your own. Schools have an obligation to provide education. Spending $$ on religious demands in a secular environment is irresponsible.

  32. Eduardo Mazo says:

    the mind of the world is to the brave butcher faith to their lean to rule the world with sword that can kill soul and eat it to their self for satisfaction. they smile reached to their ear for confidence.

  33. Eduardo Mazo says:

    the mind of the world is to the brave butcher faith to their lean to rule the world with sword that can kill soul and eat it to their self for satisfaction. they smile reached to their ear for confidence.

  34. If this culture needs a specific food it is understandable, so New Your will have to put in separate freezer and food storage area. Also create a separate serving line for this culture. But at no time should this accommodation force their cultures food on anyone else.

  35. Les Martin says:

    Tip of the iceberg,what else,change US law to sharia law,as they are trying here in uk..bloody cheek.!

  36. They could eat there food but don t give it to my kids.

  37. Don t you know they want to bring the SHARIA law here too

  38. if they demand halal food they should move to a muslim country!

  39. I think the ACLU should be involved on behalf of the ethnicities that are being ignored. If Jews, Catholics, vegetarian Hindus, Buddhists etc. fight for their “food rights” maybe the school system will back off. Someone else said it, keep religion out of public schools.

  40. I think the ACLU should be involved on behalf of the ethnicities that are being ignored. If Jews, Catholics, vegetarian Hindus, Buddhists etc. fight for their “food rights” maybe the school system will back off. Someone else said it, keep religion out of public schools.

  41. Feed your kids yourselves or send them to Muslim private schools.

  42. Feed your kids yourselves or send them to Muslim private schools.

  43. Ana Yoga says:

    Pack kids lunch for them…

  44. Jean Kinney says:


  45. Samuel Ramos says:

    Halal yes and Kosher no? What a crock! How about Hindu? Bhudist? Zoroastrian? Give me a break!

  46. Samuel Ramos says:

    Halal yes and Kosher no? What a crock! How about Hindu? Bhudist? Zoroastrian? Give me a break!

  47. WTF! Tax payers should not have to put up with Sharia law in Public schools!

  48. Andrea, the article did say that there is a vegetarian option that is available for them. They don’t have to go hungry.

  49. Andrea, the article did say that there is a vegetarian option that is available for them. They don’t have to go hungry.

  50. Violet Helms says:

    Hmmm. Muslims do eat Kosher foods. This is a political play.

  51. Violet Helms says:

    Hmmm. Muslims do eat Kosher foods. This is a political play.

  52. Jade Stone says:

    I hope that cook it with pork fat

  53. Told you so sharia it’s here

  54. why dont we just get rid of their assses and make them go back to their own country

  55. Why cant they look at different ways to provide lunch so the children can eat together and appreciate each others differences? Like having potluck days or food coops. I would want to share my diest even if its merely educational. (as in school). It could mean adjusting staff to allow for more flexibility. It could mean vegetarian lunches as a default.

  56. musllem JEWS is BROTHER to GOD EYES you can +)(+JUDGE+)(+

  57. go back to the middle east if u do not like our food s

  58. I would feel awful eating my diet if it wasnt honored by the school. As a former public school teacher, I can say I didnt like the rigidity of school systems.

  59. You want Halal Food? Go back to the Middle East, or where ever the F you came from.

  60. Oh my goodness. This is crazy.

  61. Ken Man says:

    Tell ’em to pack a lunch… Or better… A bag

  62. Elizabeth McFarland says:

    I hear Saudia Arabia calling you home! Time to go where all your comforts are and stop trying to conform everyone else!

  63. Lisa House says:

    When will they realize they can’t have everything their way

  64. Margo Thomas says:

    Why is kosher not an option?!

  65. Ruth Estes says:

    A BIG FAT NO!!!!!!!!!

  66. Maggie Brent says:

    Will be the same here in Australia soon, cannot believe governments bow down to this lunatic religion. We all need a wake up call and oppose this crap

  67. Lani Lowell says:

    Boy would that be nice

  68. Lani Lowell says:

    Let’s make that right now, thru taking down this initiative!


  70. Lani Lowell says:

    No it’s not.they should bring their own lunch

  71. Gregg Skalka says:

    State and religion are separate matters, per our Constitution! Why do Taxpayers have to pay for your special lunches?? Pack your Muslim kids a religious lunch and remind him/her not to blow up a building in their lifetime!

  72. Lani Lowell says:

    So bring a lunch Andrea. The school system is not obliged to feed you!

  73. Lani Lowell says:

    Interesting point , because the kids will only learn one thing if this passes and is implemented, that Muslims can DEMAND what they want from America and will get it. Not good training unless you want a mini generation of sociopaths!

  74. Lani Lowell says:

    WTF?! So start building the Jews mikvahs? we would never have the Gaul to ask for that!

  75. Deb Deb says:

    That should be provided by parents. America is/was a Christian country and it has its own customs which do not include this. No!

  76. Ruth Khal says:

    Bring ur own lunches estupidos.

  77. Ruth Khal says:

    Bring ur own lunches estupidos.

  78. screw muslim get out of my country n die

  79. And therein lies the problem!! HOW THE HELL DID MUSLIMS come to make up 12% of NYC students? What fool has allowed the enemy to immigrate to this country? 13 years after these bastards killed 3,000 Americans in NYC, and we haven't terminated Muslim immigration? 35% of Detroit students are Muslim?? THIS COUNTRY IS HEADED FOR CIVIL WAR, PEOPLE! Open your eyes and see what happens when MUSLIMS achieve a 'critical mass.' That's when the fun begins, people.

  80. Scott Good says:

    That”s BS, but the law does say FREEDOM OF RELIGION .but it does not say change it for fear .

  81. I’m tired of them getting what they want without question.

  82. I’m tired of them getting what they want without question.

  83. Linda Walmer says:

    The Muslims will take us back to primitive days if they are allowed to breed as they do now in our cities. They are not peace lovers and they hate anyone who is not a muslim.

  84. oh, the ny taxpayers should pay for their meals… oh, like no kids ever brown bagged it without starving! omg… on what level is this not inappropriate!

  85. during Passover I had to bring my own matza. I did not grow up religious, but that was a custom we kept. Schools did not supply. In college, matza was made available, but the food wasn’t kosher or kosher for passover at all. It wasn’t expected, I attended a public college, not private religious college

  86. anytime you purchase halal food a portion of goes to ayatollah and his mullas…having public schools supporting terrorism…look it up

  87. anytime you purchase halal food a portion of goes to ayatollah and his mullas…having public schools supporting terrorism…look it up

  88. Go for kosher…unlike halal.

  89. This is great for NY…..they are proud liberals who welcome Muslims with open arms. NY Jews vote liberal at every opportunity. Let this liberal snake pit reap what it sows. They are all a bunch of stupid frogs just sitting around while the water gets hotter and hotter.

  90. Ray Lanfear says:

    I agree. Abraham Lincoln said, “To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men”. When our mainstream news will not inform you of one of the main issues of the 21st Century, due to political correctness, then it’s time not to be silent anymore.

    Muslim refugees from Somalia and other “warzones” to the tune of 500,000 being relocated to America is the issue. Forget about being labeled a racist, bigot or being politically correct, silence won’t turn back the tide. This immigration is a real and growing and is a threatening danger to America. Just look at Europe today folks. 60 million Muslims immigrated to Europe and 80% are on some sort of public assistance, bankrupting the towns, cities and countries.

    The time has come to speak up and take a stand folk, for America. Awareness is the issue as most families are simply far too busy, working two jobs, raising their children and do not have a clue or the time to research the issue.

    I have done that for you, if you Google “TheProjectMuslimBrotherhood” you will find that this is their doctrine to destroy America and West from within by stealth jihad, and lies. Guess what, the doctrine is over 20 years old, and they are making substantial progress. We are now approaching 2400 Mosques along with approximately 2.7 million Muslims here in America.
    “We will conquer Europe! (They are almost there) We will conquer America! Not through the sword but through Dawa (proselytizing) Yosuf-alQarawi, Muslim Brotherhood.”

    Massive immigration and multiculturalism is literally destroying most of Europe today. There are over 700 “Islamic No Go Zones”, within France, England and Germany, where police cannot enter. Take a look around you Dearborn, Michigan, Maine, Tennessee, Minnesota, (has the majority of Somalia refugees and a Senator who took his oath and placed his hand on the Quran refused the Bible.) New York, California, Colorado for examples of the immigration resettlement program, and very soon coming to your State. Over 90% of them are illiterate and in need of public assistance. Have you been to Paris recently? Immigration is bankrupting much of Europe.

    I have no problem with the “peaceful Muslims” that wants to integrate into our culture and follow our laws. The problem lies in that the militant Muslims dominate the peaceful ones and eventually wants to force Islam and Sharia law upon us all. They agitate and campaign to dominate the rest. Why should America be forced into adapting to their culture? They must adapt to our culture. The Boston bombers were motivated by extreme militant Islamic beliefs. Our mainstream news is in denial of the danger of understating the issue of the Muslim/Islam problem in America today. Many of the Mosques are breeding grounds for home grown terrorists. Today in our prisons over 18% of the prison population are being converted to Islam by recruitment by extremists. Islam berg, in New York is a breeding ground for over 30 militant training compounds in America today. The media has yet to uncover the truth.

    Sad to say, they are making inroads into every facet of our lives and trying to change our culture, under the guise of the first amendment. Already, they are changing our schools, universities, cities, towns and even our own government has been infiltrated. They want Sharia law and will stop at nothing to see that it happens. School textbooks are being changed to put Islam in a more favorable light. Have you been to a school board meeting recently? Food menus are being changed to accommodate all of them.

    The Saudis “oil money” contributes to schools, universities and politicians so they can put Islam in a more favorable light in America. Their intent is to destroy us from within, not by “war” but rather by stealth jihad and intentional deception and front organizations like “CAIR” who support Hamas. They are gradually succeeding folks. There are now over 50 Islamic organizations within our own borders. Concessions made to Muslims are growing everyday in America. You are just not aware or do not care.

    When Jews, Christians, Priests, Infidels are being slaughtered and murdered, and churches are being burned down did you ever wonder why the so called peaceful moderate Muslims, never speak out against these atrocities? Europe is losing the battle and America in less than a generation will be next. Where is the condemnation from the nearly 3 Million Muslims that are here, have you heard a word from them? Their silence speaks volumes on their real intent to destroy us from within and have no intention of ever living within our culture. They want Sharia law in America today folks. They want to wage war against freedom and democracy and have America continue to make concessions for them. You give them “one inch” and they will take a mile in support of their goals to establish Islam as the dominate religion in America and for the eventual mandate for Sharia law to take over our court system. They just accomplished that fact, in England this week.

    Islam is a political ideology; it is the antithesis of a free society. One generation of silence on the issue due to political correctness is all it takes. What you do today and tomorrow will affect your children and grandchildren and future generations of America, yet unborn. Stand up and be counted to defeat this real threat from within. Voice your opinion, let your congressmen, senators and school boards know how you feel on the issue. Our freedom and liberty is at stake, be part of the solution folks.

    Forget about being labeled and simply do what is right for America. We need a permanent solution, time is running out. Let us not become the next Europe. As for me I refuse to be silent on the issue. One person can make a difference, but think if were united, what a difference we can make to turn back the tide and doctrine of the Muslim Brotherhood. Enough is enough folks, if you do just one thing today, Google “TheProjectMuslimBrotherhood” and see for yourself their intent to destroy America from within. Thank you, and please forward this to millions. Let me know your opinions.

  91. Loren Renee says:

    This is how it starts

  92. Then they better pack their own lunch

  93. Aimee Pister says:

    They even hate each other.

  94. Ray Lanfear , while I of course free with most of what you say, you are wrong when you say or think "I have no problem with the “peaceful Muslims” that wants to integrate into our culture and follow our laws.." A MUSLIM IS A MUSLIM. Every Muslim is free to recognize and to RENOUNCE THE EVIL THAT IMBUES ISLAM!! THERE IS NOTHING ABOUT IT THAT DOES NOT REEK OV EVIL. NOTHING! So a 'peaceful Muslim' is someone who will reproduce MORE MUSLIMS – and many of them WILL NOT BE PEACEFUL. THE RELIGION'S PRIMARY DIRECTIVE IS TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD! Islam is Islam. There is no such thing as 'moderate Islam.' Does a 'moderate Muslim' NOT believe that he must advance the goal of Islam – to dominate the world? He most certainly believes that. Have you heard CAIR or any Musim say that he renounces the belief that they intend to wipe Israel and the Jews into the Sea? Well, my Christian friends . . . YOU ARE THE NEW JEWS!

  95. Notice how many Muslims make up the council, nearly all of them…There should be a rule against how many can make up the council…

  96. Howard Hyman says:

    Give them bowls of poison and crushed glass!

  97. They should not serve anything but pork.

  98. Yes, why not?….Especially that Kosher is automatically Halal, but Halal is not Kosher 🙂 Kosher is more strict!

  99. Elma Kemner says:

    Get the hell out of America go back to where you came from this is america you dont belong here.

  100. They can always fix their children’s lunches at home and send them to school with them. We’ve never fixed special foods for foreigners before and it is crazy to require it now.We have people from a lot of countries here and none have been as demanding on changes as Muslims.They made the decision to come to America, so they should learn to adapt.

  101. These people won't inter grate in any form & will fight to change your local school policies covering Teachers, lesson types, Teachers & have Halal food as the preferred choice of food. It is happening everywhere in the USA & UK. I can't believe the good people of these Countries are allowing this to happen? Stand up & have these people integrate or take a walk.

  102. Let them have it..It is dirty and will make them want to leave…

  103. Ruth Khal says:

    Give them the finger and they will take all you posses.Same thing with the land of ISRAEL

  104. Stella Webby says:

    Hahaha! What a funny photo! It says it all! Muslims don’t integrate in any country they infiltrate. They are here to take over.

  105. Stella Webby says:

    Hahaha! What a funny photo! It says it all! Muslims don’t integrate in any country they infiltrate. They are here to take over.

  106. Ian Schwartz says:

    muslims can go to hel

  107. Ivan Masarik says:

    Send them home.. or pack your own lunch!

  108. O.K. tell me the only difference between American food and theirs is theirs is blessed by Allah( not counting Pork) ??????

  109. Moslims complain about EVERY THING but other Countries except American as it is ………………………

  110. Konrad Omeltschenko Dds says:

    Halal is a very cruel method of butchering animals. It involves slitting the throat of the animal while it is still conscious and letting it bleed to death.

  111. Nana Bubbie says:

    #StopCAIRLawfare "In Detroit, the school district began a halal pilot program in 2001 which has expanded to 35 schools in the district."

  112. feed them lots of pork.

  113. Don’t they have their own country ? That’s suited and fit for them, nothing has to be changed , why must the world cater to them, grrrrrr

  114. Don’t pack lunch, pack their xxxxxxx bags.

  115. Don Briscoe says:

    Sign me up!

  116. Rick Fortner says:

    Don Briscoe me also

  117. They need to go where they can get every little thing they want ~ home!! How dare they come here thinking they with do as they please and push aside our American way of doing things. They can have their ethnic food at home. Based on the vast majority of Islamist who have traveled out of their land only to create havoc in other countries tells me we don't need them here or anywhere else they can't conform. It's not like we're asking them to kill people ~

  118. Jorge Zamora says:

    Why don’t they go back home and make there types of demands???
    Because they get shot at…..

  119. Lolly Rios says:

    So ridiculous; they are truly trying to take over. Who is on the council? Why would they cave in?

  120. LoL! Haven’t heard that one in awhile.

  121. Bring their meals with them!!!!!!!!

  122. pack a lunch and buy a thermo bag…better yet go back to your country!

  123. they just want free hot lunches to go along with their other welfare benefits. packing a lunch would cost them some of their food stamps. no welfare for them!

  124. Nick Santoro says:

    Pork chops with pork fried rice & pork Lo mein 🙂

  125. This is getting to be a bit much. They have more rights than we have.

  126. Lisa Chow says:

    Bring brown bag and get over it!!!

  127. Lisa Kamins says:

    America is going the way of Europe, Muslim. this is sick. and anti-democratic.

  128. Ahron Ebert says:

    and why is that cruel. It is the most humane. The animal doesn't feel the slitting of its throat.

  129. Take them to the airport…, one way ticket…,

  130. Ahron Ebert says:

    Do they fast for the month of Ramadan?

  131. All Read The Book of Livitacus Chapter 11&14

  132. as putin said: russia don't need islam, islam need russia.
    why don't they grow some backbone? :3

  133. Ellen Davis says:

    Then they can bring their own lunches.

  134. Lynne Horner says:

    They wont your government your schools your city’s and towns your church’s your life, then it will be your head when you don’t reply to there way of life and burn your house down,you better think there way or you will surly die .Its a game there playing now”” were just like you we wont what you American’s wont freedom “” O’ put we wont the food to be good for us, don’t you wont that for us.its good for you also you no .then we got to pray three or four time’s a day that will be good exercise also’ up and down, up and down don’t you wont that for us’ o we think it would be a good idea too for women to ware covering over them ,it will keep your men from lusting after women don’t you think,and i think it would be a good idea too , beat them”” if they don’t keep covered up its a good thing women are a little lower then men you no! well’ i need your children you no the good of alla you no God”’,we need to strap a cu-boom on them you no! to piece’s”” well you can have more kids you no “” there a dime a dozen………….Get real here fight for our country or were going to loose it plan and semple !!!!!.

  135. Lisa Marino says:

    As a product of the New York City Public School system, I am appalled by this. There were never any concessions made when I was attending as a Jewish student, and concessions should not be made now. If my mother wanted me eating something specific, for whatever reason, she packed my lunches. End of story. The school was not required to make any concessions for any religious belief system in terms of food. Why is this all of a sudden such an immense issue?!

  136. Tony Mark says:

    Here we go again,, The Muslims Want,,, Just like the Palestinians,, WANT, WANT, WANT,,,, GIVE and, Comprimise is NOT an Option.

  137. Tony Mark says:

    Here we go again,, The Muslims Want,,, Just like the Palestinians,, WANT, WANT, WANT,,,, GIVE and, Comprimise is NOT an Option.

  138. is not an error in the end islam end of being a danger to the free society, open your eyes and minds, nothing good brings that malevolent ideology.

  139. is not an error in the end islam end of being a danger to the free society, open your eyes and minds, nothing good brings that malevolent ideology.

  140. Why isn’t kosher food an option

  141. How about we start deporting Muslims and send mayor of New York with them

  142. now they are taking over our schools sickening

  143. Let them pack there own lunches. My parents did. It is a takeover stunt.

  144. This is a PUBLIC SCHOOL…. and these idiots say Kosher not an option ? They can’t islamatize everything !

  145. America the great is fading away, goodbye, you will be missed….

  146. Cris Burns says:

    if somebody wants kosher or halal, buy it, dont expect taxpayers to pay for yours ridiculous food preferences…

  147. DeBlasio will pass it but then again it will make them that much easier to pick out of a crowd when the time comes to separate the from the American society.

  148. Steve Hall says:

    Why are we catering to these people and to no other religion this is just wrong We either do it for all religion or none of them

  149. Pack your own lunch muslim or go back where you came from then I want tacos for my Mexican students

  150. Loch Burns says:

    Islam should be banned from this nation because it is a cult of destruction!

  151. Chris Greenwood says:

    Hang in a minute, half the women are not covering their faces with that nihab or whatever the they call it, I thought they claimed it was religious and that they had to wear, oh wait in truth, it is an optional garment, and NOT A RELIGIOUS ITEM.

  152. They can bring their own lunch from home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  154. they need to keep politics inside the WH an out of schools and public places.

  155. Pam R McGee says:

    Bacon w/ a side of southern fried pork chops!

  156. What about separation of church and statez? Who will pay for that too???

  157. Linda Lynch says:

    They can eat what the others do or bring their own from home.

  158. to hell in a hand basket!

  159. Absolutely
    Parents pack their lunch

  160. Absolutely
    Parents pack their lunch

  161. Bad times for true American people… Some liberal politics don’t remember Sept.11… and muslim’s votes are so good as the rest of the citizens (the genuine and good american citizens) … Poor America…!

  162. This is how close to how I feel about this …

  163. Send these bastards back to middle east.

  164. Konrad Omeltschenko Dds says:

    How do you know?

  165. Glenn Watson says:

    Wait, wouldn't a requirement like this be the government itself involving religion in a state run institution? If they can demand a religiouly dictacted diet, then why can't Christians demand a christmas tree in the lobby?

  166. Glenn Watson says:

    And Detroit is BROKE! Maybe if they were to quit catering to every whim of the liberals and their ilk they would be more solvent. Go back to offering the same meal plan that was acceptable and feadible for generations before this…

  167. Glenn Watson says:

    Ahron, I doubt that… if they react to a brand, or a cut, or any other skin sore, I would bet they feel it and the die slowly, scared and suffering. I quick bullet/bolt to the brain and instant death is much more humane.

  168. Valerie Haslett says:

    In England they get whatever they ask for. our kids have to eat halal or go without as they gave in to Muslims and stopped pork/ham being served, and only Halal meat etc. They are also allowing Sharia law be put into our laws. These are evil people determined to take over the world. and our STUPID Half baked governments go along with them. They should be shipped out to the desert.

  169. Benjamin Fox says:

    Islam, you want that? Go back to your own land and live by your rules other then that eat crap you evil, so and so's and don't care what you want for you and your demon god and his cult.

  170. Chesed Yocheved Avraham says:

    First they are suspect of blowing up the twin tower, then they want to build a mosques on the 9/11 site, and now they want tax payer feed them Hallal. What about a free trip to the Palestine which never existed.

  171. Tom Dunne says:

    Alan N Kachalsky 72 VIRGINS FOR ALL muslims NOW.

  172. Doris Jaffe says:

    Why don't the kids just bring their own lunches prepared at home? Why won't Kosher food be an option? Or vegan? Or gluten-free? Maybe they will demand that every restaurant, cafeteria, dining establishment offer Halal to the exclusion of Kosher and other dietary options. That is morally wrong. Avoid food that cause allergies.
    Instead offer vegan, vegetarian, kosher, halal, gluten-free, sugar-free, sodium free, fat-free, cholesterol-free options to please everyone's dietary and health needs.

  173. You are correct Rick. Years ago, before there were any Halal meat places in my town, those who observed Halal did their shopping at the Kosher butchers. Therefore, two religious groups could be accommodated easily enough by requiring that Kosher food be made available. Of course, the whole matter stinks – this is public school; if you have a special dietary need, bring the food from home.

  174. Denis MacEoin says:

    The thing about halal restrictions (and, I'm afraid, kashrut too) is that it's self-imposed and it can too fussy (which enzymes are in the food, what's in the molecules? — this is genuine). The schools should do so much to accommodate dietary restrictions (no pork, for example, nothing cooked in alcohol), but the rest should be up to the parents. If food is brought from home and is cold by lunchtime, too bad. There are loads of great foods eaten cold, so it's not the worst hardship. And isn't some hardship part of the point behind halal and kosher, like fasting in Ramadan? I'm more sympathetic to the kosher argument, because Jews in the main aren't out there trying to impose their own restrictions on everybody. I'm a diabetic and have severe food restrictions, but I don't go to my supermarket demanding they should only stock food with low sugar content or even bring items in just for diabetics.

  175. Richard G Moss says:

    Food is not the issue, it's about imposing their will on America.

  176. Alan Cornet says:

    New York City and the current Administration has gone, medically speaking, NUTSO ! For years and years, NYC schoolchildren received their packed lunch from Home and then ate it at school. Where is it written that a hot lunch and only a hot lunch is required (Free of course)
    Lunch is the Parent's responsibility not the Board of Education nor the
    NYC City Council. Why not concentrate on major problems and issues
    like crime, congested traffic, street vendors and the crazies walking the streets. Shame!

  177. NYC Bd of Ed should not cater to any religious demands.,Muslim or any others should attend a religiousschool or bring their own lunches from home..Don't like it,than go elsewhere to live.

  178. Alan Kardon says:

    Just ask and you will get Kosher meals. That is what the Muslims did. Can not give to one group and not another. That would be discrimination. I wonder how many other dietary laws there are that must be observed?

  179. Alan Kardon says:

    Doris Jaffe Make it simpler, don't offer food. You do not offend anyone.

  180. Alan Kardon says:

    Valerie Haslett You allowed them to take over, blame yourself. It is still not to late to throw them out. Australia basically told them not to come.

  181. Richard G Moss says:

    Konrad Omeltschenko Dds because the lack of oxygen and blood to the brain means that it is brain dead. A bullet to the brain takes many minutes to take affect. This has been checked by measuring the electrical output of the brain.

  182. Earl W. Littlefield Jr says:

    It is a crime to propose such a bill. Legislators are elected to represent all the people of their district. Turning a blind eye to crimes by government officials is what dropped America from a 'super-power' to a running joke….

  183. Tom Dunne , well, for the men at least. Women should be offered the opportunity to 'apostate' out of this evil so-called religion!

  184. There is no crime in 'proposing' such a bill. The crime would be in passing the bill.

  185. Stuart Kaufman says:

    To Hell ith them!

  186. Larry Fleck says:

    I applaud what the Muslim community is doing. It proves the Bnai Brith's don't say anything about Kosher is the wrong way.

  187. Why not serve kosher food. That would also satisfy the Halal criteria. Of course there would be serious problems with the preparation of the food. Kosher kitchens for meat and another for dairy and the restrictions of not serving meat and dairy simultaneously. Probably be easier and cheaper to have meals catered and delivered.LOL

  188. Konrad Omeltschenko Dds says:

    Here is a comment regarding the butchering method.my husband had to visit killing floors as part of his job working with meat inspectors… the one he found the most difficult to witness was the Kosher plant — the animal has its throat cut, and it is conscious while it happens. He said that he saw animals hung upside down while they looked to be still alive… He hasn't been able to eat Kosher meat since that day…

  189. Marcia Andes Kulp says:

    guess they never heard of a microwave to reheat their home packed lunches

  190. Richard G Moss says:

    Glenn Watson Looks like you may have been one of those who voted for Obama from the way you parrot of false information instead of listening to one who has worked with livestock and in slaughter houses and witnessed it all first hand.

  191. Richard G Moss says:

    Konrad Omeltschenko Dds "looked to be alive" that is the key, you fail to distinguish between reflex reactions and death. Continue to eat your "stunned meat" if you like where the animal writhes in agony, pumps all kinds of toxins into the meat until it dies because until then all the organs are still functioning.

  192. Why they didn't serve themselves to bring food from their own home .they are very demanding people .with the hell

  193. Konrad Omeltschenko Dds says:

    What a bunch of crap. What is your evidence? Besides we are talking about legislating Halal diet into our school system. Take your Muslim sharia and halal ideas and shove them.

  194. Carolyn N Jessie Weaver says:

    I Agree If There gonna change there menu's they should change it for all religions not just Islams jewish people have the right to have a hot meal at lunch to if there useing the excuse if they bringing up if they bring it from home it want be hot..

  195. No one should get special treatment, if they want let them bring it from home>JB

  196. Gerald Sussman says:

    Great idea! Why didn't we Jews think of asking for Kosher? I guess it says something about us.

  197. What!! Force their lifestyle and religion down my throat!! Forget it!! I am not a Muslim!!

  198. Some where some people are making money from this..This is blantet disregard for other faiths. Here too this is taking place..

  199. Linda Merrill says:

    Jerry, I can't imagine why no kosher food in the NYC school system. Maybe New Yorkers should voice their compliant as well.

  200. Elissa Fuchs says:

    New York is the greatest place to live.The people who live there should stay there!

  201. Kosher is not currently offered. If Halal should be offered, Kosher standards are even stricter and should prevail. I see nothing wrong with parents taking responsibility to feed their own children.The idea that schools should be responsible takes away the responsibility that all parents have when they decide to have children.

  202. They know what they are doing-taking over through over population expansion.Americans -wake up. Our president has encouraged this recent take-over.

  203. Joseph Colen says:

    This is a sign as to what to expect from Muslims. Jews better learn to evangelize the nations with the torah

  204. Earl W. Littlefield Jr says:

    David Schwartz To the contrary. For elected officials to propose the bill is conspiracy to violate the rights of citizens and using governmental position to favor one group at the expense of others….. Likewise it is a violation of their oaths to uphold the Constitutions of the US & NY.

  205. Kester Ed says:

    again, others Forcing Everyone else to Live & Eat by their Standards

  206. Louis Cohen says:

    Going to school as a child, I brought my own lunch if I didn't like what was served. Observant Jews brought their own kosher food. The Muslims are trying to "Islamacize" (?) the world.

  207. John D Fenimore says:

    Bring your lunch or don't eat!!

  208. Maynard Miller says:

    how about grits, turnip greens and fried chicken for the children from the southern states? Quit kissing Muslim asses and tell them to take their kids and go back to where ever they came from. This ass kissing has got to stop. If they can't fit in then go home!

  209. Maynard Miller says:

    And increase the cafeteria staff 3 x or more. And let the other citizens pay for the meals for this elite group

  210. There is a separation of church and state in the US. Tell them to bring a lunch from home or eat vegetarian. There are also children in the public school system who are on special diets because of their health. Their parents are required to pack their lunches.

  211. Milo Moran says:

    It's all the stupid PC crap that exists, what if a kid only eats steak and lobster, and then there is Kosher food, etc., etc. What did they eat in Iraq or whatever other forsaken piece of desert they did they check with GI's who gave them Chocolate or K's if they were halal, now they want the taxpayers to foot the bill for their take over. Chuck you Farley!

  212. Ben Schulmann says:

    Sharia Creep is starting to sprint!!!

  213. Ben Schulmann says:

    Jews better learn to stop voting for the LEFT!!!

  214. Alan Lattke says:

    I was just thinking that – would love to request Kosher Organic, Gluten Free, Casein Free food for my little guy… we just pack it and done. Even if it is Halal, Kosher or otherwise cannot guarantee it is really wholesome food. There are foods that should not bear an hashkacha!

  215. Just what do these heathens find wrong with a vegetarian meal once a day? They would probably be much healthier.

  216. Patty Kane says:

    It is time to send them home and stop accommodating their insanity. This is NOT OKAY with the majority of Americans. It sickens me that this is being done.

  217. Patty Kane says:

    I think what most people making comments seem to miss is….. THIS HAS ALREADY BEEN DONE.

  218. Carole Rollin says:

    What next ??
    Bring a lunch like us all, and fit in.
    We would have to have a international spectrum of foods for all kids and their specifications, come on let's wake up!!!
    Sit down and enjoy your lunch in a free country, you have been made welcome here,, enjoy!!

  219. Noel Eliscu says:

    i think kosher should be demanded,also special foods for people that are highly allergic to peanuts wait what about the people who cannot eat flour products wait what about people who are vegetarians

  220. Pepits Gee says:

    Are the non-muslim worlds Now allowing these so-called muslims to dictate how we should do things? This is sooooo wrong!!! These kind of people show be told…If you can't live in our countries and not follow our kind of life because of your beliefs…Pls LEAVE our country!!!! and live in your own crazy world!!!

  221. Sheila Rogers says:

    Due to the seperation of church & state, parents are responsible for special foods.

  222. Chesed Yocheved Avraham says:

    How dare these Muslims demand such a convenience from us, INFIDELS, when at the end the will cut off our heads.
    We are not obliged to listen to them, but they should listen to our rules, o so transparency as Obama says, about our well defended CONSTITUCION!

  223. Chesed Yocheved Avraham says:

    Should Mexican be serve burritos for lunch? Com on give a break, this to transparency to believe it. Yalah, Yalah get back to ur whatever you came from.

    Detroit is packed with these characters.

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